Final Fantasy: Digital Card Game APK Download for Android

Final Fantasy: Digital Card Game APK Download for Android

Version: 1.0 ·
January 17, 2019 (4 years ago)
Publisher Square Enix
Latest Version1.0

Final Fantasy: Digital Card Game is a franchise card mobile game from Final Fantasy – one of the most popular game series on all platforms. Square Enix has long been known as the developer that created Final Fantasy’s success on many platforms.

It seems that developers want to make a good impression by launching the new game at the beginning of 2019. The famous Japanese developer, Square Enix, is no exception when it has recently revealed a new card game named Final Fantasy: Digital Card Game. The game follows many of its products in 2018, which is based on the content of the popular JRPG series: Final Fantasy.


About Final Fantasy: Digital Card Game

Final Fantasy: Digital Card Game is the Turnbase Card game developed for PC and Mobile platforms. At first sight, you will be surprised because it is unlike any previous Final Fantasy theme game. Instead of adventuring in the world and destroying enemies, players are taken to an arena and challenge them with card games 1vs1. As a franchise game, you will meet many familiar characters in Final Fantasy: Digital Card Game like Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart or Sephiroth … They will accompany you in the matches.

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Gameplay and Graphics

In Final Fantasy: Digital Card Game, the gameplay is quite similar to other traditional card games. The player’s task is to build a custom Desk and play with other players in real time. To create a strong and balanced Desk, players will have to search and collect new cards. They can be found in the rewards after each match, or you will receive them by buying directly from the app store. Turn-based gameplay is also quite familiar and easy to understand. You and your opponent will play in an arena, where you will arrange cards. The battles also do not take much of each time. Each player only has a maximum of 12 turns.

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Final Fantasy: Digital Card Game is not just a mobile game. You can play it on other platforms like PC or Web. Instead of using the glossy 3D graphics like other Final Fantasy games on PC, Final Fantasy: Digital Card Game uses a very simple 2D graphics platform. The art of the typical characters is shown as the 8-bit style. Its graphics remind you of old Snes games. Although they are not spectacular, they are close and reminiscent of memories.

Final Fantasy- Digital Card Game gameplay

 Key features of Final Fantasy: Digital Card Game:

  • A unique Turn-base Card game
  • Building your Desk with familiar characters from the Final Fantasy Series
  • Upgrading your cards and collecting new cards. There are more than 100 different cards to search and choose from.
  • Many different game modes: You can even play with other players in real-time matches and compete for high positions on the global rankings.
  • The main quest system and the diverse side quest: In the game, the players can complete daily tasks to receive unexpected rewards.
  • Unique 8-bit graphics that reminiscent of old Snes games.


Final Fantasy: Digital Card Game continues to be a quality product for Mobile platform. The large character system, the deep and balanced gameplay mechanism will make the most players feel satisfied. You can download and experience this game for free. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment below.

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