Doom II (MOD, Paid/ Patched)

Doom II (MOD, Paid/ Patched)

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September 6, 2020 (2 years ago)
Full NameDoom II
Publisher Bethesda Softworks LLC
Mod FeaturesPaid, Unlocked
Latest Version1.0.8.209
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Doom II (APK Paid) is a first-person shooter video game, the second title of id Software’s Doom franchise. DOOM’s 25th anniversary is celebrated with the re-release of DOOM II. This beloved sequel to the groundbreaking DOOM (1993) gave players the brutal Super Shotgun to bear against deadlier demons, and the infamous boss, the Icon of Sin. Compared to the previous Doom version, the Doom II has expanded, upgraded and markedly improved on all the elements that make up its success.

Like the previous version, Bethesda Softworks LLC released Doom II on the App Store and the Google Play. DOOM II allows players to download this game for free. Doom II has a big size: 22M suitable with devices have the massive storage capacity to install this game. Besides, gamers’ phone needs an Android operating system of 8.0 or more to be able to adapt to this version of the game. The Doom II game is a violent and horror game. The newbie can download, install, and explore this game for free.

Doom II apk download

A fascinating storyline is a great attraction

The game aims to destroy the boss: THE ICON OF SIN. The plot is about a marine tasked to go to the space station to search for survivors, but things get worse when he arrives. The corpses everywhere and the dead people were turned into living bodies, destroying anyone with a heartbeat. After defeating the demon invasion on Mars, and saving the Mars base there, the marine goes on leave and lands a drop pod on Earth. The gamer finds that Earth has also been invaded by the demons, who have killed billions of people.

There are also strange creatures from Hell, such as Imp, Demon, Mastermind, Shotgunner. The player starts with a shotgun and gradually has more weapons in the next level. The game also has secrets behind the wall. The gamer must descend into the depths of Hell, survive demon hordes, and take part in the fiercest battle ever to save Earth.

The gameplay is the specific way in which players interact with a game

The story and gameplay are not two things that can be easily separated. A great storyline has to link with fantastic gameplay. Players join the game with fully armed and ready to fight. Players need to use both hands to press, hold, and move on the screen to move and aim at monsters. The other hand tapped the screen to shoot after aiming. At DOOM II, the number of monsters increases double, so newbie needs to be very focused to get used to the intensity of movement and aiming. Besides, players will collect a lot of useful items. Above and below the screen, there are instructions and indicators to help players easily monitor the status of the character. After finishing the level, the player will know the number of monsters killed, the number of items collected, and the percentage of secrets.

Doom II gameplay

Higher upgrade features

Doom II was not dramatically different from its predecessor. There were no significant technological developments, graphical improvements, or substantial gameplay changes. Instead, the development team took advantage of advances in computer hardware since the release of the original game that allowed them to do more with their game engine by making much larger and more intricate levels.

Each level is infested with demons that can be killed with a variety of weapons that can be picked up throughout the game. Levels are completed by finding an exit, whether it be a switch or a teleporter; the goal is to advance to the next area. As with its predecessor, Doom II’s levels can be completed in a straightforward fashion. Due to the larger and more complicated maps with larger groups of monsters, the game had somewhat higher system requirements than the original.

Doom II features

Doom II doubled the number of non-boss monster types and started using bosses from the original Doom as average level enemies, in addition to adding a new weapon, the double-barreled shotgun (called the Super Shotgun in the game), and a new power-up, the Megasphere.

To sum up

In the large game market, Doom II still occupies a large number of players despite the classic game style. The reception of Doom II was positive, with reviewers saying it refined everything that made the original Doom good. And improvements at DOOM II did not disappoint players. The sound has been improved to stimulate the players more, creating drama for the game. Graphics in the game also have a bit of improvement on more complex structures, more eye-catching colors, more diverse terrain, and all smoother movements. DOOM II promises to bring players an exciting and unforgettable experience. DOOM II is a free game on Play Store, but as promised we helped you install it and play it entirely for free. If you have any feedback about the game, please leave a comment below.

Download Doom II (MOD, Paid/ Patched)

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You are now ready to download Doom II for free. Here are some notes:

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