Elevate 5.31.0 (MOD, Pro Unlocked)

Elevate 5.31.0 (MOD, Pro Unlocked)

Version: 5.31.0 ·
August 24, 2020 (2 years ago)

A great mobile application to train your brain. The lessons are very intuitive and pleasant to help you focus, practice listening, reading and speaking skills.

Full NameElevate PRO
Publisher Elevate Labs
Mod FeaturesPro Unlocked
Latest Version5.31.0
RequireAndroid 4.4
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Today, we would like to introduce to you a great game named Elevate. It is in the game of the year 2014, which was ranked by Apple and Google. The game brings you lots of interesting mini-games to practice your skills.

How does Elevate work?

Elevate is a useful app that trains users’ skills and reflexes. It contains lots of intellectual games to help users improve their weak skills and also bring joyful moments. In which, the app focuses on 4 basic language skills, including listening, speaking, reading, writing English. Also, it helps users improve math skills. These are arguably our essential skills for today’s modern living environment. If you are too busy to practice these skills every day, Elevate offers a simpler solution when you can combine them all in one mobile game.

Elevate Pro for Android

At the beginning of the game, there will be a test for you with the basic questions of each type of subjects, such as listening, speaking, reading and writing. After you complete this initial exercise, the app can rate your performance. It is very important to make the start questions because the result of the game will classify the level and based on that, give appropriate exercises to the user.

Besides, Elevate has lots of mini-games on different topics to challenge gamers’ minds. The games are usually quite simple because there is a detailed tutorial included. However, to be able to complete all the challenges is not simple. Most games require you to use 2 skills and combine them at the same time. For example, in mini-games to practice reading skills, you need to use the ability to memorize keywords.

Elevate Pro features

The key features

  • The app has 25/15 (depending on operating system) mini-games to practice critical skills such as concentration, information processing speed, accuracy and ability to capture information.
  • Record the player’s “brain training” progress with specific charts.
  • Personalize each person’s work based on the skills they want to train. Every 4 weeks, the game will evaluate your training and give the appropriate exercises
  • Exercises with increasing difficulty level to ensure users not get bored while practicing.

Interface (UI)

The interface of Elevate is friendly and beautifully designed. The charts are integrated smartly, including line charts, ladder levels, pie charts. They are very intuitive and easy for players to approach the result. Moreover, the app provides users with bright and nice colours, but not too flashy. It is also a significant factor that stimulates players’ brains in the challenge.

About Elevate mod

Elevate has two options for users to use it, including a free version or a paid. In which, the free version has some limits in terms. With the free version, you will receive only 3 games per day of the features while the paid version gives you full advanced features. However, the paid account requires users to pay to download and use (4.99 USD / month or 44.99 USD / year). After buying the Pro version, you can play all the games inside the apps for free.

Also, users can try 14 days of Pro features before deciding whether to pay for an upgrade or not. However, if you are not ready to pay for this, we bring you the latest Elevate Mod. In which, the mod feature allows you to access Pro features and use them for free.

Our review

Elevate is a great app. It is easy to understand. Although it is a training game for thinking, the gameplay is clear, not rambling and confusing to the user. Besides, it combines all the games from easy to hard to help players not feel frustrated or bored quickly. Moreover, the app provides you with many useful tips for training more skills after the game is over. From there, you can get good things for enhancing your ability.


In general, if you are looking for a game that combines entertainment and brain training, Elevate is definitely a great choice. This game will help you practice the most important skills like speaking, listening, reading, writing, calculating and more. Readers can download Elevate Mod at the link below. Also, we introduced you to a great brain training game on Android called Lumosity. Please try it and get your great entertaining moments. Thanks and have fun!

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