Jump Force Mobile 2.1.0 (Original)

Jump Force Mobile 2.1.0 (Original)

April 19, 2020 (3 years ago)
Full NameJump Force Mobile
Publisher BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Mod FeaturesOriginal
Latest Version3.6.0
RequireAndroid 4.4 and up
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What’s even better when all of your favorite comic characters get together and fight against evil enemies with you? The Shonen Jump universe has always been attractive to many people. Therefore, games built on this universe always bring certain interests.

Jump Force, a game built on famous comic book characters, has brought a lot of controversies. Despite receiving a lot of expectations from fans, Jump Force did not really satisfy users. This game brings a long and time-consuming story, while it loses the interaction between characters. This makes the game less interesting. However, the game Jump Force matches are also quite addictive and addictive.

Great game mechanics

Jump Force Mobile has a great game engine that makes everyone addicted. Coming to this game, you will be a normal person in a battle between different superheroes and warriors. Characters from many different universes, including the universes of Dragon Ball, Naruto, and One Piece. 

Of course, Jump Force Mobile is also indispensable for familiar villains. You are mortally wounded by Frieza, but then you inherit special skills. You have the ability to learn the power and skills of the characters in Shonen Jump. Later, you become one of the important elements in Goku, Naruto and Luffy’s army to save the world. 

Your character becomes stronger and stronger over time as you upgrade and participate in many battles.

Players can completely customize their characters. You can choose whether your character is male or female and choose a fighting style from people whose powers you borrow from other characters. You cannot customize a character’s face, hairstyle, eye color.

The system will automatically lock the target in front and you will choose between quick or powerful moves. Because basically, you just hit it will hit. Although your enemies can step over to avoid your attacks, most of your hits will come to your destination in a great way. Although Jump Force’s actions are a bit clumsy, it still has the familiar gameplay of fighting anime games.

If you are in a fierce battle then you can clamor for everything. They will sometimes help you destroy your enemy in a way you didn’t expect. Fighting is sometimes quite difficult to observe when using too many effects of the game. You have no way to stop the moves you have hit. 

Sharp image

The images of the characters are sharp and true. This is a point that makes Jump Force Mobile different from other games. Instead of they usually making the characters cuter, Jump Force makes them much harder and stronger.

The special moves of each character are performed in a very beautiful way. It seems that the publisher has been very focused on creating effects for the special skills of the character. 

You will witness beautiful images of special skills like Goku’s Kamehameha or Naruto’s Rasengan. These techniques are often used to increase damage to opponents. The visuals and effects of this game are truly a culmination. 

There are no tactics

Players will have two characters to control. You will use them one after the other to fight in tough battles. However, all characters have a single health bar. That means one character dies and the rest of the characters die. 

You have to use your characters alternately to destroy the enemy in the most appropriate way. It sounds like a lot of tactics, but really Jump Force didn’t optimize the tactics. You will never really be able to apply your strategy to this game other than pressing the buttons as quickly as possible.

Your enemies are AI and they are quite stupid. They will simply attack and evade your attacks. Therefore, no matter what you upgrade, that tactic or strength is not really effective in battles.

The game is not yet available in some countries

Jump Force Mobile is currently only available in some countries. If you cannot install Jump Force Mobile in your mobile device’s app store, you can install the mod here. You can freely experience this game and do not encounter any errors.


The Shonen Jump comic book can be a great topic to build a mobile game. However, it depends a lot on the gameplay and the developers that build the game. Jump Force Mobile has made a very thoughtful investment in terms of visuals and effects. If you are a fan of comics and mobile games, you should also try this game because the pictures of them are really great.

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