Faraway: Tropic Escape MOD APK (Unlocked) 1.0.5867

Faraway: Tropic Escape MOD APK (Unlocked) 1.0.5867

Version: 1.0.5867 ·
October 21, 2020 (2 years ago)
Full NameFaraway: Tropic Escape MOD APK
Publisher Snapbreak
Mod FeaturesAll Levels Unlocked
Latest Version1.0.5867
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Faraway: Tropic Escape (MOD All Level Unlocked) is the latest version in the puzzle game series Faraway from Snapbreak developer. It promises to bring great experiences for those who are fans of puzzle games on mobile. At the moment, the game is available on Google Play for free to download. However, you can only play on some levels. If you want to explore the whole story, you will have to make a purchase. Don’t worry because we provide you with the game’s APK file in this article, which has been modified to unlock the entire story. Of course, you can download and experience it for free.

The mysterious story

The story begins when you have just woken up in Catatonia state. You quickly realize that your daughter, Una, has a strange disease. You can’t go back in time to change the past, but you can act in the present to make things better. In the game, your only task is to find a way to free your daughter from the disease. A strange voice tells you that there is a place that can help you. It is Faraway tropical Island. Although only those who deserve to be able to set foot here, somehow, you have been at Faraway and started your journey.

Faraway contains ancient puzzles that you have to try to solve them. A lot of people set foot on this island and couldn’t come back, because they didn’t deserve it. Solving puzzles is the only way to protect your daughter and return to your normal life.

Solve many puzzles

Faraway: Tropic Escape is a mere puzzle game, where players have to find ways to solve puzzles to open the teleport gate to the next location. However, things are not easy. You have to be really careful when giving an answer because it can close your door. Decisions will affect Una’s future. Therefore you have to try your best to prove that you deserve to be on Faraway Island. The tests are available everywhere on this island, so be ready for them.

It can be said, Faraway: Tropic Escape is an excellent and unique puzzle game. By arranging a variety of different challenges on each level, it offers an interesting test for you to know how intelligent, agility, care and creative you are. After solving all the puzzles at each level, you will open the teleport gate. It will take you to a new place with more challenges.

Always pay attention to everything

With unlimited creativity, the developer has brought a lot of different unique puzzles to challenge players. You will have to meet their requirements, such as arranging pieces according to rules, cutting trees to create a bridge, archery, finding keys to open boxes, etc. To pass a level, finding hints is essential, they are everywhere. So, you need to interact with everything that helps you to find the suggestion, remember and link them together to find the final answer.

There are a lot of notes that appear at each level. They are usually located in places that you hardly see. Sometimes, you need to break the box to find them. These Notes contain hints or a mysterious story from previous unlucky players. The special thing is that they are often incomplete. Therefore, you will have to find all of them and link the content to find the answer. However, you should not always trust them because they may be the traps.

The graphics and sound

In Faraway: Tropic Escape, the graphics are not much different from previous versions in the series. The details are well designed. The colors are bright and quite impressive. In addition, the sound of the game is very nice. In which, the soundtracks are played all the time while you play the game, which makes you feel relaxed.

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Download Faraway: Tropic Escape APK (All level Unlocked)

Currently, Faraway: Tropic Escape offers 18 levels equivalent to 18 different locations on the island. Each place will contain unique tests for you to conquer. The free version of the game only allows you to play some levels. Therefore, you will need to pay in cash to unlock all the remaining ones. However, you should not worry about the payment because we provide you with the modified version of the game named Faraway: Tropic Escape MOD APK. It has unlocked the entire level in the game. You can enjoy it for free. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment below.

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