Line Color MOD APK 1.16 (Vip, Remove Ads)

Line Color MOD APK 1.16 (Vip, Remove Ads)

Version: 1.16 ·
March 24, 2021 (2 years ago)
Full NameLine Color MOD APK
Publisher tastypill
Mod FeaturesVIP, Unlocked, Free-ad
Latest Version1.16
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If you are tired of work, you may need a highly entertaining game like Line Color, an innovative product from Tastypill. This is a mini-game with extremely simple gameplay and beautiful graphics. It is suitable for all ages of the players. You can now download it for free from Google Play.

Line color mod apk download

About Line Color

Line Color is a mobile game developed by tastypill. Like other mini-games released from this developer, players can easily understand how to play right at the first time they play the game. In the game, the player controls a block to pass through the traps and reach the finish line. All controls are done with just one finger. You can hold down to move your character. However, the players need to move at a reasonable speed and know to stop at the right time. Traps always rotate. So, moving faster or slower can cause you to lose control and end the game.

Diverse types of traps

Although Line Color is a mini-game, it was created to relax for players. However, the game brings many interesting challenges for you to conquer. In the game, there is always a new kind of trap appearing. Also, they constantly change their positions, which make you have to change your tactics as well as controls. To complete a game, you may have to play it many times. But this will help you have more experience. Besides, you will be very excited when going to the new game.

Line color gameplay

Revive for free

When you lose the game, you don’t need to worry too much because it allows you to revive freely. You can replay the game as many times as you like. However, you have to resume the game from the starting point.

If you want to continue playing without having to play again, you can watch the ad to get the extra turn. You will save your time and increase your chances of winning.

Unlock new characters

Do you wonder what the final goal of the game is? In addition to winning multiple stages, unlocking characters is what the player aims to.

Line color MOD APK traps

In Line Color, there are different groups of characters, each of which will be unlocked differently. To unlock the first 17 characters, you can buy them with coins. Coins are rewards that players receive after winning a game. Besides, you can also get 100 coins by watching ads. To be able to own a character, the player needs 1000 coins. Besides, the next 9 characters require the player to watch the ad to unlock it. To unlock a character in this group, you need to watch the ad 4 times consecutively.

Also, players can follow the Instagram of the developer to get a free character. Besides, if you don’t have enough coins to unlock game content, we would like to provide you with the modified version of the game named Line Color MOD. It allows you to use unlimited coins for unlocking all characters easily in the game.

VIP account

If you want to fully experience the exciting features of the game, you can pay $ 5.99/weel to own the VIP ACCESS package. Players will receive incentives such as doubling the number of coins after each game, receiving 250 free coins every day and eliminating advertisement. In particular, you get 3 rare characters (characters with unique shapes). Also, developers allow players to try the VIP ACCESS package for 3 days. So, you can fully experience before deciding to pay or not. In our opinion, you don’t need to pay for these VIP packages because it doesn’t affect the gameplay.

In this article, we have provided you with the mod version of Line Color, which allows you to enjoy the VIP features for free.


tastypill is a very successful developer with many popular mini-games on Play Store. Their products are characterized by high entertainment but challenging. So far, Line Color has received many positive reviews from Android players. Currently, the game does not have an iOS version.

In addition, a lot of ads appeared during the game. This partly affects the user experience. You can also turn off ads by simply turning off your device’s wifi connection or mobile data. Ads will no longer appear. However, the option to earn additional rewards from ads will not be available. These problems can be easily solved when you download and install Line Color MOD APK. Please click the download button below to download the game! Thanks and have fun!

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