Deranged Mod APK +OBB v6.4 (Infinity Armor)

Deranged Mod APK +OBB v6.4 (Infinity Armor)

Version: 6.4 ·
October 21, 2020 (2 years ago)
Publisher Invention Games
Mod FeaturesInfinity Armor
Latest Version6.4
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Deranged is a great horror game on Android developed and published by Inventions Game Studio. The game takes you on an adventure in the abandoned Mordiz mansion. Your mission is to get back your lost sister and escape from here.

Deranged is a paid game on Play Store so you need to pay $2.99 before downloading and installing it. In this article, we will help you experience it completely for free by providing you with the APK file. Let’s install and enjoy it right now!

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The story

Detective Sara has disappeared investigating strange events occurring outside an abandoned village. After days without giving signs of life, her brother Edward suffering from schizophrenic decides to go out and look for her. Upon reaching the village, an old man appears and warns him not to continue the route, as this would take him to the Edward bent on finding his sister ignores the warnings of the old man and arrives at what appears to be the Mordiz mansion. He will soon discover that this forgotten place hides horrible secrets.

Deranged gameplay android

The gameplay

Deranged is a horror game that combines a 3rd-person shooter. At the beginning of the game, you are caught in a dead end. You are forced to leave your vehicle and move to seek help. Unfortunately, you came to Mordiz mansion. Here, you are stuck and cannot find other help from outside. The phone signal has disappeared. You will have to save yourself from monsters’ attacks, which protect this mansion. During the journey, you will discover horrible secrets that have been buried here for thousands of years and find answers to the appearance of those monsters.

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There are no instructions, so you must move on your own and find a way to solve the puzzles in the game. You will start the game with nothing. You will have to visit the rooms in the villa to search for weapons. A gun is really necessary, which can help you kill monsters quickly. Don’t forget that bullets are limited, so you should only shoot when you are really in danger.

Control system is similar to other action mobile games. In which, you use the Joystick on the left to move the character. At the opposite side, there is the key to perform actions such as picking, shooting, reloading…

The graphics and sound

Deranged is built on 3D graphics, but it is not really as good as the blockbuster games on Android. The point of creating the attraction of the game is the gloomy background. Your character will move in an abandoned mansion, which covered with darkness and hidden dangers.

The sound of the game is very impressive with the horror soundtrack. Sometimes, the sounds of footsteps or sudden screams can frighten you. The game also has a capacity of only nearly 250MB, so it can work well on Low-end devices.

Deranged APK

The key features of the game:

  • You will go with Edward to discover the horror story behind the journey of finding the missing sister.
  • The players have to survive in an abandoned villa, fight with terrifying creatures.
  • There are many in-game puzzles that you need to solve. You have to complete them to find important data.
  • Discovering secrets in mysterious areas. Link the events to find the final story.
  • Impressive 3D graphics and horror sounds.


Overall, Deranged is a horror survival game worth your experience. Although it is a paid game, you can download and install it completely for free with the APK file that we have provided. If you are a fan of horror games on mobile and have tried a lot of quality products like Granda, Bendy and the Ink Machine …, Deranged is a great choice that you should not miss. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment below.

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