HunterCraft APK+ OBB

HunterCraft APK+ OBB

Version: 1.0 ·
April 17, 2019 (3 years ago)
Publisher Anastasiia Masiak
Latest Version1.0

HunterCraft is a survival shooter for mobile devices using iOS and Android platforms. The game has a very interesting storyline and simple gameplay that attracts players. Post-apocalypse, everywhere appear mutants and monsters. You will play the role of a hunter who destroys them to avoid the spread and destruction of other armies. Monsters are just one of your many enemies. You have to fight against the armies and gangs who want to destroy each other to survive in this chaotic world. To survive, you must protect your residence and fight for territory with other players. Other gangs are always eager to take your place and get all the stuff you have collected. Besides, you must always be alert to zombie attacks. Every time you defeat a monster or someone or perform a mission, you will earn money, coupons to buy items, stars, and other currencies.

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Free to play

Players absolutely decide on their gameplay. You can use different weapons according to your strengths. Regardless of pistols, aiming guns or machine guns, it does not matter, it is important that you accomplish the right mission and destroy the target accurately and quickly. In addition, the game also has quite special modes such as stealth mode. You can hide in the bush or grass to become invisible in the sights of other competitors. This will make you become more advantageous in defense and attack opponents as soon as the opportunity arises.

Zombie, a very famous animal in all games. You have to try your best to get rid of their claws because they will always try to catch and spread the disease to you. However, it is not easy to avoid them when you are facing them. So stay away from them as quickly as possible when you have a glimpse of their silhouette. However, if you want to destroy them, the player can set traps in the bushes to lure the zombies into it.

Explore the open world

This city is not only encapsulated in residential areas or battlefields. Players can travel around, abandoned houses, cars and caves to explore. You may be lucky to find the resources and essential items to help you maintain life and have the advantage every time you have to participate in battles. The interesting thing about this game is that the game’s weather is constantly changing. It makes you feel as if you are in the real world when a minute before the sky is shining, a minute after rain and thunderstorms are everywhere.

Huntercraft apk features

Because of the stormy weather, your vision will be limited and it is difficult to determine the direction as well as the surrounding hazards. So you must always be careful when trying to move while outside when it rains. On the other hand, if you come into contact with lightning, you will get interesting rewards. Open lands in HunterCraft are waiting for you to explore and protect. You will not be able to find them when you are not confident to step out of your territory. If you diligently go exploring everywhere, you can find the arsenal of weapons that will help you better equip with stronger enemies. In addition, other abilities will be found such as fast moving, climbing, high jumps, …

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Commendable interoperability

HunterCraft has been very well developed for graphics, control and sound systems. Everything is very flexible and is customized to your liking. The game has a pretty nice design by colorful graphics. The blocks are shown clearly, without blurring. If you make an explosion by a grenade, you can witness the explosion and rubble completely and clearly.
In addition, aircraft images or items sent to your territory from the sky will be shown quite well every time you look at the sky.

Huntercraft save the survivors

Help other survivors

In Huntercraft, you are a monster hunter, but not only to kill monsters, but you must also save other survivors and protect them from dangers. After you save the other survivors, call the relief helicopter to pick them up to another safe place and you continue to return to your work. Similar to Last Day on Earth‘s gameplay, you will have to survive. However you are not alone, try to save the other survivors.

Huntercraft apk gameplay

The necessity of food

Of course, you cannot survive without food. Therefore, you must find vegetable seeds, plant and harvest to create food for yourself. If you don’t eat you won’t be healthy enough to fight and save others. Besides food, vaccines are also essential to help you maintain life. You can find it whenever you discover or pick up somewhere. It will help you get rid of the zombie infection for a while.
HunterCraft is a mix of different game genres, including survival, exploration, shooting and sandboxing. The world is divided into many different domains and is waiting for you to discover. A lot of work needs players to complete such as performing missions, fighting, saving people, gaining achievements, developing their base and destroying enemies, …

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