Clash Royale 3.5.0 (MOD, Unlimited Gold/Gems, Private Server)

Clash Royale 3.5.0 (MOD, Unlimited Gold/Gems, Private Server)

Version: 3.5.0 ·
April 3, 2021 (2 years ago)
Full NameClash Royale
Publisher Supercell
Mod FeaturesMoney, Gems
Latest Version3.5.0
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Clash Royale Mod APK- a great online strategy game published and developed by Supercell. Currently, along with the Clash of Clans, Clash Royale is one of the most popular tactics games on mobile. The game has also become an E-sport with hundreds of tours taking place in many countries around the world.

If you are a mobile gamer, it is definitely no stranger to the famous Clash of Clans with the sharp and cute graphics. The character formation in Clash Royale is somewhat similar to its previous version. Supercell developers have not hesitated to use the most vivid graphics and sound systems for Clash Royale to attract players. Despite the sharp 3D, the game can play smoothly on most mobile devices today.

The players can download free games on the app stores of iOS and Android. You can enjoy all the features of the game without any cost. Your task in the game is to command the army through the cards, destroy the enemy tower to win the battle. In this article, we bring you the latest mod of Clash Royale, which allows unlimited use of gems and money.

Clash Royale Mod Latest Version 2018
Clash Royale Mod Latest Version 2018

Clash Royale Mod APK [Unlimited Everything] Latest/Update

The rule in Clash Royale is completely clear. The battle takes place within 3 minutes, whichever player destroys more of the opponent’s Arena Tower, or destroy the opponent’s King’s Tower first will win. If 2 King’s Tower is destroyed at the same time, it will be a draw. The players will be ranked according to the level and number of titles they have won. There are 13 levels for us to conquer.

You have a Desk with monsters or magic cards. Each desk is only allowed to contain eight tokens. Therefore, you should consider the cards that are most appropriate. Do not forget to check the properties of the cards because they will bring useful information to help you decide whether to choose it or not. The battlefield is divided into two factions, which are connected by two bridges.

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Clash Royale Mod apk unlimited money

Clash Royale features of the game:

Clash Royale gives us a sense of familiarity when it comes to the system of cards, are inspired by Clash of Clans. You will see Goblin, Giant, Princes, Knights, Baby Dragon or any character from Clash of Clans. Let’s explore the exciting features of the game right below.

collect your card

Collecting cards

Cards are the most important thing in the game, which are tools to summon soldiers in battle. To use the card, you need to spend Elixir, which is the purple bar displayed at the bottom of the screen. The rarer the card is, the more elixir you have, so pay close attention to the balance between the cards in your Desk. Cards in the game are categorized by popularity, including common, rare and epic. You can identify them based on the color, in which the common cards are green, the rares are bronze; the epics are purple.

Although each Desk allows only a maximum of 8 cards, Clash Royale offers a collection of hundreds of cards at every level. That means you can spend a lot of time setting up a nice Desk because each card has different attributes and strengths.

Clash Royale mod apk download

Join clans

The clan will be unlocked when you reach Level 3. This feature is similar to Clash of Clans and Dragalia Lost. Joining a clans will give you many benefits that you might not expect. The first is that you will learn a lot from the members of the clans through discussions from the chat box. Besides, you can also get support from other members during the battle. Giving cards to other members will help you get golds and level up. Golds will help you upgrade your card. Increasing the level will increase your tower’s HP and possess more powerful skills.

Players can also communicate with other members through a chat window. If you have difficulty in battle, you can request the donation or tactical advice from your clan. Being an active member, willing to give the cards to other players will bring you great benefits. You should not be selfish when joining the clans because the clan manager can kick you at any time.


When you participate in online battles, there are definitely more opponents with stronger cards than you. But do not too worry, Clash Royale require much more in using the skill. You can use smart strategies to defeat the stronger opponents. If you feel unable to win, you can wait to open chests and get better cards.
The balance of the game has also been made by Super Cells in the game. Players will be categorized based on the experience they have, which will be ranked in different Arena.

Challenge through the Arena

The arena is the only game mode of the game. Currently, Clash Royale has nine arenas; you can only reach the next Arena when getting enough trophies. Depending on the number of Gold Cup emblems that a player has gained, he or she will determine the player’s location in Arena. After winning 400 gold cups or more, the newcomer will move to the Arena 2. The Gold Cup will display right next to the character’s name with the red color.

When you lose a battle, you lose the trophy, which you should pay attention to.

Clash Royale hack apk

Using magic

There are various types of spells in the game, such as freeze and rage. Using magic at the right time will help you gain the advantage in battle. Freeze helps you freeze enemy troops. Rage increases the strength and speeds up your army. Using the Giant Skeleton or Balloon in combination with the rage will give you quick access to the most important enemy base and destroy it.


Team up with your friends

In addition to the 1v1 mode, Clash Royale has added a 2v2 multiplayer mode. In which, you can invite a friend, a guillotine member or another random player on the server to join a battle with two other players.


What’s more in the game?

If you decide not to spend any money in Clash Royale, it will take you more time to get the rare cards. If you lose patience in waiting and want to get things done faster, you can shop in the app store. You can get new cards by opening chests. It usually takes a while for new chests to be unlocked. You can also open chests faster by using gems. During the game, gems are hard to get. If you feel it is not necessary, you should not waste them. You can also use the latest version of Clash Royale mod that we provide in this article to use Unlimited Gold.

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Why should you use Clash Royale Mod?

Clash Royale is one of the most popular real-time strategy games on Mobile, and its appeal is unquestionable. To get a decent desk, players may take hundreds of hours to unlock and upgrade the cards in the game. So finding a mod version is absolutely nothing bad. Mods usually allow for unlimited use of Gold and Gem, so you can use these to buy or upgrade any of the cards in the game you want.

There are many websites that offer Clash Royale Mod, but be careful when accessing them because they can harm your device. Most of the sites give you the link to download the Clash Royale Mod and ask for personal information such as email, name, phone number … this can cause you trouble in the future. So how to find a safe mod version of Clash Royale Mod? No more headaches because of this question anymore because you have come to the right place!

We provide you with the download link of Clash Royale Mod for free, just click on the link to save it to the device, do not ask you to share any personal information.  The Clash Royale Mod is updated to the latest version of the Play Store, so you will not miss any new features. The game allows players to use unlimited golds and gems, you can use them to buy, upgrade card or open the chest.



Clash Royale is a lightweight game and does not require a high-end device to run, so most Android devices today can run it smoothly.  Clash Royale is a lightweight game and does not require a high-end to run it. However, in practice, there are still requirements for the configuration of the device that you need to meet. You can refer to below:

  • The device you are using must be running Android version 4.4 or later.
  • Your smartphone must have at least 512Mb of RAM to run the game. Actually, Android devices now have ram sizes> 1Gb so you should not worry about this.
  • Your device also needs a minimum of 110M of free memory to install Clash Royale Mod.
  • Clash Royale Mod is an online game, so do not forget to use Wifi or 3G, 4G to play it. We recommend using a stable internet connection to connect to the server.
  • Do not require root your device.

Hope you have got the information about the configuration required to play Clash Royale Mod. It’s really easy to download and install this game on any Android device.

How to download and install?

To install Clash Royale Mod, you need to follow the steps in our guide below:

  • Download the game’s APK file that we provided at the link below.
  • Go to Setting -> Security. Enables the “Unknown Sources” option. This step is to allow your device to install games or applications from APK files that are not downloaded from Google Play.
  • Now you can open the downloaded file without any problem, tap Install to start the installation.
  • Now just wait until the game icon appears at App Draws. Yes, you have successfully installed the game. You can open the game and connect to the server to receive unlimited Gold and Crystal.

The steps above are easy and anyone can do it. Hope you guys can easily install Clash Royale Mod APK on your Android smartphone. If any problems arise, please leave a comment below so that we can work together.

quest and answer in clash royale mod


Well, we get a lot of people’s questions about issues around the game such as installation errors, application failing to connect to the server… All problems can be solved if you do it right. Please check the list Q and A below to find answers to problems you and many other players are asking!

Is this the official version of Clash Royale from SuperCells?

No, there are no foolish publishers who publish mods on their own games. This is a completely free mod based on the official version from Google Play. Of course, everything is kept intact and added to the mod features unlimited money and diamonds.

Do I need root device to install Clash Royale Mod?

Absolutely not, you can install games on all devices including Root and Unroot.

My game account is banned if I use this mod?

Absolutely not, Clash Royale Mod is safe with every device, you will never get banned or hacked account when using it.

I’m stuck on the game’s main screen after loading more than 50%. What should I do?

You need to remove the game and try reinstalling. Or please check the network connection you are using.

Is the hack unlimited elixir version available?

Sorry, it may be available in the future.

How many gems do I get from this mod?

After login to the game, you will receive 9999 gems. It is enough for you to buy and upgrade all the cards in the game. And build a desk you want.

Is this hack safe?

Yes, we have tested it on a lot of different devices, they can run the Clash Royale Mod completely smoothly and without any problems.

When there is a new release, where can I get updates?

The Clash Royale Mod is not available on the Play Store so you can only install it through an APK file. Please Bookmark this article to get the earliest update when available.

Final Verdict

Clash Royale is considered by some critics to be a great game, highly entertaining, but sometimes it is also stressful for players because of the severity of the wars. In the game, you must use the logical card to control your army’s defense for protecting your towers while attacking the destruction of the enemy tower. Destroying the King’s Tower will bring you victory.

I hope you have successfully installed the Clash Royale Mod on your device. Hacking and mod games are sometimes not bad. Most of us have once opened Google and then searched for mods of favorite games, right? Mods help players shorten the gaming process and bring to the perfect gaming experience when all the features are no longer limited. Clash Royale Mod has received over 10 million downloads around the world, the ratings are absolutely positive. If you have any questions about the game. Please leave a comment below!

Download Clash Royale 3.5.0 (MOD, Unlimited Gold/Gems, Private Server)

Download (98M)

You are now ready to download Clash Royale for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • Some applications will only run when you install the correct file that matches your device’s chipset. If you don’t know what chipset your device uses, check it with CPU Z.
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