Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush! 2.89 (MOD, Unlimited Sapphire)

Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush! 2.89 (MOD, Unlimited Sapphire)

Version: 2.89 ·
March 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
Full NameDiamond Quest: Don't Rush!
Publisher Bounce Global
Mod FeaturesMoney, Unlocked
Latest Version2.89
RequireAndroid 4.1
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MOD coming soon…

The old school maze exploring game you once loved is now back with enhanced graphics and gameplay. Released by Bounce Global, a studio that focuses on bringing back those 16 bits games from the early 20s. With an average rate of 4.6 stars out of 5 and more than 1 million downloads, Diamond Quests is proved to be beloved and has quite an amount of fan for its own.

Diamond Quest game

General information

The game is a 2D roleplaying adventure game, where players get to become an explorer running through many dangerous places. From the deep jungle of Angkor Wat to the freezing Tibet cave, you can experience them all. A game created to test your skills and ability, to test your agility and your endurance.

Here are some features that help Diamond Quest to score points with its user.

Old school gameplay

If you think you have seen this game before on your mom’s Nokia phone, it is an enhanced version based on the java game Forbidden Treasures. Once in the game, you will take the role of an explorer who discovers and collects gems or artifacts. But your journey won’t be easy as you have to face tons of obstacles in each map. From giant snakes to enormous monkeys, from flamethrowing lions to rocks that could squash your character without any effort.

Dangers are lurking everywhere and preying on you. Players can control the character to avoid those obstacles with a console-liked navigator. Offering only four basic movements like climbing up and down and going left or right, the game is quite challenging for beginners. You can even freely customize the navigator’s opacity, size, and sensitivity in the setting menu.

Diamond Quest gameplay

But don’t worry too much! During the game, the character’s activities are based on an energy bar, and you can do whatever you want before it runs out. You can find gems, keys, and energy recover items in the maze or make your own potions, but it would be time-consuming.

There will be various save points lying around the map, and whenever you want to undo an act, just go to one of it and press the button. This game is not just a normal roleplaying game, but also a puzzle-solving game. The players are constantly required to stop and realize whether there is a puzzle hidden or not.

Cool looking graphics

Moving from its original pixelate art style, the game graphics are now more elaborate and eyes-pleasing. A compliment for the graphics developing team as they spend their time and focus on small details of the backgrounds and the in-game items. The use of color is also another place for a compliment. The color scheme is organic and friendly-looking, which creates a relaxing atmosphere for players to experience.

The game offers three themes: Angkor Wat, Bavaria, and Tibet. Each will have a different background and layout, which is cool since they will make the game more interesting.

Diamond Quest graphic and sound

Matching sound effects and background music

The background music does a good job of boosting the player’s emotions. It successfully brings the vibe of a thrilling and exciting adventure waiting ahead. And for the sound effects, there is no background music playing during gameplay and sound effects take care of the boosting emotions job. From bushes rustling sound to the crash sound of stones hitting the ground. From the funny yell of the character when he is hit to the soothing clicking sound of the navigator. Everything fit in the game perfectly and do their best to enhance the gamer’s experience.

The joyful sound of the character when he finds the way out after facing tons of obstacles has never been this pleasing.

A generous rewarding system

Not just limiting to only English, the game offers up to 8 languages for you to choose from. English, French, Italian, Portuguese, … even uncommon languages like Vietnamese and Turk are also an option. This is one of the reasons why Diamond Quest has a wide variety of gamers from many countries around the world.

You can also watch the ad video to receive your rewards and gems after completing each map. Just free playing is enough to give you the full and exciting experience of the game.

Final thoughts

If you want a retro game with enhanced graphics and gameplay, you can come and take a look at Diamond Quest. Quick to pick up the gameplays but hard to put down your phone, the game is promised to be fun and addictive. Train your brain with these tricky puzzles hidden in each map or check your skills and agility with the game’s challenging gameplay. Available for free on app stores, Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush is waiting for you to come and give it a try. Excited already? Then what are you waiting for?

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