Genshin Impact APK (by MiHoYo)

Genshin Impact APK (by MiHoYo)

Version: 1.0 ·
March 19, 2020 (3 years ago)
Full NameGenshin Impact
Publisher MiHoYo
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Latest Version1.0
RequireAndroid 5.0
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Recently, the developer of Honkai Impact, miHoYo announced a completely new game called Genshin Impact. This is a world adventure game designed in 3D graphics. Genshin Impact attracts a lot of media monitoring because it is a combination of excellent advantages and values ​​of miHoYo and the fascinating way of exploring the world. The game will be available on most popular platforms today including PC, Mobile, and Console.

About Genshin Impact on Android

Did you know, MiHoYo is extremely popular with attractive mobile games like Honkai Impact. In particular, this game is very popular in Asia. Recently, Honkai Impact 3 game was released and attracted the attention of many people. Including the players from the West. Honkai Impact sci-fi series is a 3D action game with a third perspective and outstanding anima graphics. Besides, the control system, character and mission-based structure make this game increasingly popular. Therefore, the launch of Genshin Impact makes many people expect this will be a great adventure game.


Attractive story

Genshin Impact is inspired by the manga of the same name. The trailer of the game introduces different playable characters, the environment, and its mechanism. Some of these are inspired by Zelda: Breath of The Wild, and it’s interesting to see if the game is blindly inspired by itself or will stand on its ground.


Genshin Impact begins with a mysterious land called Teyvat. Here are seven elements that converge. All the people here can become gods. When a person is chosen to become a God, they will be given the Spirit’s eye and the ability to use elements. Accordingly, players will play a traveler, meeting friends with different personalities, special abilities. All of them will fight back against the extremely powerful opponents, find the lost relatives and discover the truth of Genshin.

Magical universe

The world is divided into unique environments and topics. They are diverse in culture and lifestyle. Going into the ruins of a destroyed empire has gone too far in forbidden technologies. Additionally, the giant gothic towers of the medieval fortress make the scene both classic and modern. Backstage stories and legends make the scene extremely wonderful and rich. It will attract players to explore more and more deeply in the lands in Genshin Impact.

Great visual experience

Genshin Impact brings a world of sophistication and beauty. The architecture in the game is extremely unique and big. The natural terrain is also very rich. Players have a lot of locations and lands to explore. The images of Genshin Impact published by the developer show that it gives a visual experience quite similar to Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It can be said, this is the reason why many people expect the launch date of this game more.


Although miHoYo does not directly mention the connection between Genshin Impact and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the final scene in the trailer shows the protagonist standing from above and admiring the panoramic view of an immense land. special. This land is quite similar to one in the trailer of Breath of the Wilds. The scenery and the fire on the grass also have many similarities.

Freedom to explore the beautiful mystical world

Coming to Genshin Impact, players will be transformed into their characters and experience this mysterious and interesting world. So, players will have the most authentic experience in exploring. From climbing, swimming, flying in the sky, Genshin Impact players will have the opportunity to experience it all. You will use those skills to explore and find loved ones in the mysterious land in Teyvat. From there, you will know the secrets of each hidden character. At the same time, mysterious stories about this land are gradually revealed.



Genshin Impact will officially be available on PC and iOS on June 21. However, for Android users, you may have to wait a while to be able to experience this game. Because of the complicated installation process, the developer did not bring the Android operating system into the upcoming test. Currently, you can register to participate in the closed test of the game. We will update the download link of this game as soon as it is available. Don’t forget to visit our Blog to get the latest Premium app and mod game.

Update: The game’s closed beta ran on March 19, 2020. If you have already registered, you can play it now. We will update the game file as soon as it is available.

Download Genshin Impact APK (by MiHoYo)

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You are now ready to download Genshin Impact for free. Here are some notes:

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Im sure i'll like this game. I dont care if it's just a copy of BOTW
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Very very very nice colors and characters
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Love it
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Tarsha Folk
This game genshin impact is good it have good colors and nice art and nice backgrounds
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