Ghostbusters World APK v1.8.0

Ghostbusters World APK v1.8.0

Version: 1.8.0 ·
March 4, 2019 (4 years ago)
Publisher FourThirtyThree Inc.
Latest Version1.8.0
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The ghosts are invading your city. They appear everywhere and scare people. A request to save the world is sent to you. You will end this problem by setting up a brave team and destroying the bad. In the game, you have to hunt the ghosts and bring peace to the city. All these things will be available in the exciting AR Mobile game named Ghostbusters World, which has just been released for the Android and iOS platforms.

Ghostbusters World android game

Ghostbusters World APK Download [Latest/Update]

Ghostbusters World is now officially released on Play Store after a long run of testing. This game is a perfect choice for those who love Pokemon Go and are looking for a more interactive game to meet the need of going out.

Ghostbusters World was designed and developed by Ghost Corps, FourThirtyThree Inc. (4:33) and Next Age. The game is franchised by Sony. After a period of soft-launch in some areas, the official game is released for free on the mobile app store, so you can download and install it quite easily.

Ghostbusters World apk download

Ghostbusters World Game Features:

Ghostbusters World is an arcade game – interactive virtual reality on mobile with fun and exciting gameplay. Further, FourThirtyThree Inc. has developed in-game maps based on actual locations with iconic characters from the Ghostbusters universe. Here are the highlights of the game:

An attractive AR game on mobile

AR Game is no longer a new concept on the mobile platform. With the rapid development of technology, virtual reality games bring a unique experience to the players. Ghostbusters World is such a game. Apple’s ARKit combined with Google’s ARCore has created a game that can interact in the real world. Ghostbusters World is one of the few games to take advantage of this technology. In the game, you have to search and collect ghosts around the world.

Create a favorite character

Entering the ghost world is not too difficult for a new player, in which you have to create yourself a character to start the game. Ghostbusters World offers many options for customizing your character. You can select the genders (male or female), change the hairstyle, skin color, eye color for your character. Ghostbusters World allows players to do their childhood dreams. And, You will follow the footsteps of great men like Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz, Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddmore to hunt down ghosts around the world.

Engage in adventures

Like Pokemon Go, a famous game from Niantic released in 2016, FourThirtyThree Inc. brings the Ghostbusters World – an AR game for the mobile device which plays the game exactly the same way. Instead of finding and catching Pokemon, the player becomes a Ghostbuster and enters the real world to catch the ghosts before they destroy your city. Instead of throwing something into the ghosts and catching them immediately, you will use weapons to weaken them then drag them into the trap. However, it is not simple because of the strong opposition of Ghosts. That means you need to dodge their attacks. If you were got their attack, they will escape from you.

Ghostbusters World features

To not feel alone, you can play with your friends. You can invite them and create a team to help each other find and fight with ghosts.

Simple gameplay

The gameplay of Ghostbusters World is simple and easy to understand. You just open your phone’s camera and scan around for ghosts in AR mode (this can be complicated in low light conditions). When you encounter a ghost on the world map, you can use a laser gun to catch and put it in the boxes. Each ghost you captured, you will receive rewards such as experience points and Gold, which are used to upgrade the equipment and weapons. There are many dangerous and difficult ghosts to catch. Remember, upgrading the weapons is very important.

Ghostbusters World apk mod

Similar to Pokemon, there is the equipment to store information of the ghosts that you have captured, which will be displayed when you open this option. There are hundreds of ghosts around the world, can you catch all of them and fill your collection?

Hundreds of different types of ghosts

The ghost collection is very diverse with over 100 types. They are associated with many fascinating stories that you have heard of childhood. In addition, there are many classic characters, who will stand side by side with you to fight.

Ghostbusters World VR game for Android
The frequency of ghosts appearing in the Ghostbusters World is quite frequent and spread throughout your street. However, the system will constantly provide players with tools and materials to help them fight the ghosts and collect them.

The note when downloading Ghostbusters World:

  • Ghostbusters World is a free game on Android and iOS. However, the game contains the IAP package. If you want to buy them, you have to pay with real money. You can also disable this feature in the game settings.
  • The game requires your device to have an internet connection (3G / LTE or Wifi). You may have trouble playing the game if the Internet connection is weak or unstable.
  • Sometimes, Ghostbusters World requires GPS access, so you need to apply it.
  • To download and install the game, your device must be running Android 6.0 or higher with the minimum of 2GB RAM.

Ghostbusters World icon game

Ghostbusters World Compulsory rights

  • Location access: Ghostbusters World needs access to the device location for gaming on the map.
  • Photo, Media, File – To set up game data on external storage
  • Contacts – To verify your in-game account
  • Camera – To launch the AR technology in the game

Download Ghostbusters World APK for Android

Lastly, Ghostbusters World is a great game, which will bring new experiences with AR technology to the players. If you are bored with games that put you in the wrong place and tap your phone’s screen, you should try to install Ghostbusters World and step outside to find the ghosts. The game is released for free on Android and iOS. Hope you have successfully installed the game with our instruction. If there is any concern about the game, please leave a comment below!

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