Lucky Patcher: How to Bypass License Verification on Android (2019)

June 14, 2020 (2 years ago)

Nowadays, mobile devices are more and more important. Not only does it help you get in touch but it is also a great means of entertainment. You can do a lot of things on your Android Smartphone. Playing games is the most outstanding feature. This is considered the simplest and most effective way to help us defeat boredom. Taking a look around the Play Store, you can find millions of apps and games. They are available in many categories like intellectual, tactics, racing, survival etc. You just select a suitable game, get it then enjoy it right on your Smartphone.

Most of the games on Google Play are free to download and play. However, it is not entirely true. They usually contain microtransactions that require players to pay in cash. This is simply an effective way for developers to make money from their products. They offer free games. However, if you want gems, cash, gold or any currency in the game, you have to buy them with real money. Playing games is fun, so most people don’t like to pay some money to buy in-game items or gems (unless you’re rich). This is the reason why we often look for applications that hack/modify games on Android. Hack / Mod applications on Android allow you to interfere with in-game transactions and make them free. Currently, there are many available tools that can help you do this like Lucky Patcher, GameGuardian, SB Game Hackers, etc. However, if you have to choose the best name, Lucky Patcher is the first name that we think of.

What can Lucky Patcher do?

Lucky Patcher can be considered an all-in-one and indispensable application for those who want to enhance the gaming experience. It is a simple but extremely powerful tool, which allows you to intervene and modify the in-game parameters. From there, users can perform in-game transactions such as buying gems, gold, items … for free. Besides, it can also delete license verifications on most Android games and applications. It means that the games and applications require verification of the license before using it. However, with Lucky Patcher, this problem will be solved immediately. If you have not understood this feature, we will guide you on how to use it through this article.

Besides, Lucky Patcher brings many other great features. You can refer to this article: Lucky Patcher for Android 


How to Bypass License verification on Android with Lucky Patcher

First, you need to install the Lucky Patcher application to your Android device. This app can work on both rooted and non-rooted devices. When the installation is successful, you can open the app then we will show you how to implement Bypass License Verification. Please follow the instructions below:

  • Step 1: At the main interface of the application, you can see the list of games and applications that you have installed on your device. Select the application you want to delete the license verification. For example, I tried with uTorrent. Open Menu of Patches lucky patcher
  • Step 2: Fill the application icon, then select “open menu of the patch”.
  • Step 3: Now, select “Create Modified APK File”.Create Modified Apk file lucky patcher
  • Step 4: A list of options appears. You need to select “APK Rebuilt for InApp and LVL Emulation”.Apk rebuilt for InApp and LVL emulation lucky patcher
  • Step 5: You select the “Rebuild the App” button then wait for the modify process to complete.Rebuild the app luckypatcher
  • Step 6: After the process is complete, you select Go to File. You will be redirected to the folder where the APK file was created.Go to File Lucky Patcher
  • Step 7. Now, select “Uninstall and Install”. The original application will be removed, then the modified application will be installed. Wait a moment for the installation process to complete. Click “OK”. Now open the modified app that has been just created and tap on ‘Upgrade to Pro’. A list appears, select all checkboxes and tap “YES”.Uninstall and Install lucky patcher
  • Step 8: Now, you can open the application and enjoy all the advanced features (PRO version).Lucky-Patcher-On-Android-finish


Generally, we have instructed you to remove license verification on Android application with Lucky Patcher. You can do it on any Android application that requires license verification. We have successfully applied to some popular applications such as PUB Gfx, Bit Torrent, PPSSPP Gold, and Drastic DS Emulator.


Lucky Patcher is one of the best tools to help you bypass license verification in the application. It can help you unlock many of the paid apps on Google Play. Moreover, everything is free. There are many other interesting features that Lucky Patcher can do, which we will introduce you in the next article. Thanks and have fun!

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