MilkChoco – Online FPS MOD APK 1.21.0

MilkChoco – Online FPS MOD APK 1.21.0

Version: 1.21.0 ·
June 8, 2021 (2 months ago)
Full NameMilkChoco - Online FPS MOD
Publisher GameParadiso
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money
Latest Version1.21.0
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MilkChoco (Mod Money) is an FPS game from GameParadiso. It has simple graphics, attractive gameplay, and light capacity. Players can download it for free and play on any device without having to worry about memory capacity and device configuration. The game is a fight between two factions including Milk and Chocola. Which team kills more and occupy more milk bottles will win the game.

MilkChoco story

MilkChoco has a fun story. On a normal day, Milk and Choco argued for a cup of coffee. Milk wanted to add more milk to their cup than Chocola, and vice versa with Choco. The war broke out to prove who made the decision. There were no bloody scenes, spectacular shooting. Instead, plump characters are moving humorously. Although the game has simple graphics and fun gameplay, to win in MilkChoco is not easy. In the game, each battle requires the player to have a high concentration. Otherwise, he will be shot by the opponent. This is always a key feature that attracts players of an online FPS game.

The gameplay

MilkChoco is a multi-player online FPS action game on mobile platforms. Unlike other games of the same genre, MilkChoco has simple graphics and fun gameplay. Without fighting or spectacular fire effects, the game gives players great relaxing moments. Besides, the cute and simple shaped characters are also a highlight of the game.

MilkChoco MOD gameplay

Obviously, the gameplay is inspired by the Battle Royale Game like PUBG or Fortnite. Players will be dropped into a map (arena) where the battle will take place. Gamers have to try the best to be the last survivor. To start the battle, you will have to move around the map to search for weapons and equipment. There are only 4 things you need to consider in MilkChoco are guns, helmets, clinical boxes, and grenades. Also, the game has no Inventory. The items you picked up are automatically replaced. You can bring up to 3 guns in the match. After 2 minutes, the play area will be narrowed. If you do not move to a safe area, you will be burned. The game ends when there is only 1 person left standing on the map. That is the winner.

The hero collection in MilkChoco

Heroes are made of simple shapes. There is white if the Milk faction and chocolate color if Choco faction. Besides, players can pay diamonds to buy helmets, costumes, and accessories for their heroes. Don’t forget to equip heroes with the best weapons. Also, gamers can buy them in the Equip section. Moreover, owning a hero with good stats also helps the player gain an advantage over the enemy. In the game, there are 20 heroes, each of which will have a different special ability. It can be a bombing skill, heal wounds or invisibility. To unlock a hero, the player needs to pay Golds.

MilkChoco mod apk unlocked heroes

Challenging levels

In this game, you are easily fooled with the images of cute heroes and simple graphics of MilkChoco. You will think that it is an easy game to play and win. But the reality is quite different. Online FPS games always have intense action that you can be defeated immediately if you have a little bit distracted during the battle. In MilkChoco, it is no exception. Gamers should always keep eyes on their surroundings to avoid being ambushed by opponents. Hiding behind obstacles and moving slowly will help you control the area better. Also, you should know how to use weapons wisely to take advantage of matches. Combining control skills and a bit of luck, you can conquer all the challenges in the game.

MilkChoco MOD APK Challenges

The configuration requirement

If you are looking for a lightweight FPS game, MilkChoco is a great choice. Normally, high-quality FPS games have a big capacity of less than 1 GB. However, MilkChoco only has a capacity of just over 60 Mb. It can easily run smoothly even on low-end devices and low memory capacity. Therefore, MilkChoco is suitable for players who desire to experience an FPS game but do not want to spend too many resources on the device. Despite the low capacity, the game’s graphics are still good enough to experience. Besides, attractive and high-speed gameplay is the great attraction of MilkChoco.


If you want to experience a multi-player FPS game but feel that blockbuster games of this genre have too complex gameplay, MilkChoco can be an option for you. The game has relaxing gameplay and good enough graphics. Even though you have never played any FPS game before, you can easily get used to the game’s play style. Readers can download MilkChoco at the link below.

Download MilkChoco – Online FPS MOD APK 1.21.0

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