Ice Cream Inc. 1.0.33 (MOD, Unlocked)

Ice Cream Inc. 1.0.33 (MOD, Unlocked)

Version: 1.0.33 ·
May 1, 2021 (1 year ago)
Full NameIce Cream Inc.
Publisher TapNation
Mod FeaturesUnlocked
Latest Version1.0.33
RequireAndroid 5.0
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The beginning of 2020 has already been a whole with the appearance of numerous video games that are various in both genre and gameplay. Coming from TapNation, Ice Cream Inc. is a mobile video game, which is successful for blowing fresh air into the sea of newcomers. The game centers around the player building his ice-cream-seller career, alongside the incredible cheerful elements. Regardless of its early debut not so long ago, Ice Cream Inc. has captured more than millions of downloads. The game weights only 75M, and its current version achieved fairly upgrades with the version of 1.0.13.

An iconic gameplay 

Ice Cream Inc. features the player controls an ice cream dispenser. There are three different game goals, but all of them head towards the ultimate goal of helping the player to achieve his big ice cream shop. The game separates itself into several levels, and each level represents the order of a customer that comes to the bar of the player for ice cream. 

ice cream inc. gameplay

The customers will give out specific orders, and the player must follow. Dispensing ice cream isn’t a hard task to carry in the game. However, the player must learn to give each required flavor the exact amount. Every customer has a different order, due to the individual demand. The more accuracy the final ice cream cone looks compared to the picture of order, the more money the player will earn. 

Ice Cream Inc. has two currencies, one is the golden coin, the other one is the purple diamond. These two types of money support the player in several paths of the game, such as buying new items or upgrading the ice cream shop. Another element that plays the role of a judge in the game besides the customers, is the golden star. After each level, the player will acquire several golden stars, which depends on his performance.

What we know after progressing for a couple of levels in the game is that the player owns an ice-cream pop-up store. The game takes the player in multiple roles, including an ice-cream seller, as well as a businessman. 

Advancing in the game, the player will have the chance to approach various flavors of ice cream, rather than the ordinary ones. From the 11th level, the game brings in the double-colored flavor, which is the mixture of two different flavors. Also, from here, the player has to face up more difficult customers with unique orders. Ice Cream Inc. is challenging for requiring the player to learn how to control the ice cream dispenser in a very short time. An effort in handling the reflexes is necessary, as the player needs to accomplish all the orders nicely. To be fair, this game offers outstanding gameplay, which includes repeatedly actions to attract the player. 

Excellent performances 

The game cheers the player through the long game progress with tons of amazing achievements. Alongside the game’s money, which the player can earn through completing multiple tasks, are the 27 different ice-cream cones. However, the player has to unlock a new ice-cream cone randomly using the purple diamonds he earns. Ice Cream Inc. divides the cones into three sections, including common, rare, and epic. All those sections are in the cone collection. The player can pick the form of ice-cream cone he feels like playing with at any time. The progress of filling the cone collection lengthen the time the player spends with the game in a positive way.

ice cream inc. mod unlocked

As said above, the ice-cream shop is still in progress. By earning money, the player will be able to upgrade the shop with more items. Each “shop upgrade” costs around 400 coins and the game will notice the player whenever he has enough money to perform such action. Another cool achievement in Ice Cream the mystery box. To open it and see what is inside, the player must complete at least five different tasks and fills up its percentage ratio. 

ice cream inc. graphics

The basic-but-beautiful mechanics 

To be fair, Ice Cream Inc. does not offer gorgeous game designs. However, the graphics in the game should earn flying colors with the highest quality. While playing, the player will forget that he is experiencing a light mobile video game. The game has also successfully taken advantage of the mixture between 3D and 2D graphics, which makes the game looks lively beautiful. Follow the enhanced graphics are the music and sound. It’s undeniable that the sounds of the bell have created a humble connection between the player and the game.


Ice Cream Inc. is worth your attention if you are searching all over the Internet for an exciting video game. With the promising features, such as prominent gameplay, achievements, and ultimate graphics, etc. this game will immediately satisfy you!

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