Evil Lands: Online Action RPG APK 1.7.2

Evil Lands: Online Action RPG APK 1.7.2

Version: 1.7.2 ·
April 13, 2021 (1 year ago)
Full NameEvil Lands: Online Action RPG MOD APK
Publisher Rage Quit Games LLC
Mod FeaturesSoon
Latest Version1.7.2
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Evil Lands: Online Action RPG developed by Rage Quit Games has just been released on June 14. Evil Lands is their third game. The previous two games were Tomorrow: Online Survival RPG and The Wolf. Both of the developer ‘s previous games have a common good point: they have beautiful and eye-catching graphics. It can be said that the Rage Quit Games games have beautiful colors, graphics, and images, making players keep their eyes on the phone screen.

Evil Lands is now available on Play Stor and opened pre-registration. You can experience it earlier by downloading and installing the APK file we provide in this article.


Evil Lands: Online Action RPG Gameplay

In the Evil Lands: Online Action RPG, the player will become a hero who destroys the dark forces. You and other players around the world support each other to fight and fight extremely dangerous and powerful opponents. Like the previous games of Rage Quit Games, the Evil Lands graphics are really beautiful and eye-catching. The first time you look at it feels like you’re playing on the console.

Evil Lands APK gameplay

When starting the game, players will be allowed to choose a character and use it to fight the enemy. You must complete quests and join other players to destroy the grim dark creatures that attack you. You will have to explore the magic-filled areas, raid dangerous forests like dungeons. Every time you win, you will win items that help you upgrade, equip better weapons and tools to become a good warrior and make every creature afraid.

Character type and power

Evil Lands brings a lot of characters and shows them in beautiful 3D graphics. Each character has different strengths, advantages, skills. There are main characters attacking melee and using weapons such as knives, hammers, axes, swords. Meanwhile, some characters use magic to fight and remote attacks. Therefore, characters with melee fighting style often have more enduring vitality. Each player will have the right to choose a character that suits his or her fighting style to become a skilled warrior. Some people are very good at using knives and melee attacks, while there are those who are very proficient in using magic to shoot opponents from afar. You should experience all the characters to be able to choose for yourself the most favorite character and the best fighter.

Evil Lands APK gameplay

Players can also equip and upgrade their characters. To reduce the damage, you try to get items and build armor for your character. You can also equip better weapons to increase the character’s attack ability.

Two game modes

Evil Lands gives you two modes to play CO-OP and PVP. In CO-OP mode, you will cooperate with other players around the world like a strong army. Thanks to that, you can invite your friends to join and fight together. The adventures RPG head magic, force, and danger are waiting for you and your friends to explore. Of course in this mode, players should have appropriate cooperative tactics for the whole team to win the match.

Evil Lands APK game mode

In PVP mode, you will fight with other players. To win in this mode, you must use the character you are the most proficient, the best and have the best strength or the best endurance. You will face players all over the world. Sometimes people are less skilled than you but sometimes are professional fighters. Therefore, experience in PvP mode is always full of excitement.

Eye-catching and awesome images

The character’s graphics are one of the points that makes Evil Lands highly appreciated and welcomed by many players. Once you have entered the game, it is difficult for you to stop. The images and actions of the characters are as beautiful as watching a movie. Besides, you can explore countless places and perform multiple missions. The game brings a large map for you to freely explore. Your discovery may be a bit difficult because bad guys always approach to destroy you. However, you are a brave and powerful warrior, nothing can stop you. Following daily quests will help you improve and be able to upgrade more. The number of quests is pretty much so you have the right to follow or not follow. However, its mission is to help you grow and progress faster.


Looking at them, we think the Evil Lands is a good mobile game for you to try. Enter the Evil Lands, you can become a hero or a robber. Players will experience many attacks, raid, looting, and high-speed action.  Furthermore, the epic dragon magic also appeared in the Evil Lands. So, be ready to face all the dangers, difficulties and a great feeling of victory when entering this game. The game is now available on Play Store. You can download and install it easily with the APK file we provide below. Have fun!

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