Mario Kart Tour MOD APK+ OBB 0.9.0 [Official]

Mario Kart Tour MOD APK+ OBB 0.9.0 [Official]

Version: 0.9.0 ·
November 19, 2019 (3 years ago)
Full NameMario Kart Tour
Publisher Nintendo
Mod FeaturesMoney
Latest Version0.9.0

Mario Kart Tour is a classic racing game released by Nintendo. The game is available on popular mobile platforms including Android and iOS. Mario Kart Tour is considered graphics upgraded version of the previous game that was released by Nintendo on Gameboy in 1998. The project of Super Mario Kart on mobile was first announced by Nintendo in early 2018. After over a year of development, it was also completed.

Currently, the developer started running Soft-launch this game in some countries like North America and Japan. If you are not in the list of supported countries, you can download and install this game with the APK file that we provided in this article.


Mario Kart Tour APK Latest Version

After years of the first version of the Mario Kart series released on Nintendo’s gaming devices, a mobile version of the game has finally released on Android and iOS. The attraction and success of Mario Kart are undeniable. After a few successful mobile projects (especially Harvest Moon), Nintendo decided to bring back Mario Kart – a legendary game of the company and develop it into a completely new product for the mobile platform. It is the Mario Kart Tour.


The developer said Mario Kart Tour was inspired by the game released more than 20 years ago. Of course, there will be many significant upgrades to the game that will match the mobile platform. With the strong development of technology, thousands of mobile games appear on the market every day. It shows tremendous competition in this industry. Besides, a highly rated new game usually only maintains its attractiveness for several months or even days. Users have too many options for entertainment with their smartphones. However, bringing back an old successful game with a new look could be an explosion. Mario Kart Tour is such a product.

The familiar classic gameplay

Mario Kart Tour takes players to exciting races on fantasy racetracks. In which, players will become super riders competing with other players. Your only goal is to overcome your opponents and be the earliest person on the finish line. Not only do you overcome obstacles on the way but you also collect Power-up items. They appear randomly that allow you to receive a special skill. For example, you can shoot turtle shells to knock your opponent off the track or release banana peels to make your opponent crush and lose control.

Unlock the characters

Mario Kart Tour brings a very diverse character system with the most familiar names in Mario Series. You will meet Mario, Luigi, Prince, and many other names. However, if Super Mario Kart allows the selection of all characters from the beginning of the game, Mario Kart Tour is different. In this game, you will start with only 2 characters including Toad or Toadette. If you want to change characters, you need to unlock more. Besides, the characters system is divided into levels that are Popular, Rare and extremely Rare. Characters can unlock by opening the chest or buying directly from the game store.


In addition, we still want to remind you that the character has absolutely no effect on the race results. It all depends on your skills. However, owning a favorite character always makes you more excited in the race. Some of the characters that appeared in Mario Kart Tour are Mario, Luigi, Wario, Donkey Kong, Daisy, Metal Mario, Rosalina, Dry Bowser, King Boo. Moreover, Nintendo also confirmed that they will continue to add new characters in upcoming updates.

Upgrade your Kart

In addition to control skills, the kart is the decisive factor for your race results. All kart in Mario Kart Tour can be upgraded. You can choose to upgrade for each part such as engine, jet, shock absorber or tires. You can open the accessories from the pipes and choose the right accessories you want to upgrade.

Discover the courses

Nintendo brings most of the courses that have appeared in all previous Mario Kart versions. They are Choco Island 2, Rainbow Road, Luigi’s Mansion, Koopa Troopa Beach and Dino Dino Jungle. New maps will be updated in the future. You will still start courses at a speed of 50cc. After winning this, you can unlock 2 more new speeds including 100cc and 200cc.

Control and sound

Mario Kart Tour is a mobile game, so Nintendo has made changes in gameplay and controls to match the mobile platform. In the game, you will play on the vertical rather than horizontal like the Nintendo Wii and 3DS versions. Besides, the characters will automatically move forward. Your task is to navigate it by swiping left or right as well as touch the screen to use Power-up items.

In addition, there was a bit of disappointment when playing the game on the vertical screen. However, we can understand why Nintendo did this because it makes the Mario Kart Tour experience more comfortable as well as helps you play the game with one hand.

The sound in the game is still a big plus. Vibrant music makes your race more awesome. The clash between the Karts or the sound of the audience… creates a sense of excitement for every gamer.


Free to play or not?

Mario Kart Tour is a free game to download. However, some content in the game will require you to unlock by paying real money. In addition to elements of gameplay and graphics, there are other factors you need to consider: Emeralds, Hearts, Coins, and Tickets. Basically, each takes on a specific role:

  • Emeralds allow you to unlock new characters and can also be used to buy Karts, Gliders, and Hearts.
  • Hearts are required to start each race. You lose 1 heart for each turn. Besides, Hearts will recover every 12 minutes.
  • Coins are used to buy new items. Besides, after each race or turn, you can get the Stars. with enough stars, you can unlock new tracks.
  • Tickets are used to enhance character skills. You can also use it to access some new game modes.

Except for the coin that can be earned from the race, and hearts need time to recover, Tickets and Emeralds are very hard to find if you play in the usual way. So you will need to buy them in cash. It can be said, Mario Kart Tour is a free game to download but not free to play. There are a number of in-game items that you will have to pay with real money. Of course, you can play it without regard to Microtransaction, but the experience is very limited. Now, we will show you how to download and install the Mario Kart Tour APK.


After 27 years, an official version of Mario Kart Tour has finally been available on the mobile platform. There are still many positive and negative reviews of this game. However, with great attraction from the Mario Kart brand, it still deserves to try. The game will be officially released in the near future. If you want to experience it soon, you can download and install it through the instructions in this post.

Download Mario Kart Tour MOD APK+ OBB 0.9.0 [Official]

Download (88MB)

You are now ready to download Mario Kart Tour for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • Some applications will only run when you install the correct file that matches your device’s chipset. If you don’t know what chipset your device uses, check it with CPU Z.
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