Chess Rush APK 1.12.24

Chess Rush APK 1.12.24

Version: 1.12.24 ·
November 25, 2020 (2 years ago)
Full NameChess Rush APK Latest/Update (English)
Publisher Tencent Games
Mod FeaturesSoon
Latest Version1.12.24
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If you are looking for a new Auto Chess game on mobile, let’s try Chess Rush.

At present, Auto Chess and its follow-up products still create gaming storms in the game community worldwide. Starting with just a custom map of Dota 2, Auto Chess quickly became popular and appealing to millions of players. Immediately, the game’s developer realized its potential then they quickly developed new products to follow the title. We can talk about Valve with Underlords, Riot Games with Teamfight Tactics… Recently, Tencent also officially fought with a new product called Chess Rush. The special thing is that the game is only available on mobile platforms. They don’t let us wait too long. On July 4, Chess Rush was officially available for free on two popular mobile platforms including Android and iOS. However, the game is currently only available in some countries. If your IP is not on the support list, we can still help you experience this game early. What you need to do is downloading and installing the APK file of Chess Rush that we provided in this article. First of all, let’s see how interesting it is.

Chess Rush APK download

Fastpaced- Match

Chess Rush gameplay retains the elements of Auto Chest such as rules, number of players, maps and the movement regulation. However, as a mobile game, the developer has accelerated progress in every game. They added a feature in the game called turbo-mode. If an Auto Chess match on a PC is often complicated and takes a long time (usually about 1 hour), the match in Chess Rush usually lasts about 10 minutes. In our opinion, it is perfect for a mobile product.

Chess Rush matches

In addition, it is true to the original introduction from Tencent, Chess Rush will allow players to participate in 8-players matches. You and other 7 players will fight on a map like a chessboard (8×8). The winner is the last survivor. Besides, the game offers 52 different heroes divided into 9 systems. You will control these Heroes, put them on the board and combine 3 heroes to upgrade them. Also, you should not forget to use reasonable tactics to win the game.

Many game modes

In addition to Classic Mode, Chess Rush has two new game modes including Turbo Mode and Co-op Mode, which give players more choice for the experience. In Turbo Mode, experience points and mana crystals (used to buy Heroes and experience points) will be doubled. Besides, the player’s starting HP will be 60 instead of 100. It causes the duration of the matches to be shortened. With Co-op, it is also a game mode worth a try. It allows you and your friends to form a team and participate in matches in real time with other teams.

Also, the developer said that they will bring to a global server in Chess Rush, which means that there will not be any regional limits. Players will be able to participate in battles in real time with other players around the world.

Chess Rush APK features

Other features

Currently, Chess Rush supports 6 languages ​​including English, Indonesian, Japanese, Thai, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. The game is also available for free to download on Play Store and App Store. To be able to run this game smoothly, your device needs to run Android 4.4 or higher with 2GB of RAM and 250MB of free memory. Besides, the developer also provides options that allow players to set the game’s graphics level to match your device’s configuration. The option to turn on frame rate is also available.

The graphics of Chess Rush are very impressive. This feature is even more detailed and impressive than Auto Chess Mobile. In which, the heroes are beautifully designed along with beautiful effects.


Although Chess Rush is a new product, it still attracts huge attention from the gaming community. It brings elements of an Auto Chess Mobile that promises to be very successful. The game has beautiful graphics, tactical gameplay, no pay-to-win, various game modes and lots of interesting features. If you are a fan of Auto Chess, you definitely can’t ignore this game.

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