Dead Cells 1.1.10 (MOD, Paid)

Dead Cells 1.1.10 (MOD, Paid)

Version: 1.1.10 ·
June 21, 2020 (2 years ago)
Full NameDead Cells
Publisher Motion Twin
Mod FeaturesPaid
Latest Version1.1.10
RequireAndroid 6.0

Dead Cells is a great game from Motion Twin. It belongs to the role-playing action game genre with a 2D perspective. Although the game is just a small game with a simple graphic design, it is rated very well from the gaming community. Dead Cells first appeared on Steam in April 2017, exclusively for the PC platform. The Nintendo Switch version was also released shortly after. Over more than 2 years, the developer finally completed and announced an official version of Dead Cells on the mobile platform. The game supports both Android and iOS. Let’s find it out right below!

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The simple plot

Dead Cells does not build a complex storyline with many different characters. Instead, everything is clear and easy to understand. You will control an unknown character, known as The Prisoner. Your character has no face, awakening in a cave that looks like a vast labyrinth with lots of teleport points between areas. To escape, you must fight the enemy and overcome all the locations in the game.

Rogue-lite, Metroidvania gameplay

When playing Dead Cells, you will recognize the familiarity of the gameplay. This is an action RPG with 2D graphics on a horizontal screen, so it was very familiar if you were a fan of Gameboy games many years ago. Dead Cells is a good upgrade and creation that is inspired by Castlevania. This is the point that makes the difference and makes Dead Cells stand out among many other products of the same genre.

Dead Cells APK gameplay

In addition, the control mechanism is very simple. You navigate the character, attack and destroy all enemies on the way, defeat the Boss and move to the next Dungeon. In addition to battles with different types of opponents, you sometimes need to solve some puzzles to unlock a door or pass a complex terrain.

Initially, the game will allow you to use two main weapons including sword and bow. Besides, Dead Cells gives you a huge amount of weapons. They are sword swords, darts, machine guns etc … You will also receive support from items when you kill monsters or buy from shops. For each dungeon, there are different teleportation positions, which helps players move to other locations in the area as quickly as possible. Overall, Dead Cells’ gameplay is quite fast. The number of opponents is high and appears constantly, so you have to have a good reflex to deal with them.

Loot and upgrade

In addition to the difficult and cruel challenges in the game, the developer brings perfect loot and upgrade system. Dead Cells has a lot of different weapons for you to search, use, and upgrade. However, most of them are not available from the beginning. By killing monsters, you have the opportunity to pick up blueprints, which allow you to create new weapons. Upgrading weapons is not always good. Sometimes, combining ingredients brings effects that make your weapons more difficult to use.

Dead Cells upgrade system

In the loot system, the blueprint is a rare thing to receive. Two things you will see more often are Gold and Cells. They are the main currency of the game. In which, Gold is extremely important because you can use it to buy, upgrade weapons or upgrade character attributes. The Cell is used to make new blueprints and upgrade some other items.

Besides, the developer brought a rule in Dead Cells called “High Risk-High Reward”. It means that everything you collect in the game, including blueprint, gold, and cell, will only be counted if you pass that level without being dead. This mechanism creates high difficulty in the game, but it also brings more rewards to the players.

8-Bits graphics

Dead Cells has a design style based on the 8-bit graphics platform, which is quite old and nostalgic. This graphic style creates a familiar feeling as childhood. However, the developer still makes a difference in the game’s graphics. From the image of the main character to all kinds of shaped monsters, there is a unique style and personality for each category. The small effects in the game are also focused.

Dead Cells APK Mobile graphics

With 8bit graphics, Dead Cells cannot create a vast and detailed world. Instead, it creates diversity in locations. Each stage is a different battlefield, which is also designed with lots of way as a labyrinth.

The sound

Despite being an indie game, the components that directly affect the player’s experience are highly valued and respected by Dead Cells. The sound is no exception. This is an effective catalyst that enhances the player’s gaming experience. In the game, the developer has added a lot of soundtracks and changed them constantly. The songs have a good melody for each stage and their context. In addition, the sound of moving, interacting with the environment and the combat sounds are also very well simulated. A little piece of advice is that you should wear headphones when playing games for the best experience.

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Overall, Dead Cells deserves to be one of the best indie games on Mobile that you should not miss. The game offers challenging gameplay with high difficulty. Although it is not so spectacular, unique graphics and an extremely diverse weapon system make the game great. After more than 2 years from the first time of release on the PC, the mobile version of the game is also officially released in the near future. We will update the game’s APK file download link as soon as it is available.

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