Revolve8 Mod APK 1.6.1

Revolve8 Mod APK 1.6.1

Version: 1.6.1 ·
September 8, 2019 (3 years ago)
Publisher SEGA
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SEGA has officially announced their latest product named Revolve8, a new real-time mobile strategy game for iOS and Android devices. Revolve8 is designed by Masayoshi Kikuchi and Koji Igarashi, who are two people behind the success of many console games like Yakuza Series or Castlevania.

Currently, Revolve8 is in the closed beta test. You can register to receive the invite from the developer to play it soon. We will update the latest Revolve8 APK download link when it is available on Play Store. If you are wondering if this game is worth the wait, let’s check out the features below.

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Revolve8 gameplay is a combination of Strategy and Card Games, which is quite similar to Hearthstone from Blizzard. In the game, the player has 1 Deck consisting of 8 cards. Cards are divided into different groups based on their attributes. Your task is to use the cards to summon the heroes and destroy the enemies’ towers. Every 1vs1 game takes place within 3 minutes. Who destroyed the tower first, who wins.

In the game, the rules are simple. The Card system in the game is quite a lot of different attributes and skills, which brings a variety of tactical options for players. Of course, who builds the suitable decks with the better strategy, who wins.

Revolve8 allows players to create a heroes team and manage them in the form of cards. The heroes are uniquely designed based on the legends like Snow White, Sinbad or even the Monkey King.

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Revolve8 Key features:

An engaging real-time strategy game

As mentioned, Revolve8 has a strategy element, in which the players need to use their mind and tactics to win. The battle of the game takes place in the real-time, which you can play against other random players around the world, so there’s no place for mistakes. You need a stable internet connection for playing the game.

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Build your own tactics

The cards in the game are divided into 4 different classes: “Heroes”, “Minions”, “Buildings” and “Magic”. Each class has different advantages and disadvantages and so they play a unique role in each match. A deck is a perfect combination of all classes and unified with the player’s tactics.

In addition, to build a good strategy, the player should base on their interests. The game will help you to create a suitable Deck to start the battle. There are 3 main types of decks in the game:

  • Assault Decks: Allows you to infiltrate enemies and kill them in silence.
  • Siege Decks: This deck is for those who prefer long range attacks
  • Counter Decks: Contains cards that are highly resistant to counterattacking, which easily damages the opponent. However, there are many potential dangers if you use it unreasonably.

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Build skills for Heroes

Each hero has two “common skills” and a “special skill“. You can activate Special Skill once in the match, while normal skills can be used after 30 seconds. These skills are likely to change the battle if used properly.

Complete the tasks in the game

Revolve8 brings a lot of missions to players to complete. Do not forget to complete the daily tasks to earn rewards as new cards. The main Quest is divided into chapters, in which players will have to conquer the AI opponents. You can only unlock new chapters when you win the previous chapter.

Final Verdict

After that, Revolve8 brings a simple gameplay, but the variety of heroes and powerful magic cards, which will take the players into the fun and entertaining games. We will update the Revolve8 APK download link as soon as it officially released.

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