My Talking Tom 2 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

My Talking Tom 2 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

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April 26, 2021 (1 year ago)
Full NameMy Talking Tom 2
Publisher Outfit7 LimitedCasual
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money
Latest Version2.6.2.2
RequireAndroid 4.4
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Tom Cat has officially returned to the gaming market with the great version named My Talking Tom 2, which is the latest game from Outfit7 – a founder of the game series “My Talking” on Android and iOS.

Many years ago, when the Android platform was not developed, the Android devices at that time often had small screens with a maximum size of just 4 inches. This has made the mobile gaming experience limited (not to mention the configuration). For the reasons that we have mentioned above, simple and easy-to-play games are always the first choice at this time, Talking Tom Cat has met this and brought more. Outfit7 released Talking Tom Cat – the first game of the series in 2010 on mobile. In just a short time, it created a trend on Android by the unique features that we had never seen before. In addition to taking care of a cat named Tom, the player can also create humorous short sounds based on their own voice by talking to the cat.

Today, we would like to introduce you to the latest version of this game series, called My Talking Tom 2 Mod. The game is currently in the beta process, which you need to register in advance to play it. However, we bring to APK file of this game so you can install and play it easily. In this new version, let’s take a look at the new features that you can be experienced.

Note: Do not confuse My Talking Tom 2 with Talking Tom Cat 2!

My Talking Tom 2 Mod for Android

My Talking Tom 2 is an upgraded version of the original gameplay and graphics. At the beginning of the game, you receive a gift in a box, which is a small cat. You have to name it and take care of it as a friend!

My Talking Tom 2 gameplay revolves around your little cat, which has the typical activities that you need to care about including eating, going to bed, bathing and playing. You need to make sure that everything is always done daily and keep the status bar in blue. Your cat Tom may be sick, do not forget the personal medicine cabinet placed in the bathroom, in which you should use the appropriate medicine to heal him. Each treatment is only for one type of disease so pay close attention to choosing the right medicine so that you do not waste them. After every 5 levels, Tom grew up a little bit. You can see this when Tom will change in appearance with the new claw.

The controls in My Talking Tom 2 are different from the previous version. In this new version, you can touch or swipe on the screen to perform actions. For example, when Tom wants to take a bath, you need to drag and drop it into the bathtub instead of touching the bathtub as in the previous version. In general, this control brings more fun when you can interact more with your cat.

Key features of My Talking Tom 2

  • Take care of your Tom Cat: This is your Daily Job, in which you need to feed, clean him daily and take him to go to bed on time. There is a list of icons showing each of Tom’s status, so make sure they are all blue.
  • Fly to the new island: Plane is a new feature in My Talking Tom 2. After each level up, you get “Plane”. Fill up the Plane icon to make a flight that takes Tom to the new island. Here, you can randomly pick up the cards containing the gifts. They can be food, gold, the costumes or accessories for him. The plane can also be got from playing mini-games. However, the number is not much.
  • Tom’s Outfit Change: There are a lot of outfits and accessories that you can apply for Tom. They can be bought in Gold or get randomly from the plane.
  • Decorate Tom’s room: You can decorate all the rooms in the house by changing the carpet, changing the bed, table, table linen … There are many things that you can change to make the house more lively.
  • Play Mini Games: As mentioned, playing Mini Games is one way to get “Plane“, which brings up to 6 mini-games for you to relax.
  • Improved graphics: Compared to the first version of the game in 2011, the graphics of My Talking Tom 2 have been significantly improved. The colors are brighter. Outfit7 also allows players to change graphics settings at three levels: Low, Medium and High.

The Mini Games in My Talking Tom 2

One of the key features of My Talking Tom is the interesting mini-games, which you can play with Tom. My Talking Tom 2 is no exception. Currently, the game offers 6 mini-games available as below:

Cupid Tom

Cupid Tom: Become Cupid to help cat Tom conquer Angela’s heart. Your task is to shoot the arrows on a given target. It is not simple because the board is always spinning, and there are some arrows on it. If you shoot your arrows on a shot that has been shot before, you lose a heart. To pass this game, all arrows must be pinned on the board.

space trials

Space Trails: This game has similar gameplay to In the game, you will play with other players. Your task is to control a spacecraft and “eat” the stars in the galaxy. Do not forget to avoid larger spacecraft because you can be swallowed up at any time.

totem blast

Totem Blast: The game is very simple. Touch the diamonds to explode and bring the flower down. Each level limits the number of moves that you can perform. Destroying the diamonds so that the flowers fall to the bottom that you win.

easy queezy

Easy Squeezy: Controlling Tom moves and avoids the bugs. The speed of the game will increase as the distance you move.

ice smash

Ice Smash: Shoot the snowballs to break the other fruits. The game ends when the screen is filled with snowballs.

super balloons

Super Balloons: Touch – Hold on the screen to blow the balloons. There is a bar at the bottom of the screen, which you need to blow the ball to fill it. Do not forget to keep an eye on the bees because they can cause your ball to explode at any time.

Final Verdict

My Talking Tom 2 (Mod) is a perfect upgrade of the previous version when it brings to the familiar but improved gameplay. The graphics are also improved significantly. The game has a capacity of 88MB that can run smoothly on most Android devices with 1GB of RAM or more. Hope you have downloaded and installed My Talking Tom 2 APK easily through our instruction. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment below!

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