Marsus: Survival on Mars APK 1.6 [Paid]

Marsus: Survival on Mars APK 1.6 [Paid]

Version: 1.6 ·
March 25, 2019 (4 years ago)
Publisher Invictus Studio
Latest Version1.6
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Developed by Invictus Studio, Marcus: Survival on Mars is a medium-sized adventure game officially launched on March 11, 2019. Players are transformed into an unsuccessful landing astronaut. to Mars. The surroundings do not have any strange creatures but players must manage to survive the lack of oxygen and food.

After only a few days of release, the game quickly falls into the top trending app on Play Store. Marsus: Survival on Mars is a paid game, so you need to make a payment before downloading it. Don’t worry because if you want to experience it for free, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, in addition to introducing outstanding features of the game, Modapkdl Team provides the APK file of Marsus: Survival on Mars, so you can download and install it completely for free.

Marsus_ Survival on Mars apk download

Marsus: Survival on Mars Gameplay

The context of the game is a distant planet, your survival will not be on the ground like some other Android games like Last Day On Earth or LifeAfter. Because the fall from outer space to Mars has caused all items, food containers and ships to fall everywhere. Players must search for stored food and necessary items but still do not forget to maintain the remaining oxygen. You can find oxygen stored in other spaceships or crashed boxes everywhere.

Marsus_ Survival on Mars features

Players can use the materials they collect to build their residence. Because if you keep struggling outside, you will face a severe lack of oxygen crisis. You must focus on finding the materials and materials needed to build residences and contact the Earth so they can provide you with the necessary supplies in the future.

Pay attention to the indicator bars that are always displayed on the screen, which will assess the amount of food and oxygen you currently have. The red bar indicates HP – You can lose them if your character is attacked by other creatures on Mars. Remember, never leave an index to zero.

Many interesting activities

If the player does not like to perform tasks or follow the instructions of games, then this is one of the games you can not ignore. Players can fully control their activities including destroying the surrounding to gather resources, freely moving around to search for food and oxygen and other materials to build facilities. Without any clear instructions, the real player is placed in a helpless alone situation on Mars and must find his own way to survive.

Marsus_ Survival on Mars activities

To survive, players have to build farms and bases to avoid harsh weather and to have warm sleep every night. Players can use many different tools through searching and collecting to build, like digging burs, wrench, … The game gives you unlimited access to all objects of the game so you can enjoy your creativity.


The image is quite well developed by the developer. All details and context are displayed crisp and clear. This helps the player to better manage the astronaut’s survival because the player must explore and build the base on Mars from the heavily damaged ship heap. The items are shown in detail and beautiful. Different types of stones on Mars are also specially decorated to help players easily distinguish the type of stone they need to search to build their base. Not only are the details of the objects completed well, but the shadow is also displayed quite well, making the player feel genuine. When the player destroys stones or objects to get the necessary materials and materials, the smoke and shattering effects are displayed quite well and complete.

Moreover, for older devices that cannot display high resolution. The game allows you to adjust the graphics and screen resolution so that it can operate more smoothly.

Get Marsus: Survival on Mars APK for free now!

The game has just been released so Invictus Studio is currently reducing 75% for game buyers right now. And the developer also called on players to give feedback and feedback to help them improve this game. Some people claim that Marcus: Survival on Mars is still lagging and unstable, and lacks enemies like aliens to fight. However, this is still a prized game and gives you the true feeling of a lost astronaut on Mars alone. We brought the latest APK file of this game, so you can install it and experience it for free on your Android device.

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