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June 14, 2020 (2 years ago)


In the age of technology with the internet connection, listening to music and watching movies is a favourite activity. However, instead of watching old movies with low quality on pirated websites, we can watch the high-quality TV shows and movies, which you can download and store at any time without a network connection. Netflix is the best choice to meet your needs.

Free Netflix Accounts
Free Netflix Accounts Update 2018

Netflix allows you to watch and download millions of movies and exclusive TV shows from top filmmakers. Netflix is not a free application. You have to pay to buy a service. However, not all people have the condition of paying to watch movies, so they tend to look for Netflix Free Accounts. If you are looking for them, we will help you. We would like to share a list of free Netflix accounts that allow you to use the exclusive features of this app.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is an online movie watching service from Netflix Company, which is a top-rated service in the US and many other countries around the world. Unlike the Website Stream Movies that you can quickly search on Google, Netflix is a more advanced service, which is more secure.

The whole movie is with copyright needed,  the high-quality video with application to watch movies on a lot of platforms and devices from laptops, phones, tablets, to Android TV Boxes, Smart TVs and even console device (Ps4/Xbox One). Netflix is a paid service, which you need to pay a monthly fee to use and maintain the service. Is it worth your money?

If you want to stream music online, Spotify Premium is the best choice. If you want to stream video, TV Show, and more… Netflix Premium is the best choice. These are two apps that we recommend you install on your Android device for a perfect entertainment experience.

Why do I have to pay to watch movies?

In many countries, paying to watch your favourite movies or TV shows is a strange concept. We can easily find all of them on Google and watch them on pirated video websites. However, it is not safe. Your devices can easily be compromised by viruses and malicious code because their quality is not good either. So why do not you try Netflix –  An online movie service, which offers you exclusive features, unlimited access to watch the latest movies on the highest quality with the very low cost?

There are many service packages from Netflix that you can choose from low to high cost, which is suitable for all users. You can also use the same account with others to reduce costs. Not only does it watch the high-quality video (1080p), Netflix also offers many exclusive TV shows and movies. The movie list is updated every day to ensure the best user experience.

What devices can compatible with Netflix?

  • Watching on the website: non-app installing needed, unlimited operating system
  • Watching on mobile (with an official app): Android, iOS, Windows Phone
  • On Android TV, Apple TV
  • Smart TVs supported
  • The PlayStation gaming console
  • Xbox gaming machine
  • Chromecast

Netflix Premium Key Features:

  • High-quality videos up to 4K, save and load movies to watch offline.
  • Watch exclusive movies and TV shows.
  • No ads, Stream speed is steady and smooth.
  • Watch on multiple devices, supporting up to 4 devices at the same time.
  • Netflix is a company with the largest content library worldwide. With rich content, users can access a huge stock of movies, TV Shows, documentaries, sitcoms, …
  • Netflix is able to recommend movies based on the user’s movie history. This is very convenient for users because it does not have to search, but the system will analyze and recommend the same film, suitable for the user’s preferences.
  • Netflix application is highly regarded interface. It’s neat, nice, easy to use and fast, smooth, powerful search feature.

How to register Netflix for free?

Many people search for “Free Netflix Accounts and Passwords Generator” to receive free Netflix Premium accounts. In this article, we would like to provide you with the latest free Netflix (user and password) accounts. Before we think of using them, we recommend that you should refer to some other ways to create and use Netflix for free, which is safer than using Shared Accounts.

Option 1: Free Netflix Account via Trial

Netflix is a paid service. However, you can use it for free within 30 days before deciding to spend money to pay the SUBSCRIPTION.  Here is the way to get one month Trial from Netflix:

How to Get Free Netflix Account via Trial?

1. Visit Netflix official website from your PC or mobile Web browser:

2. In here, if you have not logged in, you will see the interface as below. You should click on “Join Free for a Month” to start the account registration and use the free trial.

3. Select the “Basic Plan” then click next

4. Fill in your account information that you will register including Email and Password.

Unlike many other services that require complex passwords, you can set Netflix passwords with the simple character. However, you should create a secure password that includes letters, numbers, special characters and capital letters to avoid losing your account.
5. After clicking “Continue“, you will be moved to the payment page, in which you have three options to pay.

I choose payment through Visa. You need to complete your personal information and Visa account information to complete this step. Upon the expiration of the Trial, Netflix will automatically renew your account through this card. If you do not want to continue using it, you can cancel it at any time.
Note: Each Debit Card can only be registered once.

6. Click “Start Membership” to complete the registration process. An email activation code will be sent to the email that you registered. You can access it to complete the registration process. You can now log in to Netflix and enjoy it.


If you want to cancel NETFLIX SUBSCRIPTION, here is the instruction:

  1. Select a photo of your account then Select “Your Account” from the drop-down menu.

2. Scroll down; you will see ‘Membership and Billing’ the option ‘Cancel Membership’, select it and update to complete the process.

3. Check “Finish Cancellation” to complete.
You can select “Yes, Please Email me …” to receive information about new promotions and content from Netflix. (Optional)

After that, you have successfully cancelled Netflix subscription. Your account is still maintained for 30 days. After one month, you will not be able to continue using Netflix unless you renew your membership. If you do not want to pay for it, you will find the right place. In this article, we will provide free Netflix Premium accounts. The list will be updated daily.

Option 2: Share Your Netflix Account (Free Netflix Accounts)

This is the best way that you should choose. Netflix’s policy allows you to share your account with others. It means that you can share your account with friends or family. It is valid. It is a good idea now to invite some friends and create a shared account, which will be reduced by the number of people sharing it. We usually create a group of 4 people to share the Membership cost per month.

However, you should note the following points:

  • You can create five profiles in a Netflix account. However, depending on the plan that you are using, the stream will be limited at the same time. If you are using Basic Plan, you can only create one stream at a time with Standard Plan of 2 and Premium of 4.

  • You should only share accounts with those whom you trust to avoid losing your account.

If you are still not satisfied with this, please scroll down to see the final solution: using a Netflix Premium accounts that are shared daily by us. You will use Netflix Premium features for free. But publishing this article means that there are thousands of people can sign in and use the accounts below. Eventually, someone can quickly change their password and make it impossible for other people to log in. These are the annoyances that you have to accept. But do not worry too much because we will update these accounts regularly.

Q and A

Q: What requirements to get Free Netflix Accounts?

A: No, every account in the list is free to use.

Q: Are they safe?

A: Of course they are safe

Q: Does Free Netflix accounts that work?

A: Not Yet. As we said, accounts are published, it means that not only you access it but also hundreds of other people, they can change the password at any time. We will update our list of accounts regularly to ensure they always work.

Q: How do I know if an account is active?
A: There is no other way than to try logging in. If you’re unable to sign in, please try another account and please notify us by leaving a comment below.

The latest Free Netflix Accounts List 2018 (Update):

Final Word

Netflix is an excellent service with a small fee which you can access a lot of movies, game shows, TV shows and other exciting content through the Internet at any time. Being able to use it on any platform also makes Netflix more popular. In this article, we have instructed you a few ways to enjoy this service completely free. Do not forget to bookmark this article to update your free Netflix account list every day.

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