Death by Daylight 1.1.4 (MOD, Original)

Death by Daylight 1.1.4 (MOD, Original)

Version: 1.1.4 ·
February 4, 2020 (3 years ago)
Full NameDeath by Daylight
Publisher Behaviour
Latest Version1.1.4
RequireAndroid 7.1 and up
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The series of horror games on mobile does not win the majority of users, but it always has a fixed number of fans. The launch of the game Death by Daylight has attracted a lot of interest from both fans and not fans of this series. Because from the first moments in the introduction video, Death by Daylight gives players the feeling of living in a thrilling, suspenseful and exciting horror film. A lot of fans of Death by Daylight around the world were very excited when the game’s interactive group announced it would release a mobile version. Although they only briefly describe the game’s interactions on mobile devices will be a bit different, but it still gives the same experience and thrill when playing on PC. It is known that the game will be officially released next month. Here is the information you need to grasp when preparing this exciting game experience.


Search for an exit

Coming to Death by Daylight, players will join one of two teams. One side is four survivors and one is a killer. While the killer has the sole task of finding survivors, attacking, killing and hanging them on the hook to sacrifice other gods in the world, survivors need to find ways to escape. escape here. They have to repair five generators to power the ports and escape the dangerous area. Although the killer usually takes the higher part of the odds in each match, the feelings that the survivors go through during the escape process are extremely scary, and horrible.

After being arranged to play with three other survivors, the player will be put into a ghost-filled map and horror. There are many different areas and you are randomly put into different maps. This adds to the suspense for players because they don’t know where they will go. The players’ scenes are often very frightening and dark. It could be a ruined farm, a dirty landfill. You must find the generators located in different locations in different areas to be able to open the gate and escape.


Repair generator

This is an extremely slow process that drives you crazy. You have to hold down to let your character bend down and start to mop and repair the generator. The repair of generators is extremely noisy and dangerous. If you fix it by yourself, it may take up to 1 minute to complete one. The generator’s noise can attract the killer’s attention and he will find you. So, make the best plan with other survivors to repair all 5 generators safely.


When detected by the killer, you can hardly attack him. The only thing you can do is shine a flashlight in his eyes and run if you’re lucky enough to have a flashlight in hand. The killer moves faster than you. Although you are running at the fastest speed, you will feel like you are being pulled back like an ominous walk in the usual horror movies. Speeding with the killer seems impossible, but you can push the pallet or jump through the window to slow him down. Try to put many obstacles between you and him during the escape to keep your life safe.

The Sixth Sense

If the killer is healthier and faster than the survivors, then the survivors also have their advantages. In the process of repairing or hiding, the survivor will sense the killer if he is nearby. Your heart rate will increase, so you will quickly discover that the killer is nearing your position, so you can quickly escape before he sees it. Unfortunately, if you are editing the generator at 90%, the noise of the device will overwhelm the sound of your heartbeat making it hard to detect thanks to your second sense. At those last moments, you can only use your eyes to alert the killer.


Increase danger, increase bonus points

To make the game more interesting, the developer encourages players to increase their reward points by extending the chase with murderers. If the chase is longer and the escape is successful, the survivor will receive more rewards at the end of the match. The mockery of hunters can bring great scores to survivors. If you are a hunter, the higher your score when you catch more survivors.

Become a killer

When you are tired of running away, you can become a killer and chase four survivors. The killer can know the location of all generators on the map so you can easily go back and forth between those areas to check. You can easily discover that the survivor is fixing one of the machines with loud noises. Also, murderers can identify survivors with scratches, footprints in the grass or other signs around them. When you find a survivor, you will attack, kill and pick them up on your spirit sacrifice for 60 seconds.


Death by Daylight is a very interesting horror game and has a fairly large number of players on the PC platform. Bringing this game to work on the mobile platform will make this game bring more players around the world. We will update the download link when this game is available on Play Store. You can enjoy some other horror games we’ve introduced, Limbo and Evil Nun.

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