Magisk Manager 87de0e7a (MOD, Original/Latest)

Magisk Manager 87de0e7a (MOD, Original/Latest)

Version: 87de0e7a ·
May 8, 2020 (2 years ago)
Full NameMagisk Manager
Mod FeaturesOriginal
Latest Version87de0e7a
RequireAndroid 4.2

Magisk Manager is one of the coolest and most comprehensive applications for rooting Android devices. You may know, apps like Supersu, Kingroot still have a disadvantage that is unable to pass Google’s censorship. Besides, devices that are rooted in those applications often cannot launch applications such as banking and other payment applications, some games with unrooted device required. However, Magisk Manager is different. It is a great Root tool that can thoroughly solve that problem.

The benefits of a rooted device

Before we expand to you on the useful features of Magisk Manager, let’s talk about rooting on Android. What special benefits does it have? Android has always been a highly customizable operating system. If you want to unlock all hidden features of the device, rooting is the option you should choose.

Here are the benefits of rooting your device. We bet that you will install Magisk Manager as soon as you have checked all the lists.

why you need root?

Use applications that require root

On the Android app store, you can find some extremely useful and powerful applications. But they can only work on rooted devices. The manufacturer has not allowed these apps to interfere with the system for safety and security reasons. However, many quality and safety applications are currently widely used by Android users.

For example, you want to use a powerful auto click application like HiroMacro. This is a great application for gamers, which will help you repeat some operations or play the game automatically. You cannot take advantage of the power of this app if your device is not rooted. Many powerful applications are waiting for you to discover when the device has been rooted such as Titanium Backup, Link2SD, FlashFire…

Remove junk applications

Junk applications are usually installed on the phone by the manufacturer after release. Many of them are not really necessary for users. They can simply be advertising applications, business purposes or system applications. These applications can run in the background to occupy RAM, memory and reduce battery life. But the user cannot remove them in the usual way. You can only do this after rooting. Rooted devices provide the highest user rights. You can remove all applications, including system applications.

Enhance the device performance and battery life

To maintain stable operation, the manufacturer did not unlock the full performance of the CPU. Users can speed up their device after rooting to take full advantage of the CPU and GPU power. This is essential when you play heavy games that require high configuration. Besides, you can increase the game clock speed or lower the clock to improve battery life. Some applications always run in the background, while you rarely use them. Your battery life may be reduced by such applications. Therefore, Rooting the device will help you put these applications into hibernation. This is an effective way to have impressive battery life.

Block ads

Watching ads is also a way to support developers. But too many ads also affect the gaming experience. At this point, you can use Adguard Premium to block ads on non-rooted devices. However, rooting your device gives you a more comprehensive ability to block ads.

Although some applications still support the ad-blocking feature right on non-rooted devices. But this feature does not work thoroughly. They can only help you block ads on certain applications. A rooted device will support much stronger ad-blocking. You can block ads in any application.

Customizing the interface

For Android devices, the user can perform the interface customization easily as changing the wallpaper, icons, and themes. If that still doesn’t satisfy you, you can try to root your smartphone. With a rooted device and a bit of experience, you can redesign the navigation buttons, change the keyboard, etc.

Magisk-Feature-how to install?

How to Root Android with Magisk Manager?

First, you need to download the APK file and install Magisk Manager at the link below. The application is installed like any other normal application. Make sure you have enabled the option for installing applications from unknown sources.

  • Pay attention to the red text “Magisk is not installed” – this means your application is not yet rooted with Magisk.
  • Click the Install button next to the words “Magisk is not installed” and select “Download Zip Only”.
  • The application will download a zip file. You should remember the path of the downloaded file.
  • Next, you can power off the device and access the TWRP interface by holding down the power key and the volume up key. Some other devices require the user to hold down all 3 keys: up volume + down volume + power button.
  • On the TWRP main screen, select Install, select the zip file that you downloaded and proceed with Flash. The Flash process completes in about 1 minute. You need to restart the device to complete the process.
  • Access Magisk Manager and check the results. If the Magisk blue text is up to date, the rooting process has been successful.

Magisk Manager app key features

The key features of Magisk Manager

This is a useful application that you should have in the device. Check out its useful features right below.

Managing the applications

SuperUser feature gives users more authority. You can manage and allow any application to use root access.

Note: When you grant root access to an application, that application may have higher permissions than normal, including interfering with system applications. To ensure the safety of your device and personal data, you should only authorize trusted applications.

Hide root access (Magisk Hide)

Some apps on Google Play do not work on rooted devices. Most of these apps have payment features built-in like banking apps or e-wallets. These are all essential and indispensable applications for any user.

The benefit from rooting is huge, which helps users to unlock the full power of smartphones. However, many users have accepted to ignore these benefits for the simple reason that some applications cannot launch. Banking applications often issue a safety warning when running on rooted devices. You cannot use these applications unless you unroot your device.

However, the problem is that the unroot and root process is relatively complicated and time-consuming. If you need an emergency application but have to wait for your phone to restart and unroot, this is really inconvenient.

Magisk Hide feature of Magisk Manager will help you solve that problem. Magisk Manager is a rare application on the market today that supports root hiding for applications. You just access and check the application you want to hide the root access. Now, you can use Android pay and applications that do not work on root devices like Pokemon Go, Netflix, e-banking applications…


Magisk Manager is an indispensable tool if you want to use your smartphone the best. The application is easy to use. The rooting process is performed automatically and does not require any support from the PC. Besides, the Magisk Hide feature helps your device to be compatible with all applications after rooting, including payment applications such as electronic banking, Android pay… Readers can download the app at the link below.


Download Magisk Manager 87de0e7a (MOD, Original/Latest)

Download (7M)

You are now ready to download Magisk Manager for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • Some applications will only run when you install the correct file that matches your device’s chipset. If you don’t know what chipset your device uses, check it with CPU Z.
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