Mage Supreme Mod APK Download Android/iOS [NetEasea]

Mage Supreme Mod APK Download Android/iOS [NetEasea]

Version: 1.0 ·
December 5, 2018 (4 years ago)
Publisher NetEase
Latest Version1.0
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Since PUBG created the trend of Battle Royale Game in the world, NetEase is probably one of the developers who has created the most game of this genre, especially on the mobile platform. We are probably familiar with NetEase games such as Knives Out, Rules of Survival… Although they created many battle royale games, their games have different interesting features.

After a long time, fans of Battle Royale games have added a new option from Netease. It is a unique product called Mage Supreme. The game is currently under testing in the short term. If you want to experience it early, you should download and install it right now.

Mage Supreme is a Battle Royale mobile game that has similar gameplay to many other games of the same genre. In the game, you and many other players are on a large map to start the journey of survival for becoming the last survivor.

Mage Supreme Mod APK Download Android/iOS [NetEasea]

The familiar attractive gameplay

Netease is well-known for its games that copy the gameplay from the other developer, but they always know how to surprise players with unique features in their games. We used to introduce to you another game named Ride Out Heroes – a combination of PUBG, Fortnite, and Overwatch. Each NetEase survival game has its own unique features. Mage Supreme is no exception.

In the game, players will live in a survival battle through a top-down perspective, which will help you and other players to easily find equipment or detect opponents. In addition, the game is displayed in vertical screen rather than horizontal. It sounds strange, but if you are familiar with these mechanisms, you will quickly find it quite interesting.

Mage Supreme gameplay

In the game, each battle takes place with up to 20 people, much less than other Battle Royale games. However, in our opinion, this number is appropriate that each battle will end faster. Another unique feature is that players do not need to parachute on the islands. Instead, the game displays the map at the beginning of the game, so you can choose any points on the map and teleporting there as soon as the game starts.

Other mechanisms of the game still guarantee the nature of a Battle Royale game. Players need to move to explore locations on the map to collect weapons, equipment… Do not forget to fight with other players to become the last survivor.

Mage Supreme apk download

20 Unique Characters

Unlike other Battle Royale games, when you choose only Male or Female characters, Mage Supreme brings up over 20 different heroes for you to choose from. Of course, each hero has different attributes and equipment. They also have their own unique skills that can be used in battle. The collection of heroes will continue to be updated in upcoming versions of the game.

Interface and controls

Once you are at the teleport location, you begin your survival journey. The control mechanism is simple. In which, you can use the left navigation key to move the character. Each character in the Mage Supreme has four function boxes: one slot for placing the main weapon and the other three are for placing skills. Note that these weapons and skills are not available. You can only equip them from looting. When fighting, if you want to use weapons or attack skills, you just press on those buttons. All skills have cooldowns, so you should use them at the right time. Otherwise, you will be killed by your opponent.

The Safe Zone in Mage Supreme will not be a regular circle, but rather a hexagon. Because of the small map, the number of players is also small. The Safe zone appears quite early, so you need to equip weapons and skills as soon as possible without the disadvantage of facing other players.


The game does not possess the very beautiful 3D graphics as other popular survival games on mobile. However, it is still good enough for you to experience. Mage Supreme uses animated styles with simple characters. However, the map still ensures the details and a variety of terrain for you to explore.


Currently, the game is in a Beta testing phase. If you want to experience this game early, please download the game according to the instructions we have provided. Do not forget to follow the official Fanpage of the game to get updates on upcoming events and features.

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