Idle Farming Empire 1.42.0 (MOD Coins, Unlocked)

Idle Farming Empire 1.42.0 (MOD Coins, Unlocked)

Version: 1.42.0 ·
November 25, 2020 (2 years ago)
Full NameIdle Farming Empire
Publisher Futureplay
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Coins
Latest Version1.42.0
RequireAndroid 4.1 and up
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Your mobile device is the perfect place to get away from a busy day. Gaming on it is a cool way to entertain, but some games tend to require a lot of interactions and usual check-up to make the best out of them. Check out the Idle Farming Empire, where you get to automate your farm and earn resources continuously. The game is free to download on both iOS and Android.


As I stated earlier, some people, just like myself, don’t have enough time to play all the action and online PvP games on smartphones. That when games like Idle Farming Empire come to the rescue. You won’t have to stay around all day to complete the game’s objectives, as you can leave it to run by itself and collect your rewards by the end of the day.

The game’s story

There isn’t a plot to Idle Farming Empire, but it’s instead a gradual advancement. You start with an empty farm surrounded by a few barns. You are then given instructions to plant the first crop and how to collect them. As you level up, you will have access to more advanced plants, each with their unique ability and value.

The game has a simple yet addictive gameplay

Idle Farming Empire is pretty straightforward. Simply plant your crops, raise your animals, wait for them to grow, and then collect everything in your land. I’d recommend you to check back at least every 2 hours, as hanging around waiting isn’t worth it. It’s more pleasant to see your work thrive after a hard-working day.

Some crops take a few seconds to return coins, but some can earn double or triple that amount. What is more, the cost to plant one will fluctuate in every crop slot. Main missions appear on top of your screen. It’s essential to complete them as fast as you can to unlock more challenges.

Idle Farming Empire gameplay

Furthermore, you can maximize your profit by providing your products to the local market. If you’re keen on increasing your income, this is a vital task. Trading made up around 40% of my own gameplay. The market doesn’t reward you with coins alone, as you can earn some magical seeds here as an exchange for your plants. They are essential for your farm’s growth.

Connect to your social account

It’s worth linking your game to your Facebook account, as you can earn some more gold coins. What is more, you can send or receive daily gifts from your friends who also play Idle Farming Empire. Additionally, every new friend grants you a 2% increase in your total income. You’d want to make use of this feature.

Idle Farming Empire Graphics

The graphic and soundtrack feel fine

It’s an idle game, so I don’t expect much of a breakthrough in terms of graphics. Anyway, Idle Farming Empire has a better look than any other title of the same genre. The animations are smooth as butter, and I really like how they modeled everything in this game with great care. The use of bright and vibrant colors is undoubtedly essential, and the design team has nailed it.

The soundtrack possesses a Wide West vibe, and it feels very comfortable when I’m playing the game. Other sound effects are quite general, to be honest, but they serve their purposes like intended.

The game’s performance is decent

For an idle game, there’s not much processing power required for running. Idle Farming Empire has a light requirement, so any devices nowadays can handle the game with relative ease. Battery drainage isn’t a problem either. This game is meant to be played during free times, and it doesn’t use a lot of your energy level. This is what I love about the game, as I can play anytime without worrying about my power delivery.

Advertisements in the game are non-intrusive. They do show up with quite a frequency, but you can skip within 5 seconds. What is more, they won’t affect the total performance of the game. You may even choose to watch a 30-second ad to boost your in-game revenue for a while.

A top-notch strategy to get the most out of Idle Farming Empire

Automate your work

This is the most crucial task you need to get done upon starting a new game. You can’t just tap and tap on your screen from time to time to harvest crops. Furthermore, once the automation is enabled, when you leave the game, you’ll still have a continuous source of income.

To enable automation, you need to level up a specific crop or animal. Once the milestone is complete, go and confirm the upgrade section. You should look forward to enabling automation for every crop and animal your farm has. That makes offline earning possible, and you won’t have to check back very regularly.

Unlock the prestige feature or the market as soon as possible

Once you get the 6th farm slot, you have access to the prestige feature. Both it and the market will earn you seeds. Seeds are among the game’s currency, and they’re critical throughout your progress. For example, you can use seeds on boosts like profit increase or instant animal delivery.

Invest wisely

Only collecting coins isn’t the way to excel in the Idle Farming Empire. You’ll need to spend them, and in the long run, you can receive a lot more. It’s like taking a step back and move two steps forward. In short, you should complete the primary upgrades first. That cuts production times and gives you more control over your farm.

Earn and use diamonds

The in-game achievements earn you diamonds. You should be able to acquire up to 200 of them for free by opening the 5th farm slot. Use them to skip some production time, and then go for one significant amount of coins. They’ll become handy when you’re ready to open the 6th slot.

Don’ tap all the time, as there’s swipe feature

Despite being an idle clicker game, Idle Farming Empire allows you to harvest multiple crops by swiping through active slots. Once your farm is large enough, you can swipe without even looking at your screen. This is an entertaining way to play the game. If you’re busy doing something else, this feature is what you can do with relative ease at the same time.

Besides the coins that you earn during swiping, this also gives you experience points. They’re crucial for leveling up. Every new level gets you 15 instant diamonds, so it’s best to work on your levels. That, in turn, speeds up your work and make the game stress-free to play.

Utilize boosters

There’s no reason for you not to purchase boosters in the farm store. They come in gold coins, so it’s definitely not pay-to-win. In fact, this is an excellent way to invest your coins.
They typically triple your profits or cut down your production time by 50%.

Watch in-game video ads

As I said earlier, the ads in the game are non-intrusive, and you should even try to make use of them. A 30-second video can boost your profits significantly. If you tend to have a long gap between every time you log in, you can make it rain by tapping on the rainy clouds on the right of your screen. It doubles both your online and offline earnings for 4 hours, and you can stack it up to 32 hours.

Idle Farming Empire Hack mod

Idle Farming Empire MOD Latest Version

The game is entirely stress-free already, but be ready to take it to another level with our Idle Farming Empire MOD. In this version that we offer, your currencies won’t deplete as you spend them. Keep investing until you reach your goals. This saves a great deal of time, and the fun elements still remain. What is more, you get a large stockpile of coins, seeds, and diamonds that are necessary for your upgrades. Use the given diamonds to speed up your process with ease, and make things easier.

The options to watch ads will now come without the ads. You get their effects instantly without having to spend a few minutes watching videos. That’s a pleasant experience, and stress-free as well. Our MOD is 100% compatible with any device running Android 4.7 or higher, and the size isn’t different from the original version. Get it now! Besides Idle Farming Empire MOD, we also provide a wide range of mods for other games. Check out our database for various tweaks and support.

Note: Coins do not decrease when you spend them!

The final verdict

Idle Farming Empire is an excellent getaway from the regular gaming market today. The gameplay is addictive, yet simple to follow. If you never encountered games of this genre, you can get the hang of it in no time. Furthermore, you can know how to invest correctly by playing this game. Any wrong decision can lead to some unpleasant outcomes.

Download Idle Farming Empire 1.42.0 (MOD Coins, Unlocked)

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You are now ready to download Idle Farming Empire for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • Some applications will only run when you install the correct file that matches your device’s chipset. If you don’t know what chipset your device uses, check it with CPU Z.
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