FishBoy Mod APK 1.0.4

FishBoy Mod APK 1.0.4

Version: 1.0.4 ·
October 21, 2020 (2 years ago)
Publisher NetEase Games
Latest Version1.0.4
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Do you love fishing games? Are you looking for new experiences in this familiar game genre? So come right to FishBoy – a new mobile game launched in the first quarter of 2019. So what is the difference between FishBoy and the popular fishing game on the current market? Let’s find out.

FishBoy is a new game of the company making game NetEase– the father of a series of popular mobile games by many players around the world such as Identity V, King Of Hunters, Rules of Survival, LifeAfter… FishBoy is likened to a new item of traditional stalls with games that focus heavily on NetEase Games‘ assumed action and fights. Pick up the phone, download FishBoy to your device and compete with the top fishing ability with countless other online players, in various modes and levels of play, win and become the Fisherman King now. ! Have fun in arcade mode or reward yourself with the thrill of competition mode. Play and earn your money!

FishBoy apk download

FishBoy Gameplay- Enjoy fishing on mobile

FishBoy opens with options for the mode of play and the mode of play that the player wants, including playing in arcade mode or playing mode. In these two modes of play, there will be differences in difficulty level – easy as well as requiring corresponding gameplay. Of course, if the player selects the arcade mode, which means that the game mode is self-playing or trial-play, the game level will be easier than the competition mode. Specifically, the number of big fish will be more, easier to take down, requires less skill and less strength.

FishBoy apk mod download

Coming to FishBoy, the only common task you need to do is to hit the fish swimming in the ocean. With each fish hit, you will receive the amount corresponding to the size and ferocity – hard to destroy the fish. You will be able to choose weapons to shoot fish according to your preferences and play levels. These weapons and tools will be upgraded if you have the need to own the right amount of gold.

Game features

Programmed in the context of the seven seas of the World and a variety of fish with extremely vivid shapes and colors, combined with unique game features, FishBoy will actually knock down any player. The most fastidious in the same category.

FishBoy gameplay

It will be nothing new if FishBoy simply follows the fishing pattern or catches fish like many fishing games have done before. Therefore, FishBoy has a lot more strange and unique features to support players as well as refresh this game genre, such as: integrating offline play mode and online competition mode on the same good game Install new fish shooting features like using lasers, kernels, freezes, and trackers to quickly clean up the waters you come across.

And to be able to feel all the interesting features of Fishboy, there is no word that fully expresses. Experience it yourself!

Graphics and sound

We must say that FishBoy’s graphics and sound are great and match the inherent nature of this game. Coming to FishBoy, you will be immediately conquered by the vividness of every movement of fish or cheerful and colorful colors of marine creatures. Integrated with programmed sound compatible with each shot, players will really have moments of relaxation and even get caught up in the impromptu play of FishBoy.


Do not hesitate any longer without experiencing a game that is familiar and strange like FishBoy. If you’ve ever experienced NetEast’s previous games, there’s no reason to doubt the quality of FishBoy. Now download the FishBoy date to your device and enjoy shooting fish, cleaning up the sea, enjoying the feeling of sub-countless other online players to win the fishing championship and become the King of Fishermen now.

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