Golf Blitz Mod APK 1.16.6 [Unlimited Money]

Golf Blitz Mod APK 1.16.6 [Unlimited Money]

Version: 1.16.6 ·
April 3, 2021 (2 years ago)
Publisher Noodlecake Studios Inc
Latest Version1.16.6
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Golf Blitz is a great mobile game taking the topic of a sport for the rich, which is Golf. For those who are not really a big fan of Golf, they will certainly be bored and tired of the slow rhythm of this sport. But with the Golf Blitz, this point of view will change. The game offers innovative gameplay that allows players to perform continuous swing with high frequency in matches.

Golf Blitz is the latest mobile game from Noodlecake, creator of Alto’s odyssey– “Best Looking Video Games of 2015.” Besides, Golf Blitz is currently in the top of popular games in the past week on mobile app markets (Google Play and App Store). It will show you a different view of how to play Golf and other interesting things around this kind of sports. Moreover, Golf Blitz is inspired by Super Stickman Golf with perfect gameplay, which will definitely bring more fun and exciting matches to players.

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The interesting gameplay

If you have ever played other games for this theme like Golf battle, you will find it strange to try Golf Blitz. Basically, this game is a mobile game for many players, in which the matches will take place in real time. Besides, it is built around the stressful struggle in bringing golf to the hole the earliest. There is no limit to the number of hits, nor is there a specific rule. All you need to do is make good strikes, away from the threats from the enemy in preventing your golf from reaching the hole.

Golf Blitz gameplay

More specifically, you will start the match with three other players in real time. Your goal is to put the ball into the hole earliest to win. Just like when you play golf in real life, there are many factors that affect the force and direction of the ball. You need to control these factors well if you want to make accurate shots. In addition, the match will not take place in turn so most of the game will take place in a chaotic way. In which, the Golf balls move constantly, creating extremely funny and unpredictable situations. They can completely collide with each other, easily bring advantages or disadvantages.

Impressive 2D graphics

In Golf Blitz, the graphics are simple with 2D but really impressive. The development based on 2D graphics gives Noodlecake maximum conditions to build their game in a fun but equally dramatic way. In the game, you can see diverse colors but not glitzy, which will definitely make players easily get the best gaming experience. Besides, the game uses 2D graphics, so it’s quite light with only about 50MB. Therefore, it can operate smoothly on most Android devices. Also, the game requires a network connection to participate in PvP matches.

Golf Blitz mod features

The key features

  • Creative, funny and highly competitive gameplay
  • Play with other players in real time or invite friends to participate in friendly matches
  • More than 100 different avatars for players to choose from and change
  • Upgrading skills and items for getting more advantages in the game
  • More than 10 different maps with constantly changing terrain that makes the game more challenging.
  • Watch live matches from around the world.
  • The game provides the achievement board.


Golf Blitz is a great free game. Of course, not losing any money for a good game means you will have to sacrifice some of your time for short commercial clips, as a way to earn indirect revenue for the publisher. There will also be relatively quality items that are paid in cash to improve the quality of the player’s experience. Besides, you can absolutely choose to enjoy your own game. You can also spend a bit of money on upgrading a few things and having the best quality equipment to conquer the hard challenges and set a record or simply want to enjoy the entertaining moments. Let’s download and enjoy the game your way!

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