DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser 5.87.0 (MOD)

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser 5.87.0 (MOD)

Version: 5.87.0 ·
June 8, 2021 (1 year ago)

At DuckDuckGo, we believe that the Internet is not a place where there are dangers from hackers. You deserve a private and secure browsing experience wherever you are.

Full NameDuckdDuckGo
Publisher DuckDuckGo
Mod FeaturesMany
Latest Version5.87.0
RequireAndroid 5.0
Get it On Google Play
What is the mod feature?
  • for ARM7 / ARM64
  • languages ​​only en / ru (my Russian translation) (translation is supplemented and corrected)
  • Dark theme darkened even more
  • Difference from Google
  • Removed some unnecessary permissions
  • duplicate graphics removed
  • Google anti-analytics (just in case)
  • min SDK
  • Disabled check on Android emulator

DuckDuckGo is for anyone who wants to find a safe and secure mobile browser. The application is available on Play Store so you can download and enjoy it now.

About DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser on Android

If you read the newspaper every day, you may know that there are many countless current high-profile security breaches and hacks. Thus, security and privacy issues are also becoming a hot topic for a lot of users. Not only is it about email security, but all of your information may also be exposed, such as images, messages, files and browser history. 

DuckDuckGo app

It is important to keep your data safe from hackers and prying eyes about them. This is a notable application that you should consider downloading to keep your contact information, financial data, and privacy information safe and secure. The name of this great app is DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser.

What DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser can do?

DuckDuckGo is a Browser and search engine that has a cute profile picture with a duck holding its bow tie. It does not track your search activity or target ads based on your data. The downside of a search engine that doesn’t crawl that gives search results smartly. It also doesn’t be relevant as Google does. It goes against choosing between customization and privacy. 

With DuckDuckGo, you can protect your privacy by preventing websites that determine your location and individuals monitoring websites you visit. 

The app does not track users

As you know that most search engines collect and store search data. Google even associates that data with your account. The recorded information is used to personalize search results and to show you targeted ads. But DuckDuckGo does not track you and does not personalize your search results.

Besides that, DuckDuckGo does not hold any personal data, and therefore it stands out in a variety of ways. It is one of many ways that DuckDuckGo protects your personal information online. Good privacy helps a lot in protecting your information. No personalized ads, no personalized search results, and no information thieves can peek at you. For privacy-minded people, being unfollowed can be a huge plus.

DuckDuckGo’s can help you protect your data in an easy way

DDG anti-tracking, encryption and privacy search, all integrated into minimalist DuckDuckGo mobile browser. With a friendly interface that everything is displayed clearly in front of your eyes, you can easy-to-use this app. The app also features two modes for you to choose from including light and dark mode. So, you can change the mode you like. 

Once you get into the app, you have to look at the fire icon on the browser because it will help you a lot. It allows you to clear all browsing data and close all active tabs. Thus, it is the same experience once you get into the dark web and you don’t want to keep anything about the website you have just accessed in. 

DuckDuckGo Key features

Moreover, there is a basic bookmarking feature for accessing your favorite websites. So, you can easily access it again without being peeked all the information. For most people, the searching utilities of this app does not replace the browser. However, it is very convenient when you need to search for something sensitive especially when you want to access it in time.

Rating the safety of websites you access in

This app is always perfect and added every day to bring you the best experience. The developer has added the privacy level rating of the website you visit from A to F so that you can assess the privacy level of a website.

This feature tells you exactly whether this site is trustworthy and which sites regularly take user data. And this gadget aims to stop monitoring and protecting your privacy, especially keeping you safe online.

DuckDuckGo can be said as a searching dominant

As you know that Google is dominant in the world of search engines. It provides you with all personalized searches. So, you can find anything here. Google has built extremely useful applications and services, collecting even more user data to improve search results.

But now you don’t need to pay all your attention and trust in Google. Because you know that TOR browser users are displayed with DuckDuckGo search results by default. DDG focuses on the quality of search results by quantity with the results come from more than 400 sources. DDG even allows you to search third-party websites and even other search providers directly.


Recently, developments have shown that you can’t put your data into the hands of any technology companies because it contains many risks. From the sale of Facebook user data to third parties to the disclosure of personal information, there are many data leakage scandals that can make you feel dazzling.

So it is easy to question why you should trust DuckDuckGo, right?  But with the great features this application owns, you will have many more reasons to trust DDG. Thus, let install DuckdDuckGo to your computer now to feel the utilities and information security that it brings.

MOD Features:

  • ARM7 / ARM64
  • languages ​​only en / ru (my Russian translation) (translation is supplemented and corrected)
  • Dark theme darkened even more
  • Difference from Google
  • Removed some unnecessary permissions
  • duplicate graphics removed
  • Google anti-analytics (just in case)
  • min SDK
  • Disabled check on Android emulator

Download DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser 5.87.0 (MOD)

Download (9.7M)

You are now ready to download DuckdDuckGo for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • Some applications will only run when you install the correct file that matches your device’s chipset. If you don’t know what chipset your device uses, check it with CPU Z.
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