Into the Dead 2 1.45.0 (MOD VIP, Unlimited Money)

Into the Dead 2 1.45.0 (MOD VIP, Unlimited Money)

Version: 1.45.0 ·
April 3, 2021 (1 year ago)
Full NameInto the Dead 2
Publisher PIKPOK
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money, VIP
Latest Version1.45.0
RequireAndroid 4.4
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Into the Dead 2 (Mod Money, VIP) is one of the best zombie games on Android. It takes players to an end of the survival battle when facing bloodthirsty zombies. Into the Dead 2 attracts players by addictive gameplay, stunning graphics, and interesting stories.

The story and gameplay

Zombies and apocalypse are always interesting subjects for game developer. These games often impress players by bloody shooting and killing scenes. Into the Dead 2 is such a great game, which has been very successful that has built an incredible storyline. The game revolves around the character Ben – who was finding and trying to rescue his family before the hunt of zombies. There is no retreat in this game. Ben can only choose to move forward or die.

Into the Dead 2 story

Take the same post-apocalyptic theme as Last Day On Earth but the gameplay of Into the Dead 2 is completely different. Instead of learning how to survive from zombie attacks, you must face and fight them right from the start of the game. The game screen will have an increasing difficulty level. Zombies will be more crowded and more aggressive. They can run very fast towards you or can hide and attack at any time.

In addition, the control system is also relatively simple including a shot button and a button for changing the weapons. Also, the characters in the game will automatically run without players’ control. You can only move right or left to avoid the zombies. Players will start with the rudimentary guns. During the game, you have to upgrade weapons. The variety of weapons is also a plus point of the Into the Dead 2 attraction.

Survival is still the most important goal.

The last two goals are often very diverse. They can ask the player to run through a barn, kill 2 zombies with one shot. These targets are not difficult for the player to perform. You just need to pay more attention during the game. Besides, you can check the target list before each game screen to determine the most effective strategy.

Loyal canine companions

In Into the Dead 2, instead of fighting alone, having an ally increases your chances of winning. A dog is a loyal friend and is ready to attack zombies along the way to protect you.

After several levels, the game allows the player to have a dog. You can even name it. If you want him to join you in battle, don’t forget to buy him food in the store. With limited ammunition, sometimes not enough to survive, owning a dog is a great thing. It has a strong offensive ability and effectively protects you from zombies

Diverse weapon

Players will start with Defender D9 – a type of Pistol with the weakest firepower. By conquering the screen, you will upgrade your existing weapons for more power and have the opportunity to unlock more new weapons such as Shotgun, SMG, Assault Rifle, Rifle, and Bow.

The difficulty of the levels is increasing so you cannot overcome them if you use only one weapon. Firearms like SMG and Assault Rifle have a large magazine so you can kill more zombies without worrying about running out of ammunition like when using a pistol. When facing a group of zombies you should use Shotgun. This gun can help you destroy a group with just one shot.

INTO THE DEAD 2 weapons unlocked

Besides, a knife is a special weapon, which is like representing your second life. It helps you get rid of the zombies. You can get them for free from the reward chests or buy them in the game store.

Occasionally, you can pick up motorized weapons on the way. This is a simple but extremely powerful weapon. It can kill zombies as they approach you. This is also an infinite weapon, you can use it to kill as many zombies as you want, regardless of the remaining bullets.

Make sure you always upgrade your weapons when collecting enough parts and money. Upgrading weapons will help you reduce reloading time, increase firepower and expand the bullet clip.

Save your ammunition

It is undeniable that the more zombies killed, the more chance for players to receive rewards as well as the higher the number of stars will be. But the number of bullets in each game screen is very small. Players cannot continuously shoot at hordes of zombies like other games. You can see most of the zombies from afar. So you should move as far away from their path as possible. Some zombies are moving very fast that can catch up to you quickly. Also, others can hide behind trees or grass to attack you suddenly. These are cases where you are almost required to use a gun to shoot them. But you have to save your bullets and only use them when necessary. Do not forget to run over ammo crates to collect more ammo.

Collect 5 stars

In each game screen, there will be 5 targets for players to complete. Each star represents a goal. Collecting stars is a way to unlock new stories and reward chests.

The first goal is simple that you have to survive until the end of that level. Surely, players must complete if they want to move to the next screen. The next two targets require the player to kill a certain number of zombies. This number will be different over the levels and tend to increase.

To accomplish these two goals does not merely require the skills of the player. But you need to possess a strong enough weapon to be able to complete them. Otherwise, you will fail. Active shooting and killing zombies along the way only makes you quickly run out of ammunition and face danger. You absolutely can return to conquer the game screen when owning a better weapon.

The great graphics and sound

PIKPOK was very successful when combining graphics and sound to create a gloomy scene. You can hear the breathing, footsteps and roars of zombies very authentically. Background usually takes place at night when has the most dangerous thing. Along with the realistic storyline, Into the Dead 2 seems to have put players in a horror movie.

Into the Dead 2 mod vip download

Unlock VIP features

To help you unlock all features, we offer you the VIP version. You only need to download and install it to receive the following VIP offers: Unlock VIP weapons, join unlimited VIP events, get more daily missions, get 50 Gold and 5+ items per day… Besides, with Into the Dead 2 MOD VIP, your in-game money is also unlimited.


If you are a fan of the zombie game genre, you definitely cannot ignore Into the Dead 2. The game attracts players because of the graphics and vivid sound like in the super games. Some scenes in the game, especially the scene where zombies tear the body and dig out organs, actually haunt the player. Surely, you will not want your character to fall into that situation. Gathering weapons and upgrading them and upgrading your companion dog are the necessary things for you to survive in this zombie fight. You guys can download the game at the link below.

Download Into the Dead 2 1.45.0 (MOD VIP, Unlimited Money)

Download (54M)

You are now ready to download Into the Dead 2 for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • Some applications will only run when you install the correct file that matches your device’s chipset. If you don’t know what chipset your device uses, check it with CPU Z.
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