Lucky Patcher 8.9.2  (Original/Color Mod/Lite)

Lucky Patcher 8.9.2 (Original/Color Mod/Lite)

Version: 8.9.2 ·
September 10, 2020 (2 years ago)
Full NameLucky Patcher
Publisher ChelpuS
Mod FeaturesColor, Lite
Latest Version8.9.2
RequireAndroid 4.1 and up

Lucky Patcher is a great application developed to support users who are using the MOD Android applications and games. The outstanding features of this application are capable of removing ads, changing the rights or providing the free items. Besides, it has an easy to use interface. Even if you are not a professional, you can still create incredible things with this app as well as enjoy Android games more easily and freely. In this article, we will discuss the prominent features of this app. Besides, we will also provide an APK file of the app and a detailed instructions to help you download and install Lucky Patcher easily.

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What is Lucky Patcher app?

Lucky Patcher is a miracle that developers want to give to Android users. You must have loved a certain game. But the annoying advertisements appear constantly or high-end items require you to pay for getting them. This certainly made you crazy and lost interest in gaming. Surely, you are looking for a solution to solve this problem. Lucky Patcher is such an app, which will help you eliminate those problems immediately. It allows users to buy expensive items for free, completely eliminating ads, removing system apps and many other attractive features.

In addition, the app is great that enhances the user’s experience by making things easier. However, its features go against Google’s policies. Therefore, in the present or future, you cannot find the application on Google Play. You can download and install the application according to the reliable download link we provide. Please note that there are many websites that offer this application’s files, but it may contain malicious code and be harmful to your device. Be careful before installing it. Our advice is that you should use an Antivirus application to check the downloaded file. The app you should use is AVG Anti Virus Pro.

Lucky Patcher key features

We said that Lucky Patcher is a miracle for Android smartphones. That is absolutely correct. The app offers a lot of great features that will help you be effective in in-app purchases, unlocking Premium features and more. Please refer to the key features right below:

Eliminating the ads

Google Play is a great app store with a large number of applications for users to use for free. However, ads often appear when the device is connected to the internet. There are many applications and games that have too many annoying ads, which greatly affect the gaming experience. With Lucky Patcher, you can remove them permanently with just a few simple steps.

Buy items for free

Lucky Patcher allows users to buy gems, items, gold… in a completely free way. You can buy everything you want to upgrade characters and unlock features. Besides, the games that connect servers or require network connections when playing are usually not hackable.


Custom Patches

Custom Patch is developed specifically for an application to modify something in the application. For example, Candy Crush Saga’s Custom patch can help players get unlimited moves. There is also a Custom Patch of Last Day On Earth that offers mod features such as free item crafting, unlimited item purchases, etc. Most patches are for games, but there are also a few for apps. You can find the custom patches on the developer website or check out the Menu of Patches section of Lucky Patcher.

Easy to use

The term “Hack and crack” sounds only for professionals, which is often about difficult works. But with Lucky Patcher, everything is simple that you must be surprised. When starting the app, a list of apps and games on your device will be displayed. You can touch them to check application information, uninstall or perform mod tips. All operations are very easy, which you don’t even need to be knowledgeable about the applications to use it.

no root needed

No-root needed

With the great features of Lucky Patcher, many users mistakenly believe that the application can only be compatible with rooted devices. In fact, the application can work on any device, whether rooted or not. However, if you want to experience the whole feature, users should root their device. Whether the application works well or not depends on the quality of the device and the operating system version that you are using.

Other features

There are a lot of great features that we can’t say in this article. The easiest way to discover all of them is to download Lucky Patcher APK that we provide then install it to your Android device. If the above features of the app still haven’t satisfied you, please check out the list below. You would be surprised:

  • Set any application into a system application: There are some applications on Android that are set as system apps that cannot be deleted by normal way. The developer also does not allow you to change it. However, Lucky Patcher will help you, which allows you to choose your favorite applications to replace system applications.
  • Move apps to SD Card: Some applications or games in your device are installed on the device memory. They can make the memory overloaded. Lucky Patcher will help you move them to the memory card without adding another dedicated application.
  • Backup and synchronize data: This feature allows you to back up data of any application in the device. Besides, you can use these files to recover application data whenever you need it.

Lucky Patcher APK download

How to download and install Lucky Patcher?

First of all, we need to clarify that Lucky Patcher is not available on Google Play. Surely, it will never appear on this platform. So the only way for you to have it in your device is to download and install with an APK file. As promised, we will provide the APK file for the latest version of Lucky Patcher. It is 100% safe.

Before instructing you on how to download and install LP, we want to talk about the configuration required to be able to run this application on your Android device. Please check below:

  • Root (Optional)
  • At least 2GB Ram
  • 10MB Internal Storage
  • Stable network connection.

It is all required to install LP Installer on Android. It is very easy to meet these requirements, right? Now please follow our instructions below to download and Install Lucky Patcher for Android devices (root and no root):

#1: First you need to turn off the “Google Play Protect” feature to remove the warning before installing. Open Google Play Store, navigate to Menu-> Play Protect. Here, you need to find the “Scan Device for Security Threats” option, then tap to disable it.


#2: Now, download the APK file that we provided in this article. Save it to your device. Then Open the APK file to launch the APK installer. If you have not installed any APK files this way before, it will ask you to enable “Unknown Sources” from Settings. Just enable it as shown below.

enable Unknown Sources

#3: You just need to wait for the installation process to complete. The app will appear on App Drawers. Now you can open it.

install lucky Patcher APK on Android

#4: Open it and Grant root permissions if you have Super SU access. You can still use LP without root access. But the features will be limited.

#5: Now, Allow Storage Permission to download original Lucky Patcher APK from the official Developer’s servers. Wait a bit for the download process to complete, it’s based on your Internet connection speed.

#6: Once it is completed, then it will ask you to allow unknown sources setting options for Lucky Patcher Installer. Tap to allow it.

allows permissions

#7: Install LP once again. Open the application and accept the Permissions it requires. All done! Now you can enjoy the features of the application.

Mod Lite Features:

  • Replaced the application icon
  • Replaced all black and white icons on color
  • Graphic compression without loss of quality
  • Works on all Android architectures
  • Icon Pack thanks by G.P.V.33
  • All Languages.

A few notes to know when using Lucky Patcher

During installation and using Lucky Patcher, there will be some errors arising. Some may be from the system, some from the user. You should not be too worried because most errors can be repaired without harming the device. Here are some notes that we want you to know before using this app:

  • Google Play Protect will notify you that this application is malicious that it would harm your device. Please ignore this message by turning off Google Play Protect with the instructions we provided. Lucky Patcher is completely safe and does not contain any viruses or malware. No users have responded that this is an unsafe application. So you can rest assured to use it.
  • Some devices have a long installation time, which is not caused by Lucky Patcher but the main reason is the configuration of the device. In this situation, users should clear the cache, clean up the garbage before installing it to achieve the fastest speed.
  • Lucky Patcher is not an almighty tool, which cannot hack all games or applications. It cannot interfere with most Online games with the purchase processes in the app.
  • Please balance the message before using Lucky Patcher to unlock online games because you may be issued an account by the publisher.
  • It is necessary to consider before deleting the system application because it may cause your device to fail (cannot start, boot loop…).


Mod game/application is always a hot topic in the Android user community. Normally, in order to be able to mod a certain application, users need to have certain knowledge about programming and must implement a complicated process. But with Lucky Patcher, it’s simple that anyone can manually mod with just a few steps. Overall, Lucky Patcher is an indispensable application if you want to try the feeling of not being bothered by ads or unlimited purchases in the app store. Moreover, it does not require a rooted device. However, to be able to use the entire feature, the root is needed. Don’t forget to visit our blog to update the latest version of the app as soon as it’s available!

Download Lucky Patcher 8.9.2 (Original/Color Mod/Lite)

Download (7MB)

You are now ready to download Lucky Patcher for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • Some applications will only run when you install the correct file that matches your device’s chipset. If you don’t know what chipset your device uses, check it with CPU Z.
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