Monopoly 1.5.0 (MOD, Season Pass Unlocked )

Monopoly 1.5.0 (MOD, Season Pass Unlocked )

Version: 1.5.0 ·
June 8, 2021 (1 year ago)

Buy, sell, build or destroy buildings on your way and become a millionaire in Monopoly, a great board game for Android from Marmalade Game Studio.

Full NameMonopoly
Publisher Marmalade Game Studio
Mod FeaturesSeason Pass Unlocked
Latest Version1.5.0
RequireAndroid 4.4
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Monopoly (APK, Paid) is one of a kind board game, and now it is making its way back to the Android platform! Developed by Marmalade Studio, the game has been approved by Hasbro, and is a promising title.

What’s Monopoly about?

In case you didn’t know, this board game consists of up to 8 players. On each one’s turn, he or she will have the chance to roll 2 dices. The number which appears on the two dices indicates the number of moves he or she can take. On the square board, numerous mini squares hold a unique set of properties. Upon landing on one of those, a player can choose to spend money and upgrade it. Anyone who gets into that square later will have to pay some taxes to the owner. You lose when you run out of money, and the player who remains, after all, wins the game.

Classic board game

Let’s talk about some interesting features of this game brings. If my memory serves me well, the game was there on the Play Store back in 2011, but it was much simpler than the upcoming release. Now, the board is filled with a 3D city that represents the properties you’re going to purchase and upgrade. That adds a whole new level of excitement to the overall gameplay, and I’m sure you’re going to love it.

The rule is straightforward: you can either shake your phone or drag the two dices to deploy them. Upon the number is shown, the game will take your figure to the designated spot. Walk into an empty site lets you buy it, and if it’s owned, you have to pay. It’s simple as that.

What is more, there are two extra squares of luck and bad luck. The bad luck, though, doesn’t have to be wrong, and the way around is also correct. If things go your way, you can aim to earn a little more money, but you can lose an amount to the bank or other players.

Interestingly, if your roll takes you to jail, you’ll have to stay there until all other players have finished their turns. This is frustrating at first, but later on, it can have some good effect on your overall economics.

Game modes

The quick mode allows you to finish the board faster than average. In Single-player, you get to face off the AIs in the game. Keep in mind that they’ve evolved quite remarkably, and will prove to be challenging.

When it comes to multiplayer, you can do it offline or online. In offline multiplayer, only a phone is needed, and you and your friends will pass the phone around on a new turn. Playing online connects you to a pool of players from all over the world. For a safe experience, you can have your private room to host the game between friends and family.

Make it better with house rules!

Have you ever got bored of the original set of rules for Monopoly? With house rules, you can manipulate the game the way you want, as long as fellow players all share the same thought. Some accessible house rules include no rent in jail or free parking cash.


When I started playing, I made the same mistakes as any other amateurs. I saved up a bunch of money to get the most luxurious street to find out that it’s been taken previously, or that I couldn’t afford anything. That being said, it’s more important to have a slow but steady flow of income.

Upon landing on any landmarks, remember to purchase it right away. This increases the chance of your opponents to enter your land, which is more possible to gain your taxes. By the way, it’s best to build three houses on the street as fast as possible.

This task has multiple benefits. As I stated earlier, it gains you much more money. Furthermore, your opponents will have nothing left to own. If you’ve already had access to 18 properties, what’s left for them would just be 14.


With a brand new 3D city in the middle of the board, this game is going to be a blessing. What is more, the color tone is quite fascinating, and it goes well with the game’s setup. The game is still in pre-register, but I hope that it won’t be buggy and laggy as the first edition.

Final Verdict

There isn’t much to say about the upcoming Monopoly by Marmalade Studio. However, there are numerous reasons why we should hype up about the release. Stay tuned for further updates!

Download Monopoly 1.5.0 (MOD, Season Pass Unlocked )

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