Merge! Dragons 6.3.0  (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Merge! Dragons 6.3.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Version: 6.3.0 ·
June 8, 2021 (1 year ago)
Full NameMerge Dragons!
Publisher Gram Games Limited
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money
Latest Version6.3.0
RequireMod Money
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Merge Dragons! (MOD Money) is a free-to-play mobile game on both iOS and Android. It has a simple concept, but it’s quite an addictive title for a casual mobile game. You may haven’t of this game before, but it’s undoubtedly promising stuff to have on your phone.

What is Merge Dragons! about? Introduction to its gameplay

If I have to describe the game’s mechanism, I’d say that it’s familiar, but unique at the same time. I’m sure that you have already heard of match-3 puzzles, like Candy Crush Saga or Homescapes. Those games let you combine colorful blocks on a board, and make them explode. In Merge! Dragons, the ‘merge’ aspect is clearly shown in its name, but unlike the ordinary puzzles, the game lets you do more. There isn’t a cleary storyline to this game. Basically, there are lots of levels to progress through. At the start, you can see a set of three similar stone statue of dragons. They’ll tell you to place them next to each other. Once that is done, they’ll form a tiny, cute dragon ready at your disposal.

Merge Dragons! doesn’t use the same board as the pioneers in the matching games, but it utilizes the same playstyle. You need to place at least three items of the same kind next to each other. Then, they will form something stronger, bigger, or more potent than the ones used to create it. The idea may sound boring at first, but I’ve spent hours playing this game. It’s really addictive, to be honest!

Beating a level is simple, at least in the idea. Just combine the required number of items so that you can fulfill the round’s requirement. The difficulty increases slowly after each round, and individual one will need you to do a given task. For example, there will be side quests, new items, or even monsters. The slow increase suits a wide range of players. As a result, this game is relatively easy to pick up by anyone, at any age. You won’t get bored any time soon, and even a small child can get used to the game mechanic in no time.

A handful or rewards

The reward after each level is unpredictable, but it adds more fun to the overall experience

You won’t know what you’d get after playing. Merge Dragons! depend much on RNG when it comes to post-game reward. The prize can be worthless, good, or exceedingly high in quality. That keeps you playing to find a reasonable pay off to your effort. Sometimes, you can get a treasure chest that contains items – they can have different values.

Real-time rewards

Time-based rewards take time to open, and you need to wait for some time, usually a few hours. It’s easy to notice that the waiting time comes with how valuable the time-based chest is. Just come back every day, and there will be something waiting for you in those shiny treasure chests.

Wonder where your dragons go? Welcome to the Camp level

This place contains every single dragon that you merged, along with those treasure chests. In addition to the normal levels, the camp level is the place that your dragons live. You start with a little amount of dragon power, and to expand your way through the area, you need to acquire more dragon eggs from the ordinary games. Those eggs can either be found in treasure chests or by merging three or more dragons, or eggs. Upon a successful expansion, you get plenty of rewards. I’d say that it’s an excellent alternative to the original gaming experience Merge Dragons! offers.

There’s another game mode, and it’s called Merge chains

Aside from completing levels, or expanding your dragon camps, you can satisfy your curiosity in this mode. It’s all up to players’ desire to merge an item or a dragon repeatedly to its final form. This game mode goes well with Camp level, as you need more land there to execute more complex combination in Merge chains.

The graphics are, I’d say, sensory stimulation

Some people I met all share the same thought: they’re impressed with how good the graphics of Merge! Dragons are. Apart from the gameplay, this should be the most appealing thing this game offers. The game uses a collection of bright and vivid colors, as well as high detail objects and shading. The animation is also well-designed.

The central theme of this game, which is the dragons, are beautifully rendered. All the supporting features such as flowers or items are also one of the best things I’ve ever seen on a mobile title.

Great sound effects

The dragons themselves don’t make many noises, but the in-game interactions are very well-made, in terms of sound. You can feel very pleasant upon achieving something beautiful when playing, and the sounds are very joyful. The soundtrack lies on the same page. It’s a great tune to have for a mobile game.

The general performance

This game takes up 120MB on your device. That’s a reasonable size, and I’m thrilled that it can run effortlessly on my 2-year-old phone. The optimization is excellent, and there are no crashes or even a lag spike.

On the other hand, the game can drain your battery quite a lot. Anyway, if you’re not so addictive, you’ll probably be okay with your power capacity. It does get hot for your device, so it’s best not to play for a long time.

Some tips and tricks to get the most out of Merge! Dragons

Don’t stop combining, and combine everything

Like the name of the game suggests, combination plays a vital role in how you play this game. On your board, there are numerous things that you can interact with to do the merging stuff. It’s a good thing that each item just goes with one of the same types, so you shouldn’t be worried about doing something wrong.

Keep in mind to use the combined version of every item on the board. Because a combined version is more significant and more valuable than its previous state, it guarantees more to your purse. The rule applies to everything, from the little flower than heals the land or even the in-game currency. Yes, I’m not joking right there! For example, if you merge a coin with two of the same kind, you can get a bigger one that’s worth four gold.

Keep interacting with your dragons

In the Camp level, you can perform lots of activities. They range from growing plants, healing damaged landmarks, and expand your territory. Those can’t be complete without the aid of your dragons. Each of these creatures has a bar to indicate his energy.
Despite being very helpful and resourceful, the dragons can get tired pretty quickly and must rest before working again. It may be a cruel choice, but try to use every bit of your dragons’ energy. That makes their working duration more efficient in your gaming progress.

Out-of-bounds items can also be helpful

Some dead zones on the map may contain a dead version of what’s present on your board. It’s best to merge your items on the edge of that version. Upon combining, that dead piece will come to life. To make things easy, it goes along with other parts in the combination process. The landmark it stands on will be useful to you, too.

Combo chains

With the same game mechanic as those match-3 puzzles, there’s no surprise that Merge Dragons! utilize some mutual tricks. One of that is the combo chains. When you play games like Candy Crush Saga, you tend to go for the combination of as many blocks as possible. In Merge! Dragons, it’s an excellent idea to do the same.

I’ll try to explain this as simply as I can. Basically, after merge three items of the same type, you should aim to make that appear next to the already created ones. The reaction goes on, which saves you more time. What is more, you get some byproducts of the chain combo.

Don’t get stuck with ideas

Merge Dragons! is one of the mobile games that have a community to explain everything to new players. There’s a Wikia page that has everything about this game. When you’re stuck with an idea, this place proves to be a valuable source of reference. Of course, it’s best to grind through your progress. Reading the Wiki can take away the fun.

What do other users think?

On the Google Play Store, Merge! Dragons manage to score an imposing point: 4.5 out of 5. They really like the game’s concept, and all agree that this is one of the best titles in the merging game category.


To conclude, I’d give Merge! Dragons a 7/10. It’s an exciting game, especially for a merging game. This kind of game doesn’t get much credit for fun and entertainment, but it surely caught some attention among casual mobile gamers. What is more, the graphics are excellent.

However, this game can turn out to be predictable at some point. There’s not a clear goal besides getting as many dragons as possible, so it gets repetitive.

Download Merge! Dragons 6.3.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

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