Magic Chess: Bang Bang (Menu Mod)

Magic Chess: Bang Bang (Menu Mod)

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November 18, 2019 (3 years ago)
Full NameMagic Chess: Bang Bang MOD APK
Publisher Kaka Games Inc.
Mod FeaturesMenu Mod
Latest Version1.1.8.1143
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Magic Chess: Bang Bang (Mod Menu) is an Auto Chess Mobile game from Kaka Games developer. It was available on the market in 2016. So far, it has attracted nearly 8 million players from 18 countries worldwide. In the game, players will participate in online battles with players around the world. It brings the best gaming experience to the players with beautiful effects and a variety of skill systems. Let’s find it out right now!

Magic Chess Bang Bang mod apk download

About Magic Chess: Bang Bang

Magic Chess: Bang Bang is an Auto Chess game genre, which is more and more popular as well as is loved by many players. The game is also rapidly developing with huge downloads since its launch. It has been receiving great attention from players. Magic Chess: Bang Bang has beautiful graphics and simple gameplay. Players will join a battle consisting of many rounds. You will have to fight and compete with 7 other players. In each round, you will face a randomly chosen player, which will make the game unpredictable and challenging. If you fail in any round, your HP will decrease accordingly. When HP drops to 0, the level ends. It means you will be disqualified. The winner is the last survivor.

Magic Chess Bang Bang gameplay

Magic Chess: Bang Bang key features

Autochess gameplay

The game controls are quite simple and similar to Dota Auto Chess Mobile from Dragonnest. All the players need to do in the game is to drag and drop heroes from standby Area to the Battlefield. You should pay attention to the timer because you only have about a few tens of seconds to prepare your army. At this time, gamers should choose the most suitable and powerful hero to join the battle. The game will start automatically. Heroes will fight without your controls. This will help you focus more on preparing tactics for the next round.

Recruiting heroes

In Magic Chess: Bang Bang, you have to command heroes to participate in turn-based battles. At the beginning of the game, players will be given a little free Gold, which helps you recruit heroes. Besides, the heroes will have different prices. Usually, heroes with higher prices will be stronger.

Magic Chess Bang Bang mod heroes

However, using the strongest heroes does not mean that you will win the game. Instead, Heroes’ features are important in battle. They will increase the strength of the entire team several times if you use and coordinate them intelligently. There are all 12 different features that players need to understand to be able to use them effectively. For example, Eastern will increase Physical Attack of all heroes in the team; Spirits can fight for a few seconds after being killed; Undead will reduce the opponent’s defense states.

Diverse hero collection

Magic Chess: Bang Bang is a great strategy game. Also, it is not so difficult for players to understand the gameplay. What many players worry about might be the number of heroes as well as their features and skills because they are very diverse. Understanding more heroes will increase your chances of winning. This is always a top priority for strategy games.

So, to grasp all the skills of heroes, Magic Chess: Bang Bang will help you with the hero dictionary. Besides, it supports to search by Roles, Features and Qualities.

Magic Chess Bang Bang mod apk features

The skills system

The heroes will use energy when they make damage or being received damage from enemies. When the energy is full, the hero can use his critical skills, which are extremely powerful and high damage attacks. Some of them can help you attack multiple enemies at once. If you are concerned about the types of skills that your heroes possess, you can find them in the hero collection. In which, you just touch the skill then all the information about it will be displayed.


Magic Chess: Bang Bang impresses the player with beautiful graphics. Various character systems and skills have helped the battles more and more exciting. Moreover, you should always visit the collection to learn more about heroes, which will help you have a reasonable strategy in the battle. Let’s download Magic Chess: Bang Bang MOD APK and enjoy the game right now!

Download Magic Chess: Bang Bang (Menu Mod)

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