Man or Vampire Mod APK 1.5.5 [God Mode/One Hit/Anti Ban]

Man or Vampire Mod APK 1.5.5 [God Mode/One Hit/Anti Ban]

Version: 1.5.5 ·
September 12, 2019 (3 years ago)
Publisher HIDEA
Mod FeaturesGod Mode
Latest Version1.5.5
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Man or Vampire (MOD) is a product of HIDEA, a studio from Korea. There is very little information about this developer. Before MOV, they just released a single game called Rogue Life. Maybe Man or Vampire will make HIDEA more popular. The game is currently in Top Editor Choice with over 1 million downloads in a few days after release.

Do you believe in the existence of parallel worlds, where humans, vampires, and spirits live together? That is a question that we all want answers to. In Man or Vampire, you will discover that world. In addition, the adventure in the game will become more attractive when you have the soul to go with.

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Man or Vampire Mod APK Key Features

Let’s explore the unique features of this game right below.

The story

The game brings the player to Heaven, which is called “the afterlife.” Heaven is a mysterious land with the story of an endless war among humans, spirits and vampires. You are the only human being here. Your task is to summon and form an army of souls, join the adventure in this world and kill the monsters and vampires – dangerous enemies. Let’s go!

Man or Vampire mod apk

Build your Adventure Party

As mentioned, Man or Vampire is a Strategy Role Playing Game (SRPG), which is a subgenre of RPG, the most popular game genre today. As the name implies, the SRPG is a strategy role-playing game, in which players take part in real-time turn-based battles. SRPG is a perfect game for the touch screen because all the action and control of your character are done by touching.

The first point about Man or Vampire is that anyone who tries it for the first time will “do not know what to do”. The gameplay and game stages are designed uniquely unlike any other game before. You do not worry too much because we give you a detailed instruction right at the beginning of the game so you can familiarize yourself with the gameplay.

In the beginning, you play single. You can create a team of 4 members. They are the souls found in Heaven. Of course, each character has a unique attribute and skill. How to use them is entirely up to you. When you are not fighting, you can control the team to move freely around the map to search for gold or the hidden items in the chest. But once faced with the enemy, the game will quickly switch to turn-based. Each turn, you can only perform an action such as Attack, perform the skill or heal the blood. Therefore, to ensure your victory, you need to use a good squad and the right strategy.

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Control system and graphics

The controls in the game are easy and intuitive, which you can even play it with just one finger. Man or Vampire does not have virtual keys appear on the screen. All you need to do is touch anywhere on the map to command the character or to touch the enemy to start the battle.
In battles, you need to control the team to go to the different locations and perform actions such as attacking enemies or healing.
Graphics in the game is acceptable according to my experience and evaluation. You should not expect too much in a game with only 77MB. Characters are well-designed with different outfits and shapes. The in-game image is seen from a top-down view angle with a rather dark color. In general, you will still feel the mystery and danger of the adventures in Man or Vampire.

Recruit various characters with unique skills.

The main character that you control is the only human in the game. You can change the character class freely and learn advanced skills from other characters. Depending on how you use this character, you can change the strategy in the most appropriate way.
Each character has three important indicators that you need to know: INT, STR, and AGI. There are more than 50 characters divided into nine different classes such as Warrior, Knight, Wizard … After each battle, the character can get Skill Point. You need to use it to increase the character’s stats. Also, you should pay attention to upgrading the skills that match your tactics.
You have to remember that you will lose the character permanently if they die while fighting. You can revive them by turning them into vampires, but the characters after the transformation will not be able to level up anymore.

Man or Vampire mod game features

Suspicious Dungeon Run – Boss Monsters appearance

The story in Man or Vampire is divided into chapters corresponding to a land that you will discover. Everywhere in the Man or Vampire contains the danger and the monsters that you must fight and destroy them. The bosses in the game are a big challenge, which appears randomly and brings difficulties for players. However, if you destroy them, the reward is amazing.

The game modes

Man or Vampire brings you many exciting game modes. Detective Mode is the ideal place to level up and find the best equipment for your character. If you think you are confident enough, you can try the Arena mode where your team will fight with other players’ teams in real-time battles to win the big prizes.
In addition to the traditional PvE and PvP modes of a role-playing game, you can participate in daily quests. You can complete them for getting the attractive rewards. Besides, there are character collection missions, which are important if you want to increase your character’s stats and power.

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What else in the Man or Vampire (God Mode/One Hit/No ban)?

What makes us unhappy at the game is that the reward after each game is quite small, which takes a long time to get enough gold to upgrade the character. You will continue to do missions to earn money, use them to summon stronger character companions, increase skill points and intensify weapons, etc. The game has a lot of quests for you. If you do not have much time for that, we bring you the latest mod of this game. Man or Vampire does not provide unlimited gold or unlock all characters. It only affects a bit of battle. Man or Vampire Mod One Hit allows you to kill monsters or bosses after only one attack. You will save time to perform missions to upgrade characters. Here is the information about this mod.

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Man or Vampire is not a high-quality graphics game. What makes it attractive to players is the unique gameplay, an abundant character system and a lot of missions to complete. Hope you have successfully downloaded and installed Man or Vampire Mod APK. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment below.  Goo luck and have fun!


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