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Critical Ops: Reloaded APK

Version: 1.0 ·
November 18, 2019 (3 years ago)
Full NameCritical Ops: Reloaded
Publisher NHN Entertainment Corp.
Mod FeaturesSoon
Latest Version1.0

If you’re a fanatic of the FPS genre, it’s a pity if you miss out on the upcoming Critical Ops: Reloaded. The game promises to continue the success of its predecessor, Critical Ops, on the mobile platform. It’s still open to register now, and I’ve been lucky to try out some of the game’s features.

Critical Ops Reloaded APK download

Introduction to Critical Ops: Reloaded

NHN Entertainment announced on May 13th, 2019 that it will develop a mobile release called Critical Ops: Reloaded, a sequel to the game Critical Ops. This company owns some other amazing titles you may recognize, like LoveLive! School Idol Festival and RWBY: Amity Arena.

Critical Ops Reloaded Gameplay

A look at this game’s action-packed gameplay

An interesting and unique shooter video game

Critical Ops: Reloaded is an FPS which revolves around multiplayer actions. While you can see some Counter-Strike influences, it’s still a good thing to play on the mobile platform.

Overall, each player has an inventory and an amount of cash to spend on weapons. It’s essential to spend your money efficiently. For example, if you go all-in on heavy weapons and expensive equipment, they’ll be useless once you’re killed. When you start, you’ll automatically have a pistol and a melee knife. They can do some damage, but that’s inferior to what you’d find in the weapon shop, which can range to the ordinary carbine to a deadly flamethrower.

The addictive game modes

There are two game modes: Defuse and Deathmatch. In Defuse mode, players are divided into two teams – one defending the bombsite and the other will try to plant a bomb and protect it. The defenders must either eliminate all terrorists or defuse the bomb if they have already planted it. You can buy some equipment to speed up the defusing process, as using your bare hand makes it incredibly long. In short, every sub-round lasts 2 minutes, and your team will be victorious in the end for 13 wins.
While Defuse is a fast-paced and tactical mode, Deathmatch is a gradual run against time, and you just need to be quick and precise in your aiming. Each player has a small amount of money to start with, and killing an opponent grants you more. Upon death, you can respawn right away at your base, and you’ll win if your points are the highest when the timer runs out. Use your money to buy guns and equipment when you respawn and take out your enemies as quickly as you can.

You will not have too much time to prepare the battle

The game’s tempo is rather quick, and you’ll need to move constantly. Eventually, you can find out the gun and playstyle that suit you best. If you fancy running and picking out targets at high speed, the assault rifle is your optimal choice. Or if you’re more on the idle kind and want to take out enemies at range, you can go for the sniper rifle. Once you’re familiar with your personal strategy, it’s an excellent option to pay attention to your gun’s look. Just get some skins for your weapon. They drop automatically, but randomly, after each match. But you know, you can buy these items with your real money through IAP (in-app-purchases), and I must say that some look fantastic. What is more, skins are there to make you look more like a pro, and they contribute none to how you perform. Therefore, this game isn’t pay-to-win.

The control is better than most mobile FPSs

You get a joystick for movement and some buttons to perform actions. While in other FPSs where you rely totally on auto-aiming, it’s an excellent choice to deselect it in Critical Ops: Reloaded. That makes this game smoother to control, and it’s a vital thing in shooters. Getting dependant on auto-aiming is a bad idea for mobile shooters. They can make you hit targets more efficiently, but in a fast game like Critical Ops: Reloaded, speed is everything.

Critical Ops Reloaded APK graphics

The game has great graphics to look at

The graphics of this game are really a step up from the previous Critical Ops. You’re able to select from four different graphic settings, and even the lowest look pleasant to the eyes. The phone that I use isn’t a beefy one, but it can handle this game with ease.
What I like most about the game’s graphics is that you can customize settings as profoundly as on a PC. Everything from shadow dropping to Vsync is available to tweak on this mobile game. That somehow tells that NHN Entertainment really cares about users’ experience.

Sounds are realistic for a shooter like this

Gunshots and grenade blasts are just some key factors that make Critical Ops: Reloaded excel in sound effects. Everything is appropriately designed which is a huge bonus. For example, in Defuse mode, the sound that the bomb makes when it’s about to detonate really hits you. It raises your adrenaline and makes the game more entertaining to players.

Voice chat is making its way to Critical Ops: Reloaded, and I expect it to work correctly. There are also options for you to send short vocal commands to your team without typing. Every second means a lot, and it’s an excellent option to communicate with voices. It’s a shame when you stop to type something and get killed a second later.

My verdict

While it’s too soon to say anything, I’d give this game a 7.5/10. Its overall performance is exceptional for a game in development. While it may borrow some gameplay ideas, the creators have done well to give it some unique color. Anyway, it’s understandable for it to be prone to some errors and crashes, as it’s still open for pre-registration. Critical Ops: Reloaded is coming soon to mobile platforms, and be ready for the official release!

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