Fishing and Life 0.0.158 (Mod, Unlimited Coins)

Fishing and Life 0.0.158 (Mod, Unlimited Coins)

Version: 0.0.158 ·
June 8, 2021 (1 year ago)
Full NameFishing and Life
Publisher Nexelon inc.
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Coins
Latest Version0.0.158
Require4.1 and up
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Mod features
  • Unlimited Coins

Fishing Life provides a peaceful place where players can make friends with the beautiful nature of the sea and relieve life pressures. Plus, you can easily find yourself through this simple game. 

About Fishing and Life Game

Fishing and life is a pretty good game, especially for those who love indie games. The game is ideal for relaxing after a busy day. Besides, fishing and living are also excellent when you want to have some time to find yourself. The main character in Fishing Life is a guy who decides to give up the burden of unsolvable work to get to a secluded, peaceful sea.

There, he only has a shabby boat and a fishing rod. But in return, he enjoys the peaceful atmosphere, the beautiful landscape with sunsets, falling stars, and the fading sky in the lighthouse. During your cruises at sea, you will also have the opportunity to collect treasure chests to have more money to upgrade a boat, large engines, or a quality fishing rod.  

Fishing Life has absolutely no big goals to accomplish; just sit back and relax. Or you don’t even have to do anything other than watch the fish swim around. It’s the best game for those who want to relax and don’t enjoy playing a complicated game. 


The story surrounding this game is simple but just as impressive. At the beginning of the game, Fishing and Life is a guy who is in the middle of work pressure. After a bad day, he came home with his head on the bed. Suddenly he saw a picture on the cupboard: a picture of him and his father fishing together as a child. This guy decided to throw it all away, go fishing in the countryside and find peace for his life.

It seems like this story is all about finding peace, but in fact, it causes strong emotions when you see this guy looking for peace in his soul without saying anything else. In addition to fishing, the game cleverly evokes many real-life problems. Imagine one day when you are no longer entangled by the sad things in life that you can be peaceful and find peace in your soul.

Game mode

As a game for entertainment purposes, Fishing and Life has relatively simple gameplay. First, you need to buy bait from the store, then hit the throw button to fish. The power throw depends on how long you hold the button down: the longer you hold it, the deeper the line can sink into the water. When the fish is caught, gamers need to tap the screen to pull the fish up. 

Catching fish can also be used as bait, so players can use small fish to save coins. Players can move the boat on the sea to reach the area with more fish. The better the ship, the further from the shore. Fishing in this area is also straightforward. Whether you fish shallow or deep, fish near or far from shore, fish is to take away.

Moreover, you can also sell fish for instant coins or toss them into the “aquarium” for storage. You will then receive some cash for some time. Players can use coins to buy boats, upgrade fishing rods, fishing lines, and reels. The more advanced these items are, the deeper and further you can throw the sentence. Players can also invest in better boats to catch more fish. However, as they were reluctantly “easy” on a tiny wooden boat day after day, they caught fish as small as a boat.

Choose your favorite character.

This game is not just an ordinary fisherman. Gamers can ultimately choose their favorite characters, including beginner fishing, amateur fishers, professional fishermen, and legendary fishers. Each character will have their equipment, such as a fishing rod, fishing line, and boat. However, to own this character, you need to earn enough money that the game requires. Otherwise, you will not be able to hold these characters; you will only be able to play with characters who are just starting to fish.

Different boats will take you to further sea.

Besides enjoying a sunset or sunrise on the sea, you should not ignore fishing missions and collecting fish into your tank. Every time you catch a fish, you can exchange it for gold and start buying essentials for your life. You also know that this guy needs a boat to go fishing. When you have enough money, you can upgrade him to a new ship. The more modern the boat is the farther he goes, and the more fish he earns. At this time, you can also feel more than the majestic natural sceneries with different waves.


To buy boats or items you want, you must enter the shop. Upon entering the shop, you will see a wide variety of ships ranging from the most basic to the most modern. Each boat type will have a different function and stats. Each indicator will tell you how far your boat will go. You can choose for your character the old boat, yacht, electric boat, or legendary boat. Also, you can quickly buy your character clothes to help him look more beautiful. 

Variety of fish

This game shows you the world of cauliflower with a variety of fish. Gamers can see from small fish to large fish like sharks. Each type of fish will bring you some money. Besides, to catch large fish, you can upgrade your fishing rod to make your fishing rod better. This game also provides you with many quests to help you enjoy nature while completing quests to earn money. Besides, this game also has various fish books to help you expand your understanding of these types of fish. Plus, sometimes, you can get a gold box that contains many coins. 

Create your tank

Aside from catching fish to earn money, you can catch fish and put it to your tank. Every time you see a fish, choose the best fish, and add it to your aquarium. When you are free and do not want to fish, you can take care and watch them swim in the most relaxing way.

Impressive graphics and sound

The graphics of these games are simple but attractive. The colors and shades of light are combined to create a beautifully natural picture. When the sky is blue, the sea surface is also dark blue. When the sky is red with the sunset light, the sea surface is also light yellow. The figure sitting on a small boat in the distance is a lighthouse and pale mountains, making the scene not too simple, but with depth and length.

The scene was peaceful; the sound made people more comfortable. Soft background music and apparent noises make people think of an early morning at sea. Occasionally interrupts the echo of birds from afar, the sound of fish taking the bait, and waves crashing. All of them help the players to have a real experience of relaxing fishing.


This is a simple game and does not consume too much space, so you can download this game and enjoy it no matter what series you use. With simple gameplay and gentle graphics, you will love this game. Let download Fishing and life now and find yourself with a journey to nature.

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