Golf Peaks APK 3.10 [Paid/Unlocked]

Golf Peaks APK 3.10 [Paid/Unlocked]

Version: 3.10 ·
October 21, 2020 (2 years ago)
Full NameGolf Peaks APK [Full Paid]
Publisher Afterburn
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Latest Version3.10
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Golf Peaks is a puzzle game now available on mobile platforms and Nintendo Switch, in which you climb mountains by playing golf. The game was developed by Afterburn producer and was released on November 13, 2018. It uses the rules of golf but the gameplay is completely different. In the game, your task is to calculate how to get the ball through the obstacles and score points.

Golf Peaks is a paid game that you have to pay to download it from Play Store or App Store for $ 2.99. You may not know, this game is on the list of the best games of IMGA – The 15th Best Mobile Game Awarding. The nominated games have met new standards in all aspects of gaming development including creativity, innovation, and excellence in terms of technology, art and design.

You can buy Golf Peaks from the app market to support developers. However, if you are not ready to pay for it, we will also help you experience it for free by downloading the APK file and following our instructions to install it in this article. But first, let’s have a quick overview of this game.

Golf Peaks apk download

The gameplay

Usually, when playing golf, it will hit the ball with a golf club. In which, you just try to put the ball into the hole to score points. However, it is different in Golf Peaks. The gameplay is not like traditional golf games like Golf Battle, Golf Clash… Instead of directly hitting the ball, you will be provided with a series of cards with limited moves. The card shows how to move the ball through the cells. Of course, it is not easy to reach the final goal because there are random obstacles on the simulating golf course (it is actually like a board with different elevations). These things will collide your ball causing it to deflect. So, you need to think about how the move the ball well so that it gets into the hole within the number of cards (usually 3 cards).

GOLF PEAKS gameplay

Naturally, you will start with the first level which is quite easy but the challenge will gradually increase when the golf course has more obstacles. Golf Peaks has over 100 different levels, each of which requires you to play creatively. But quite specifically, you will never feel confused when playing because the rules are clear.

The key features of Golf Peaks

There is not much to say about Golf Peaks but it still has unique features that you have never seen before in any other game before. Please refer to them as below:

The unique gameplay

Although Golf Peaks is a puzzle game that makes fun and challenging with players, you can play it any time. Each level can only last a few minutes. The rule is very simple. With numbered cards available, you need to select the card then swipe the direction of the ball’s movement to match the mobile screen. The number of squares that the ball will move with the number displayed on the card. With this very simple gameplay, you can completely play the game with one hand. Besides, the music is very pleasant with interesting ball sound or audience’s creaming.

GOLF PEAKS apk install

Minimalistic graphics

While current games focus on vivid graphics, Golf Peaks follows a simpler style. The play area is just a cube divided into many cells corresponding to different terrain. The movement of the ball is perfectly in line with physics theory. In addition, the game has a friendly interface, which is easy to use and suitable for all ages. Besides, the clear images will help you understand the whole puzzle at a first glance, allowing you to make your own assessments and plans right into the new stage.

Interesting puzzle

The puzzles will become more and more difficult which are in line with your game progress. You will have to fight bunkers, mud pools, water traps, and even drainage. Also, you will discover many different worlds and may be overwhelmed because you have never met before. At the end of each chapter when you are finished, you will receive the reward. Moreover, the game even offers a harder challenge for those who really want to challenge their brains.


Gofl Peaks is a combination of golf and puzzle in a creative way. Once you have been convinced by the game, you can easily pass the levels to complete the stages and explore new worlds. You can spend a lot of time to complete the puzzle in the game. However, the unique design makes the level never repeat that makes you never be bored. The game really makes you have a different view of golf. It does exactly what it wants and finishes everything before you get frustrated. It is a simple way to relieve stress. Let’s download and enjoy the game right now!

Download Golf Peaks APK 3.10 [Paid/Unlocked]

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