Dungeon Warfare 2 MOD APK 1.0.2 [Paid]

Dungeon Warfare 2 MOD APK 1.0.2 [Paid]

Version: 1.0.2 ·
May 1, 2019 (3 years ago)
Publisher Valsar
Latest Version1.0.2
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Dungeon Warfare is a highly rated game in the tower defense challenge game category on mobile platforms. It was first released last year by Valsar, which has attracted many players and is loved by many. Therefore, the developer has continued to release the sequel at the end of 2017.

In Dungeon Warfare 2, players will have to purify and eliminate the annoying invaders into their territory. As the player kills more enemies and progresses to higher levels, you will gain access to more powerful benefits and stronger traps. They help you destroy powerful and hard enemies to defeat. Every time you destroy the invaders, you will gain experience. Players will use this experience to upgrade their traps permanently. The highlight and attraction of this game come from its sophistication as it combines traditional formulas with unique and novel creations. Although it has been released for more than 2 years as its traps and fighting methods have never been outdated and made players bored.

Dungeon Warfare 2 apk

Dungeon Warfare 2- tower defense game on Android

Dungeon Warfare 2 was first released on Steam for $4.99 dollars and later on mobile platforms. It carries all the interesting, unique and challenging things that the first part brought before. Challenges become tougher than ever, making it impossible for players to pass levels in a single play. Many new, useful traps for many different strategies allow players to combine traps together without limiting the number of replays. Dungeon Warfare 2 completed well under the name of tower defense game when it brought strategies and approaches for players at different levels.

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Creativity Constantly Through Each Level

Players will always challenge their creativity through each level because they are completely different and always require you to change your tactics to deal with suitable enemies. There are levels that will be affected by the dangers of a natural environment such as a river, a velvet or puddle, you must use the optimal strategy to make the enemy move properly according to your intentions by the walls, or leave open spaces for enemies to fall into those natural deadly traps.

Many maps with different contexts are included in Dungeon Warfare 2. Players will experience dense forests and bushes, or dreadful dark caves or sand dunes, or volcano with velvet chipped dangerously dead. The variety that Dungeon Warfare 2 brings makes players not bored, you must always face new changes and challenges.

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Creates Strategies With Different Types Of Traps

Not only requires high creativity, but Dungeon Warfare 2 also requires the skill of the player. The player must try to build a strategy that leaves the enemy with only one path and the path is filled with different types of traps. If your strategy causes them to get close to the walls, you can use single wall traps including chakrams, fire throws, swing axes and darts. Or if you want to attack the enemy from the floor, the types of traps like spikes, gravity wells, slime holes, meat grinders or pillars of death are the types of traps placed on the floor. Of course, you can’t use a single kind of trap to destroy the invading enemies. The combination of different types of traps, attacking from different sides is a necessity because you don’t have too much space to place too many traps everywhere.

Familiar Nostalgic Graphics

The design of part 2 is not too different from the first part of Dungeon Warfare. It has a retro feature that makes players feel like playing games on classic gaming machines. However, the images of the characters, items, and traps are all displayed clearly and eye-catching. Players can easily differentiate between different types of traps.

However, graphics are not the leading factor that makes this game highly appreciated and attracts many players. Its gameplay is both simple and complicated and is a special feature of Dungeon Warfare that makes both parts of this game very well received and successful.

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