Men in Black: Global Invasion 1.31.1 (MOD, Original)

Men in Black: Global Invasion 1.31.1 (MOD, Original)

Version: 1.31.1 ·
November 25, 2020 (2 years ago)
Full NameMen in Black: Global Invasion
Publisher Ludare Games Group Inc.
Latest Version1.31.1
RequireAndroid 5.0+
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The new movie in the universe Men In Black – Men In Black: International has officially been released worldwide. A completely new script and famous cast promise to bring great success to this movie. In addition, a mobile game was officially released based on the movie’s franchise, which is Men in Black: Global Invasion. From the first images and the gameplay trailer, we can confirm that Men in Black: Global Invasion is an AR game. It reminds us of Pokemon Go and Minecraft Earth. Currently, the game is being tested in several countries. On the forums, we have the first review of gameplay and everything around this game. The great thing is that a lot of players appreciate it and claim that Men in Black: Global Invasion will be the next blockbuster AR game on mobile. If your IP address is not on the support list, you should download and install this game by using the APK file we provided below. Let’s take a look at Men in Black: Global Invasion!

Men in Black Global Invasion APK download

The gameplay

In the game, you will become a member of the MIB organization, which is specializing in training spies and those who specialize in solving mysterious cases. Your task is to move around the city and look for alien creatures. They may be harmful to humans or may not be, but your task is to catch them all and bring them back to headquarters. Of course, you cannot hunt with your bare hands. Instead of using normal weapons, the organization provides you with the latest MiB technology to easily shoot down opponents. Besides, the special thing in the gameplay is the AR technology. The system will ask you to grant access to view the map where you live. From there, the areas will be recreated based on the locations around you. So everyone’s game experience is completely different.

Men in Black Global Invasion Gameplay

Create a new avatar

At the beginning of the game, Men in Black: Global Invasion requires you to initialize the character customization. There are not many options for you to create a unique character such as Eyeglasses, hairstyles, hair colors, dresses, and faces. When everything is ready, you can name and press Start to start the game.

Hunt the alien creatures

As mentioned, strange creatures are your targets. Currently, there are 5 types of alien creatures including Cosmic, Galatic, Solar, Terran and Lunar. You will pick up the phone and move around your area. At this point, your character will automatically move based on your journey. You will encounter many strange alien creatures appearing on the map. Gamers just touch it to participate in the battle. The fighting mechanism is quite simple. In which, you should pay attention to the circle at the target. They will move around to hinder your attack. Pay attention to your target alignment! The degree of sway depends on your weapon’s rarity and Level. When the two circles overlap completely, you have perfect aim. The better you aim, the more damage you will make.

Men in Black Global Invasion APK hunt the alien

Also, you should pay attention to the target’s attack ring located on the left side of the screen. When it is completely full, the alien will attacks. Perfect shots can reduce your target’s attack frequency.

The aliens in Men in Black: Global Invasion are categorized based on their attributes and rarity. A rare alien is hard to beat and only appears in a few locations. You can use the number of stars and level to assess the power of these aliens. Besides, the normal aliens have levels below 5 and 3 stars. You can also upgrade the alien you caught by using the materials collected from the match or buy them from the game store.

PVP in real-time

Men in Black: Global Invasion offers PVP game mode where you can engage in battles with other players around the world. The matches take place in real-time, so there is definitely no room for even the smallest mistake. In PVP mode, you will build a team of 4 different aliens to face aliens from your opponent. The fighting mechanism is quite simple. You just need to touch the target and choose how your aline attacks. Each alien has a special skill that can deal great damage to opponents. However, they have cooldowns so you need to use them at the right time. The battle will be over when one side’s alien is completely destroyed. The winner will receive Gold and upgraded materials.

Men in Black Global Invasion build your alien team

Besides, there are special locations that appear on the map called Branch. Here, you can get a list of Challenge. Usually, quests require you to take part in a battle with the BOT. The fighting mechanism is completely similar to the matches in VPV Mode. However, there are a number of options that allow you to speed up the match as well as provide you with an Auto mode so that the game takes place automatically.


Men in Black: Global Invasion promises to continue the success of previous products to become an exciting AR Game on mobile. The global version of the game will be officially released in the near future. Do not forget to Bookmark this article to update the latest information about the game. If you want to experience Men in Black: Global Invasion early, you can download the APK file we provided below and install it as usual. To play the game, you need an internet connection. Besides, if you are not on the list of supported countries, you have to use a VPN App to play.

Download Men in Black: Global Invasion 1.31.1 (MOD, Original)

Download (77MB)

You are now ready to download Men in Black: Global Invasion for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
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