League of Wonderland 1.2.0 (Original)

League of Wonderland 1.2.0 (Original)

Version: 1.2.0 ·
November 25, 2019 (3 years ago)
Full NameLeague of Wonderland
Latest Version1.2.0
RequireAndroid 5.0+
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League of Wonderland is an online strategy game combining cards and tower defense. It is now available on the mobile platform. The game was released by SEGA CORPORATION – the leading software and video game corporation in Japan. This company has released a lot of famous games such as Sonic, Phantasy, Mario… League of Wonderland can be said to be a “Japanese version” of Clash Royale because of the similarities in terms of genre and gameplay. But the difference probably comes from the change in graphics and a little improvement in gameplay. League of Wonderland promises to bring a new experience to players who are fans of Anime in particular and players of strategy games in general.


General introduction

League of Wonderland is set in a mythical world where all the fairytales, myths, even famous historical figures appeared. There will be a battle between the two sides with the army built from these heroes. In terms of gameplay, the player owns a set of 8 cards, each of which has unique strengths and weaknesses. The important task is to destroy the opponent’s towers within 2 minutes. It all depends on the player in every action, attack, defense or even sacrifice the soldiers to achieve the final goal.

The real-time Matches

In League of Wonderland, the battle will be 1v1. There is no team or tactics required. However, because it is a strategy card game, players need to be able to calculate, arrange the troops appropriately, arrange defending champions and attack properly. The heroes in League of Wonderland will counter each other. Players can only choose 1 of 6 cards (corresponding to 6 generals) at once.


To start the match, gamers will select the “Start Battle” button. The game will randomly select an opponent of the same level. After that, a map will appear, in which each side will have 3 towers (including one big and 2 smalls). There are 4 boxes containing cards. Using 1 card will consume the corresponding energy (depending on the card). Then, the card will be refreshed (another card). However, you need to have enough energy to use cards. Energy will recover over time. So, if you choose cards that don’t match your energy level, you will lose.

Besides, each match will last 2 minutes. It is divided into 2 stages. In the first phase (for the first 1 minute), energy recovers slowly, as well as attack speed is slow. The next phase (1 minute) doubles energy regen, as well as, attack speed is faster. This is the time to push attacks to win. The side that destroys the 2 enemy towers first will win the game. If no side destroyed another’s towers, the game will be based on the damage rate of the two sides to give the final result within 2 minutes. If after 2 minutes the remaining towers are equal, the two teams tie.

Create a room and invite friends to compete

Instead of finding random opponents, you can create rooms and invite your friends to play together. League of Wonderland allows players to create rooms and invite other players from the friend list to participate in friendly matches. Here, you can freely choose a map, game rules and viewable. Also, gamers can join existing rooms of other players (requires room number) to join them. Playing with friends is the best way to practice the strategy.

The heroes collection

In League of Wonderland, the heroes collection is very diverse with nearly 50 heroes. Also, the developer announced that they will continue to update more heroes in the future. Similar to Clash Royale, League of Wonderland also classifies heroes based on their strength. Currently, there are 4 types of cards including Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. By accumulating gold and hero cards after each battle or opening treasure boxes, you will be able to upgrade them (up to level 8). After upgrading, each hero will have new skills. The stat will be enhanced.


Besides, you can also upgrade the towers. However, upgrading Heroes in League of Wonderland is extremely important. When you reach a high level, the matches will require you to face to face stronger opponents. You cannot win if your heroes are too weak. A good strategy needs to be combined with cards for the final victory.

Complete the missions, open boxes and receive rewards

Every day, League of Wonderland offers daily quests for gamers to complete. By completing daily quests, you will receive the Chest. Based on the rarity and inner value of the Chest, they are divided into categories: copper, silver, gold, platinum and Legendary chests. Opening those chests will give you the opportunity to receive valuable in-game rewards such as Gold, Ruby, Hero upgrade cards… If you can open a Legendary chest, you can definitely get an epic hero.


Team up, fight in ranking matches and more

League of Wonderland allows players to create a team. You can organize a tournament between teams, participating in ranking matches. You can chat or give gifts to your friends and team members. Besides, there is a new special mechanism appeared in League of Wonderland called “Draw Shot”. It allows players to cast special character skills by drawing on the screen, from attacking to allies buffs and enemy debuffs. So how can the other side fight this “Draw Shot”, they simply need to “Draw Shot” faster.

In addition, this mobile game also has an audience mode so you can watch other players’ matches. Especially, the betting feature for the winner helps you earn a few big rewards if your bet is correct.

The graphics and sound

In League of Wonderland, the graphics are Japanese style with anime characters. There are 2 display modes including 2D and 3D for the player to choose from. SEGA CORPORATION has been very famous for making an extremely lively and attractive game sound. It is no exception in League of Wonderland. During the game, players will be stunned by the effects, vibrant images and sounds from the characters, tactics, and interaction of the player.


Configuration requirements

League of Wonderland is a lightweight game of only 85MB with simple maps, so it requires a medium configuration. To experience League of Wonderland the best, your device needs to meet:

  • Android: Android version 5.0 or higher, at least 2GB RAM and 100MB free internal memory
  • iOS: iOS version 11.0 or higher.


Currently, League of Wonderland is available on Google Play but is only available in certain countries. According to the developer, the countries on the support list are Indonesia, Philippines, Canada, India, Singapore, Brazil, Vietnam, Mexico, and Russia. The Open Beta process has been going on quite exciting with many players participating. Reviews on the game are very positive. Of course, there are still some performance errors, but everything is quite good in general. League of Wonderland will support two languages including English and Japanese. It officially launches on September 30, 2019, with a global version. If you want to experience this game soon, please download the APK file we provided and install it as usual.

Download League of Wonderland 1.2.0 (Original)

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You are now ready to download League of Wonderland for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • Some applications will only run when you install the correct file that matches your device’s chipset. If you don’t know what chipset your device uses, check it with CPU Z.
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