My Brother Rabbit APK+ OBB 1.0 (Paid)

My Brother Rabbit APK+ OBB 1.0 (Paid)

Version: 1.0 ·
April 26, 2019 (3 years ago)
Publisher Artifex Mundi
Latest Version1.0
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Players may already be familiar with My Brother Rabbit from its console and PC versions. The lovely bunny adventure has been well received by players on different platforms and it is now both on the mobile device.
The plot is a combination of happy and sad
My Brother Rabbit tells about a rabbit family having a happy and loving life. But then the rabbit girl got sick, forcing her father and mother to go around looking for a cure. The brother stayed to take care of his sister and was determined to help his beloved brother fight against his illness with his powerful imagination. Their imagination brought a fun and exciting world, different from the painful and difficult real world they were trying to escape.

My Brother Rabbit is a game that allows both adults and children to survive the adventure. The plot has both a sadness and a small joy. The characters in the game always try to enjoy the smallest joys they have to avoid the sickness and sadness that bunny people suffer and the love of everyone for each other.

Amazing graphics

Photos of My Brother Rabbit are really not institutionalized. Characters are kept the same as PC and console versions so their loveliness, innocence and fun are preserved. My Brother Rabbit’s world is full of life with colorful circles created from the imagination of the two brothers. Lots of lovely hand-drawn pictures of giant mushrooms, floating islands and submerged submarines. Wherever you see, there are funny little backgrounds with flying bugs, dogs playing with their sticks and penguin chips sleeping in its crowds. Your screen is really attractive with the details, images and art and the absolute absurdity of all in the fantasy world.

Wonderful sound

Sound is a blend of vibrant, happy background music and lovely effects. However, the world of the game’s real life is not as perfect and beautiful as the imaginations of these bunny rabbits, so it does not lack quite melancholic and sad songs.
It is not only the art of attracting the imagination, but the music is also taken care of by game developers. Nhạc đã được ghi lưu và được đặt bởi Arkadiusz Reikowski, best known for Layers of Fear and Seven: The Days Long Gone. The main score, known as ‘Dreams’ was co-created with the voice behind NieR: Automata, Emi Evans.

Who are you?

The player will be transformed into a rabbit who is strong and loves his sister. You will have to show your love by going through the quests to help and your sister. Players will have to solve colorful and creative puzzles. Every time you complete small games and find hidden objects, you will complete a care of your rabbit.

Family connection

My Brother Rabbit is a game suitable for both parents and children together to have entertaining moments. The whole family can work together to solve puzzles and find hidden objects. This can help family members become closer, care about each other more and spend more time together.

Indeed, even without the run of the mill helps, this is certainly not a long diversion, taking close to three hours to finish. A couple of additional accomplishments welcome you to click everything without exception to perceive what may occur, at the end of the day they have no effect on the experience. Article arrangement isn’t randomized either, so there’s actually no motivating force to return for a replay, however you can return to any individual part subsequent to finishing the amusement. Maybe it is ideal that it doesn’t outstay its appreciated, given the generally direct interactivity included, yet I’d have readily handled a couple of more dimensions even with business as usual. Aside from a couple of bottleneck disappointments, jabbing around these stunning, crazy situations keeps the fun factor genuinely high, and my consideration never faltered all through.

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  • Download all the files we provide, save it to your device.
  • Install APK file as usual.
  • Use ES File Manager Pro to open the compressed file, then move the folder follow: / sdcard / Android / obb / (OBB file location is: OBB installation location -> /sdcard/Android/obb/com.artifexmundi /



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