Draw Cartoons 2 PRO 2.21  (MOD, Paid)

Draw Cartoons 2 PRO 2.21 (MOD, Paid)

Version: 2.21 ·
August 26, 2020 (2 years ago)
Full NameDraw Cartoons 2 PRO
Publisher Zalivka Mobile Cartoons
Mod FeaturesPaid, Patched
Latest Version2.21
RequireAndroid 4.4
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Draw Cartoons 2 PRO is a cartoon creating application on mobile. It was released by Zalivka. The app allows users to create short animated videos and export them to GIF animation or video files. With a huge inventory of items, simple editing tools, and an easy-to-use interface, Draw Cartoons 2 PRO deserves one of the best mobile cartoon making apps today.

Create cartoons on your Android Smartphone

Have you ever wondered how an animated movie created? It is not difficult to see an animated film on TV or the internet. It attracts not only children but also adults. Creating a complete animated movie is not as simple as many people think. It requires a massive team of writers, voice-over, graphics designers. They have to work hard to make a perfect product.

Draw Cartoons 2 PRO creat cartoons

Besides, Draw Cartoons 2 PRO allows users to create short animated movies right on their smartphones and tablets. Although it does not have powerful features like professional graphics software, Draw Cartoons 2 PRO is enough for you to create impressive videos and experience the work of an animator.

Although the app is a simple animation, it still applies the principle of popular animation today. It combines multiple standstill images into one motion video. Users can draw items or select existing items, switch to another picture by clicking the blue arrow button below and move the object. Also, you can do the same with the next photo.

One of the reasons users appreciate Draw Cartoons 2 PRO is that it possesses a large number of tools. They help the editing and designing processes of animations complete quickly and accurately. Users will not need to waste time learning to use them. All tools are simple and familiar to the user. The usage is very easy, even for children.

Creating unique items

Compared to the free version, Draw Cartoons 2 PRO has unlocked all items. Users will have a large inventory of items with the regular update to unleash the design of animated and unique animated videos. Besides, users can also design their cartoon items.

Draw Cartoons 2 PRO items

Each item or character will be made from parts called elements. Users can create everything from scratch or use existing templates and edit them again. Each item will have a basic point – this is a special point, cannot be moved. All elements must be associated with this point.

Also, users can click the green plus icon on the top right corner to create a new element. When finishing the drawing, you click the “Done” button to complete the process. Besides, there are many tools to help you create objects accurately and quickly. For example, the eraser has a red trash icon, which helps you delete objects easily. Don’t worry if you delete it by mistake because you can use the undo tool to go back.

Learn about Point properties

In Draw Cartoons 2 PRO, you will probably notice that some items can be attached to other items. For example, wheels attached to the car body or a gun attached to the soldier’s hand. You absolutely can do this after just a few simple steps. First, you need to select a point, such as a hand and click on the green gear icon to open the Point attributes section. There are two options for you, including Slave and Master. If you mark a Slave, it means that the item can be attached to another (Master point). Conversely, if that point is marked as a Master, you can attach other things to that point.

Graphic editing tools

In the process of editing animated images, you can use the following tools to help the design process be faster and more accurate.

Draw Cartoons 2 PRO editor tools
  • Simple Rush: This tool helps you adjust the distance between your finger and the actual drawing point during drawing objects. Users can use Long click on the Simple Rush icon to open the dialogue, drag the slider to adjust the distance.
  • The Paint Bucket tool allows users to paint filled areas. If you want to color another element, double click on it. The palette in the left corner of the screen is where you can change the colors.
  • Eraser: an eraser icon, is a familiar tool that any graphic design application has. It helps you to remove false strokes. Also, there is a tool “Erase all”, which has a trash icon that allows users to delete all objects on the screen.
  • Geometric symbols: Draw Cartoons 2 PRO provides circle, square and line options for users to draw geometric objects quickly and accurately.

Insert wallpaper and audio

To make the animation more vivid and attractive, users can add background and audio. The app provides a large inventory of wallpapers and audio for users to choose from. You can also upload a background picture or audio from removable memory or even record your voice directly.

Regularly updated

With over 5 million downloads on Google Play, it has proved the appeal of Draw Cartoons 2 PRO. The developer has not disappointed users when they regularly update new features and items. The interface is intuitive, suitable for editing operations on mobile.

Unlike professional graphics software, Draw Cartoons 2 PRO is lightweight, compatible with most smartphones and tablets today, including low-profile devices. The application runs smoothly, exporting files quickly to bring the best experience to users. Besides, new items are updated regularly to help users have more choices.


If you want to try to make the animation yourself, Draw Cartoons 2 PRO is a perfect choice. The application possesses a huge library of items. Besides, it is regularly updated with a menu that appears based on context such as copying, attaching and deleting, which help the design process more quickly. Although Draw Cartoons 2 PRO cannot help you create a long animated movie with beautiful graphics, the experience that this application gives users is great.

The app does not consume a lot of resources on the device. It also has a small capacity, minimalistic interface to help users can perform all operations easily on the phone screen. You will be provided with tools for editing, drawing and coloring objects. Besides, you can add wallpapers and background music if you like. Finally, you can export your work to video, upload directly to YouTube or save as GIF animation. Particularly for the GIF format, the application only allows users to export with a maximum duration of 5 seconds. You guys can download the app at the link below.

Download Draw Cartoons 2 PRO 2.21 (MOD, Paid)

Download (69M)

You are now ready to download Draw Cartoons 2 PRO for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • Some applications will only run when you install the correct file that matches your device’s chipset. If you don’t know what chipset your device uses, check it with CPU Z.
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