June’s Journey – Hidden Objects MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Diamonds)

June’s Journey – Hidden Objects MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Diamonds)

Version: 1.48.2 ·
November 18, 2019 (3 years ago)
Full NameJune’s Journey - Hidden Objects
Publisher Wooga
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Coins, Diamonds
Latest Version1.48.2

After bringing an extremely successful game like Pearl’s Peril, the developers of Wooga seem to want to take advantage of the best that Pearl has to bring to a new game. June’s Journey game developed by Wooga brings you fascinating missions and reveals the fascinating secrets of a scandalous family. Players will enter the luxurious and romantic castles as you search for clues to solve the secrets hidden through hundreds of dollars. In this article, we bring you the latest June’s Journey – Hidden Objects mod. It allows you to use unlimited coins and diamonds in the game. Your gaming experience will be a lot easier!

June’s Journey – Hidden Object MOD apk download

Introducing the game

Coming to June’s Journey, players will become a detective and perform the task of discovering and solving the most sophisticated and sophisticated murder cases in the society of the nobles. Players will have to carefully investigate the crime scene and lay eyes on all the evidence that is hidden everywhere in the scene and surrounding area.

Players must also interrogate suspects when possible. After investigating, the player must link and piece together the clues to find the killer and bring out the worthy person behind the bars. June’s Journey promises to bring loads of fun, riddles, and extremely interesting emotions.

Become a real detective

The puzzles themselves are quite clear, simple and easy to understand. If you’ve never played a detective game with such a mechanism, June’s Journey is a good environment for you to get acquainted with.

In my opinion, you should not ignore June’s Journey – Hidden Objects if you are a fan of the detective and puzzle game series. June’s Journey – Hidden Objects will bring me a very honest and thrilling experience. This game is really worth your time because it not only entertains me but it also helps my brain practice, focus, memorize and reason.

If you want to experience this game in the mod version, please come to this site offline. You will no longer have to worry about running out of money to buy the necessary tools and can comfortably solve the case.

Simple gameplay

June’s Journey – Hidden Objects (MOD Diamonds) is loved by many players because the controls are simple and basic. This is a crime-solving game, you will always be crazy with clues and complexities in the case. You don’t want to keep going crazy because of the intricate and confusing ways to control the game. Coming to June’s Journey, the player’s first reaction is that the button positions and features are easy to use.

June’s Journey – Hidden Object gameplay

June’s Journey’s layout is nice and easy to get used to so if you are a beginner of a detective game then don’t worry. The game will make you comfortable and willing to think for those sentences instead of worrying about how to control them. You don’t have a messy dashboard or tabs full of details. All you need to do is click on the evidence, witnesses, or anywhere you want to discover and track those evidence to solve the case.

You will be taken to different scenes by clicking on the directional arrows or on objects to interact. For example, you can click the lock on the gate to open the door to the next room or see the traces on it. Special locations (often represented by glittering stars to reveal a scene, click on it and you’ll find evidence and evidence to help you solve other puzzles) together.

Wooga seems to have changed the whole control method and operation of the game to avoid making it similar to Pearl’s Peril. Some also wonder why Wooga spends so much time making these two characters different. Aren’t they related and related to each other?

Amazing and attractive plot

June’s Journey – Hidden Objects has a horrific story, her granddaughter has a picture of her parents murdered. She trusted her niece and seriously investigated the case. But the police did not trust her and immediately fired her. As soon as it became clear that his niece’s parents were murdered, June was ready to do what the police did not do, which is to hunt down the murderer. She has a clear head and a sensible approach throughout her investigation. Meanwhile, her male companion did not have that.

June’s Journey – Hidden Object story

The unique and new in the plot, in each case and in the way of communication makes June’s Journey – Hidden Objects very popular. The puzzles that many people think are worth solving and convincing. They really make you brainstorm and use your intuition to judge and solve crimes.

Coming to June’s Journey, you will come to fascinating and mysterious stories. Players will burst when you learn the truths that have been hidden for thousands of years. You will feel like a real detective. Letters will continue to be sent to your mailbox, pieces, evidence, witnesses will be gradually revealed and you will find more and more important details to help you solve those sentences.

Many different cases with diverse circumstances

Sometimes there will be differences in the story, the game always brings elements that you can completely rely on to solve the problem. There’s always a problem to solve, and usually, it’s about saving someone or solving some kind of mystery. You have to link and infer through objects and tools to help you find the true story. This is done through anonymous subject matter scenes. In addition, the game still has some other more diverse situations with many simple and complex problems.

In addition, your memory will also be exercised and used frequently in the game. This can be one of the ways to train your brain and keep it functioning well.

June’s Journey – Hidden Object MOD

New things in June’s Journey Mod Version

June’s Journey focuses primarily on providing clues, opportunities, and cues for players to solve murders. Mod version provides gamers with unlimited benefits. Players will be able to buy anything from the store without having to worry about the price.

Besides, Players will be able to get the best equipment right from the start, which will help players quickly climb to the top of the rankings. It also helps you defeat the toughest challenges with ease. All this makes the June’s Journey – Hidden Objects mod version a sensible one for Android users.

The modified version of the game gives gamers the benefit of offering endless coins. It will help gamers buy anything and everything from the store. There will be no need to worry about prices. Gamers will be able to overcome the toughest challenges and become the best players out there.

To sum up

General, June’s Journey – Hidden Objects (MOD) is a board game full of beautiful pictures, funny, unique sounds, and enchanting storylines. They may not offer complex storylines or deep strategic gameplay. But they provide a great entertainment for this demanding detective game and require more time on mobile.

If you love a game with eye-catching artwork and magical sounds, then you definitely have to try June’s Journey – Hidden Objects. I always come back to this game because of my eagerness to explore another fantasy plot or the chance to become a talented and capable female character.

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