PayDay Crime War APK+ OBB 0.9.1

PayDay Crime War APK+ OBB 0.9.1

Version: 0.9.1 ·
November 19, 2019 (3 years ago)
Full NamePayDay Crime War
Publisher OVERKILL Studio
Mod FeaturesNO
Latest Version0.9.1

PayDay is an FPS Multiplayer Game developed by OVERKILL Studio. The game was first released on PC by Starbreeze Publishing AB on Steam for free in August 2013. The game quickly became a hit, which has attracted millions of players around the world. So far, the second version of the game has officially been released and still received a lot of positive reviews.

Have you ever wondered if there is a PayDay version for mobile? The answer is yes. OVERKILL Studio has officially launched their game on the mobile platforms (Android and iOS) named PayDay Crime War.


PayDay Crime War Key Features

The game is currently in the Closed Beta process so you cannot download it from Play Store or App Store. However, in this article, we bring you the download link of PayDay Crime War full APK + Data with detailed instructions that you can download and install the game quickly in a few steps. If you are a Payday fan on your PC, PayDay Crime War will not disappoint you. Let’s go through the exciting features of PayDay Crime War right below.

PayDay Crime War Gameplay: Heister or cop?

The first question that you should ask yourself when you play PayDay Crime War: Who do you want to be in this game, Heister or police? Unlike many other FPS mobile games like Morden Combat, Call of Duty …, instead of allowing players to become heroes or the police who save the world, PayDay Crime War has transformed you into the villain. They are criminals, who appear in elegant suits and wear monster masks called Heister. In fact, you can still choose to join the police. But being a criminal seems to create new feelings when playing games. Payday: Crime Wars will bring you 4vs4, PvP online, in which the battle will be divided into two factions, competing against each other on the PayDay typical maps such as Bank, Casino…

Are you ready for the century mission in PayDay Crime War?

PayDay Crime War apk data

What do you need to do?

PayDay Crime War takes players to a random area, where there are 3 points that you need to pay attention, are called “THE SAFE”. So what is your mission?

In the game, you need to move quickly to these three points (they are highlighted on the map). The mission is a bit different for the two sides. If you are the Heister, you need to place the drillers at this point and protect them. Otherwise, if you are the COP, you must break the rim of the opponent.

Every match in the game takes place within 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, any team with the higher score will win. Do not forget the mission of each side by successfully defending THE SAFE, your side will gain 200 points. If you are killed, you will be revived at a random spot outside the map. Do not forget to quickly run back to the battle area and team up.


The game modes

PayDay Crime War brings you three game modes: Quick Match, Ranked Match and Arcade Mode. In fact, their gameplay is the same. The difference is the competition and reward when you win the game.

  • In Arcade Mode, you can practice the combat skills and tactics for both sides. Currently, Arcade Mode has not been available in this beta.
  • Quick Match mode allows players to quickly join the battle without categorizing by experience. You will play with three other random players. Gameplay is not different.
  • Ranked Match: This is the most attractive game mode in PayDay Crime War. You can create a Lobby and invite your friends to join in or join randomly with three other players. When you win the game, you can get the experience points and increase your rank. However, you have to win ten matches in Quick Match to unlock this mode.

PayDay Crime War android

Control mechanism and weapon system

The control mechanism is intuitive and easy-to-learn. If you have ever played FPS mobile games before, everything will be easy. Just drag on the screen to move the character, change the view angle and tap to shoot. There are some support keys like throwing grenades, jumping, changing guns or loading bullets.

Weapons system in PayDay Crime War is very diverse with many types of guns to choose from such as rifles, shotguns, pistols… Players can upgrade or unlock new weapons from the store.

PayDay Crime War mobile

What else in PayDay Crime War APK + OBB?

PayDay Crime War brings important things in gameplay from the PC version that attract millions of players. In addition, Payday: Crime Wars also adds upgrades and weapons sales so players can equip more powerful characters. The game uses a different style of Comics graphics, which makes Payday: Crime Wars more special. In addition, the audio portion of Payday: Crime Wars is built from reality so that players will hear the screams, hostile cry, gunfire, explosive grenades … like the realistic background of terrorism battle.

PayDay Crime War apk download

How to install PayDay Crime War APK + Data

PayDay Crime War has not been available on the Play Store, so installing it with an APK is the only way that you can do on your Android device. As promised, we will guide you to download and install it easily. You need to follow the steps below:

  • Download all the files we provide below
  • Install the APK file as normal
  • Unzip the game’s Data file, copy it follows: Sdcard / Android / OBB
  • That’s it; now you can open the game and enjoy it.

Final Verdict

After six years of creating the trend on PC, PayDay officially released the mobile version of the game called PayDay Crime War. If you are a fan of this series, do not miss it. Have a fun game!

Download PayDay Crime War APK+ OBB 0.9.1

Download (400MB)

You are now ready to download PayDay Crime War for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • Some applications will only run when you install the correct file that matches your device’s chipset. If you don’t know what chipset your device uses, check it with CPU Z.
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