LifeAfter 1.0.183(MOD, Original)

LifeAfter 1.0.183(MOD, Original)

Version: 1.0.183 ·
March 13, 2021 (2 years ago)
Full NameLifeAfter
Publisher NetEase
Mod FeaturesNO
Latest Version1.0.183
RequireAndroid 4.1
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Netease has not released any new games on the mobile platform in the past few months. They are still doing well with other blockbuster games like Rules of Survival, Knife Out … Recently, Netease has continued to release their latest game named Life After (The Day After Tomorrow). The game continues the successful survival games on mobile when bringing attractive gameplay elements on beautiful 3D graphics. Netease has designed an open map, allowing players to adventure, admire the beautiful and exotic scenery. Besides, you will have to resist its harshness. If you cannot get enough food, water, and shelter, you will die.

In fact, Life After did tests in the last August, limited to a number of countries. At that time, if you wanted to play games, you needed to use a VPN to switch IP locations to the supported country. Finally, NetEase also announced Life After officially released worldwide, available on Android and iOS platforms. You can download it for free now. In this article, in addition to the game features, we will show you how to download and install the latest Life After Mod for free.

LifeAfter apk download

Life After Mod APK download for Android

Life After is a post-apocalyptic mobile game taking the theme of Zombies, where players have to try their best to survive. The story begins after a strange virus grows rapidly and attacks the world. They transformed humans into Infected Zombies. Only after a short time, the world was almost destroyed. There are only a few people lucky enough to escape from these attacks. You are one of the survivors. When night falls, you can hear the growl of Infected approaching. You need to hide in a safe and light place, in which all you can do is pray for the sun to rise again.

LifeAfter mod apk

The key features of Life After

Learn how to survive

Like any other survival game, players will need to collect materials, build shelters, find food and build powerful weapons to defeat the Infected. There are factors that you should always pay attention to HP, Hunger, Health, Temperature and Vitality. You have to manage them and make sure all indicators are always green that means your character is healthy and ready to fight.

The world in Life After is full of dangers. You need to know how to survive and always pay attention to the time because Infected appears more at night. If your character doesn’t have enough equipment, the best thing to do in the night is to hide in an empty house and wait for the sun to rise. If you are worried that you are wasting your time, the game will keep you busy. There are Mini-games that you can play with your friends to wait for time to pass.

To provide a more realistic world for players to explore, Life After brings weather circles to constantly change the elements of the game and make players more difficult. When the character moves to new lands, the weather will change. It does not only show for fun. It really affects your character’s survivability. You should remember not to catch a cold in the rain, warm yourself up with thick clothing if you encounter snowfall as well as carefully walk in the sandstorm.

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Exploiting and fighting

Exploiting resources is an important factor in the game. Almost everything that you see outdoors can be exploited, collected or processed. As you progress further into the game and advance to higher levels, your character’s stats will be enhanced and can create new weapons. Of course, your enemies are also stronger. The weapons system is quite diverse which you can make them from the materials available from the exploitation. You can build traditional weapons like a bow, mini-gun and even Bazookas.

Once you have completed laying the foundation for your base, you can expand the adventure location to new lands. However, before leaving, you should pay attention to bring enough materials and equipment. If you are unfortunately killed, you will lose all the equipment on your body.

LifeAfter graphics

Build your Camp

In the world of Life After, you are not alone. The game allows you to establish your own guild and manage it, called the Camp. The members of the camp can enjoy the benefits reserved for the camp system. If you find it difficult to collect enough materials, you can join the Camp Battle. In which, players can form a group of Camp members and engage in battle with other camps and occupy their resources. This is also the fastest way to get resources in the large number instead of finding them all over the map. However, you must always be careful because other camps can attack your farm at any time. Camp features make it easy for players to find support from other players in the survival battle. It also enhances the community in the game.

Intuitive control system

In addition, the control mechanism of the game is quite intuitive. You will not take much time to get used to it. You can use the left side control keys to move and navigate the character. On the right side, there will be buttons that allow you to interact with the environment or attack the enemy. There is a quick button that you can use to change your collected device depending on where you put the crosshair. Experiencing a game on a device with a small screen may make you a little messy. However, if you are playing on a PC with an emulator, or on a smartphone with a more than 5.5 inches screen, you can really observe more than the game’s beautiful environment.

LifeAfter mod apk download for Android

Stunning 3D graphics

Graphics are always the strong points of games from NetEase. Life After is no exception. The game builds on a beautiful 3D, which is enough to please any most demanding player. Previously, most mobile survival games used 2.5D viewing mode while Life After was the full third-view 3D angle. In the game, the environment is built in detail and highly interactive. The developer knew very well how to build a post-apocalyptic world with the ruins of buildings or moving corpses.

LifeAfter apk icon

Configuration and Installation Instructions

Life After is not a game for Low-end devices. It has quite high requirements about the configuration that your device needs to meet. Therefore, to ensure that there is no waste of time, you need to check the configuration requirements below before downloading the game installation files.

  • Your device needs to run Android with a minimum version of 4.4 or higher
  • At least 2GB of ram
  • 1.2 GB of free memory

To install the game, please follow the instructions below:

  • Download all necessary files we have provided and save it to your device.
  • Open the APK file and install it as usual.
  • Use ES File Manager Pro to open the OBB file, extract it under the Android / OBB path. This process may take a while.
  • After finishing, you can open and enjoy the game right away.


Life After is an excellent survival game on mobile that we recommend you play. Besides high-quality graphics, the game also offers intensive gameplay with lots of unique features. You can explore the open world and learn how to survive, protect your camp and destroy the Infected. There are many things you can do in the game. We hope you have successfully downloaded and installed this game. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment below.

Download LifeAfter 1.0.183(MOD, Original)

Download (1GB)

You are now ready to download LifeAfter for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • Some applications will only run when you install the correct file that matches your device’s chipset. If you don’t know what chipset your device uses, check it with CPU Z.
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