Gacha Club 1.0.3 (MOD, Unlimited Money/ Diamond)

Gacha Club 1.0.3 (MOD, Unlimited Money/ Diamond)

Version: 1.1.0 ·
October 10, 2020 (2 years ago)
Full NameGacha Club
Publisher Lunime
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money
Latest Version1.1.0
RequireAndroid 5.0
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Gacha Club is an interesting casual game for anime character lovers. When participating in the game, you will become a manager of the Gacha. Your job is to meet cute anime characters (Gacha) and manage them in Gacha Club. Your task is to design your costumes, decorate your characters and join them through exciting adventures in the land of the game.

Create and customize unlimited your characters

In Gacha Club, you will be free to create and customize characters as you like without any restrictions. Touch any of the Gacha list characters to start customizing them. A variety of options are available to change including Presets, body, head, clothes, weapons, and Pet. Each item includes a lot of customizations. For example, when you choose to customize the Head, there are many small options inside such as hairstyle, eyes, face … Even, you can intervene further to customize the color and shape of units in the game.

Gacha Club MOD all characters

Gacha Club offers over 600 different costumes to choose from. Besides, there are 45 defaut character models for players to store customizations for one character and then apply them to other characters.

Game mode

Gacha Club offers many different game modes including: Main Story, Elemental Towers, Training and Shadows of Corruption (Unlocked after you complete chapter 2 of Main Story).

The battles in the game have the same mechanism as other mobile turn-base games. You will manage an army of Gacha with different attributes and then fight with rivals. The control mechanism is very simple, you just need to touch the cards to order them to attack, or launch skills. The Gacha can summon souls from another world to turn them into powers and attack opponents. Besides, there is an Auto mode available that when you activate, the characters will automatically fight, you do not need to do anything and just watch the match take place.

There are more than 180 different Gacha in the game, they are divided into attributes including: Water, Wind, Fire, Light and Dark. Each system will have the characteristics of indicators and skills. You can choose a maximum of 7 Gacha per battle.

Upgrading the characters is also an important part to win the Gacha Club because your opponent is getting stronger. Each character is characterized by the HP, Attack, and defense indicators. When you perform the upgrade, these metrics will increase. Besides, the upgrade also increases the damage for skills or activates the special abilities of each character. To upgrade, you need to use the materials are the rewards earned after each battle. Each Gacha type will require a suitable material to be upgraded.

Gacha Club MOD create story

Write interesting stories

One interesting thing in the game is that you can create interesting stories based on the context and characters you have. Access Studio options to use this feature. The stories are usually quite short but fun, it also depends largely on your creativity. The game allows you to build and save 15 different scenes. To start creating a scene, you simply select the available backgrounds, choose the pet, arrange the objects, then place your favorite characters in the appropriate positions and then add conversation bubbles. for them. These conversations can be customized to fit each situation. After completing the steps, you just need to press Save / Load to save the scene.

Relax with the minigames

In addition to the game modes in Battle Mode, you can enjoy entertainment in the Minigames that Gacha Club offers. Currently, there are 4 fun mini games available to play:

  • Lemo and Yuni Dance: The gameplay is quite similar to Audition. You will press 2 navigation keys to control 2 characters to perform the dance. There is a timer bar at the top, when it runs to 0 and you still haven’t finished the dance, you will lose a heart.
  • Mascot Whack: Bella and Usalina are having a quarrel again, it’s time to teach them a lesson. The gacha will appear from under the holes. Your task is to touch them so they pop out of the holes. It is important not to touch the ducks, they are friendly friends.
  • Usagi vs. Neko: Mily and Lado love cattle shooting games. They live stream to see who is the best. You will help Mily defeat Lado in this game by hitting all the bots of Lado. Move left and right to shoot, then make sure to take down the bots.
  • Memory Match: Test your memory of units in the Gacha Club. The gameplay is very simple, there is a large board with many squares, your task is to open 2 cells with the same gacha to score points.

Graphics and sound

Gacha Club brings out their unique anime style, very cute and colorful. The characters are designed nicely and meticulously with each for the smallest period. Overall, the graphics of Gacha Club is rated as better than other gacha games on Android. You will be like participating in a colorful fashion world with cute anime characters.

What’s in the mod version?

We bring you the latest mod version of Gacha Club. Here is the mod feature:

  • Unlimited Money: You get a lot of Gold and diamonds right at the start of the game. You can use them to buy items or upgrade units.


The gameplay of Gacha Club is a perfect combination of turn-based combat and Fashion. The game brings a world of colorful cute anime characters. There are tons of interesting features that you will find in this game. Join it now and freely create the character you want or write interesting stories with Gacha Club.

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