FarmVille 3 – Animals 1.8.15142 (MOD, No Water Cost)

FarmVille 3 – Animals 1.8.15142 (MOD, No Water Cost)

Version: 1.8.15142 ·
April 7, 2021 (1 year ago)
Full NameFarmVille 3 - Animals
Publisher Zynga
Mod FeaturesNo Water Cost
Latest Version1.8.15142
RequireAndroid 4.4
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FarmVille is a famous farm game series that always receives great attention from the gaming community. Following the success of the two previous versions, FarmVille 3 – Animals does not disappoint players because of its attractive gameplay and improved graphics. At the moment, FarmVille 3 is available on Google Play in certain countries that you can download it for free. In this article, we provide the game’s APK file, which you can download and install easily in just a few steps. Let’s explore the outstanding features of this game through the content below.

FarmVille 3 - Animals apk download

The back of FarmVille 3 – Animals

In FarmVille 3 – Animals, players will experience daily activities as a real farmer. In order to expand your farm, you will need to cultivate, take care of crops, build and upgrade processing plants. Besides, the agricultural plants, animals, and farmers are beautifully designed. The game has slow-paced gameplay and gentle background music. It is true to the nature of peaceful and interesting farm work. Currently, the game is available in some countries around the world for players to download. The developer said that the global version of the game would be released in the near future. If your country is not on the available list, you can download the game according to the link below.

Buildings and factories

You cannot develop your farm with only existing buildings. Therefore, you should make the Production building and Animals Home whenever it’s available. Some buildings are unlocked only when the player reaches a certain level. To build any work, players need to click on the hammer icon at the bottom left corner, drag the items to start the construction process.

FarmVille 3 - Animals gameplay

However, your farmland is limited. So, you should choose the smartest building position so you can build as many houses as possible. Also, you can move the work after construction by holding on them and moving to the new location.

Complete the purchase orders

Completing local orders is a way to help you get coins and animals. Please move to Order Board and touch it to see the order list. Your agricultural products will be transported by truck to the people. Every time you complete an order, you will receive Paw Points. When you have enough Paw Points, you will receive an animal box from the buyers.

FarmVille 3 - Animals complete the orders

All the players need to do in FarmVille 3 – Animals is to complete each loop. It is producing agricultural products, selling them to the locals, getting coins and animals. When a new pet is received, the player will get closer to the level up. Levelling-up helps you unlock new pets and new buildings. This is an endless loop that players need to make to develop their farm.

Farmhands – the great supporters

Farmhands are people who will help you build and develop your farm. They are hardworking assistants and work without the break. Each Farmhand will undertake certain tasks. Understanding their abilities will help you complete tasks faster. For example, Marie Merryweather is an enthusiastic farmer, who is able to repair buildings and also guide you in managing your farm throughout the game. Beau Briggs is a lumberjack. He can help you cut down trees to get wood and clear old rubbish.

To unlock Farmhands, players need to reach a certain level. Some of them are pets like Buddy dog ​​or Luna cat. You can only collect them from boxes.

Taking care of animals

Animals are an important link to help you expand your farm. They are capable of producing livestock products that help you complete orders and receive animal boxes. You can access the Animals Home section and choose a suitable home when you get a new pet. For example, when you own a Leghorn Chicken, you need to build a Bird Home. With Holstein Cow, you need to build a Cow Home. Animals will grow faster if you feed them regularly. To do this, you have to build the Feed Mill to create food from wheat and sunflower.

FarmVille 3 - Animals mod apk pets

In FarmVille 3 – Animals, your animals are also capable of giving birth. They will become older when their children grow up. The old ones will no longer be able to produce items. However, you can sell them in the animal market to earn a large amount of money.

Developing your farm

Fields are places where you can grow crops to produce farm food or sell them to collect coins and gift boxes. You can sow seeds and wait to harvest. The cost of sowing seeds is quite small. You only cost 1 coin for a plant sample. However, to be able to harvest, it takes some time. The higher the value crops are, the longer the development time will be. There is no way to accelerate this. All the players need to do is to wait patiently.

Complete the missions

Plants or animals need time to create products. If you want to level up faster, you can try to complete quests to unlock the reward box. Story Tasks usually includes 3 tasks. You should check out the list of quests in the Quests section. Besides, completing Story Tasks not only helps you get valuable rewards but also a way to help new players get used to the gameplay. These tasks are important suggestions to help you know what to do in the next step or which house to build. In addition, the game also provides players with many new cases every day. However, you need to reach level 7 to unlock this feature.

Getting the rewards

Achievements are the key to great rewards. The big house in the center of the farm is where you can click to check the list of goals to achieve. You should prioritize the easy achievement first. Some achievements you cannot complete with the current level.

Besides, the reward that the player receives when completing an accomplishment is coins and diamonds. They are two important currencies of the game. In which, Diamond is also a key to boost the game. In FarmVille 3 – Animals, diamonds are special currencies. It helps players shorten the game’s playtime. For example, if you usually need to wait for chickens to produce eggs, you can get the product immediately by paying diamonds. Also, if you are not enough wheat and sunflower to make food for pets with Feed Mill, you can also pay diamonds to buy more. Diamonds are hard to get, so you should only use them when it is needed.


FarmVille 3 – Animals take players into a farm world with many plants and animals. You will try to feel like a farmer who is responsible for building and managing your farm. In the game, every job requires players to wait. Some acceleration options are available when players pay with diamonds. You can also make in-app purchases to build your farm faster. Overall, FarmVille 3 – Animals is a great farm game. Like other farm games, the game does not place much emphasis on winning or losing. You can play in your free time. You can connect with your friends via facebook and visit their farms for getting more support and fun gaming experience. Let’s download and enjoy the game right now!

Download FarmVille 3 – Animals 1.8.15142 (MOD, No Water Cost)

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