CafeLand – World Kitchen 2.1.78 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

CafeLand – World Kitchen 2.1.78 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Version: 2.1.78 ·
June 8, 2021 (2 months ago)
Full NameCafeLand – World Kitchen
Publisher GAMEGOS
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money
Latest Version2.1.78
RequireAndroid 4.4 and up
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CafeLand – World Kitchen (MOD Money) is among the most popular cooking games. It’s terrific for anyone who loves culinary art and business management. Cafeland – World Kitchen is available for free on both Android and iOS!

Overview and first impressions

CafeLand – World Kitchen is a business simulator game where you can practice delivering restaurant service to customers. There’s so much to do in this game, like cooking tasty dishes for visitors or decorating your own café. The potential is unlimited. I downloaded and was hooked right away since the first act. You can decorate and expand your business the way you want. It’s definitely a good time killer and exciting game.


The game is quite similar to other cooking games. Its gameplay is similar to My Cafe, another mobile game that we introduced before. You will start your dream with a small restaurant with just enough room for a single table, some necessary cooking appliances, and a cashier. Your starting dish options are also limited to sandwiches and pancakes. The game continually gives out quests for you to complete. As you finish one, you’ll be awarded extra recipes and flooring which allows room for more tables. What is more, you can install vending machines or simple entertainment to get extra coins from your patrons.

Cafeland - World Kitchen mod apk gameplay

Your customers won’t just enjoy your service. They sometimes give you suggestions with opinion bubbles on their head. If possible, you can do accordingly to what they say to earn more coins. This is just like real businesses where you can get real-time feedback. Coins can also be obtained by completing sales and mobbing the floor. You can hide more waiters for catering service. They’ll be tipped at some times, which you can collect for extra revenue.

Grow your restaurant

I struggled at first for not knowing how to do quests and end up cooking one recipe every time. It turns out to be a good thing, though. A game mechanism allows you to master a method for preparing it multiple times. As you progress, you get to design your café precisely the way you want. Optical properties can attract more and more people to your restaurant, even in-game celebrities.

All in all, the gameplay is one of the game’s strong suits. CafeLand is very addictive to me, and I think you’ll experience the same. After playing for a few hours, I found out that my friends have been playing all along For every business, I think working alone wouldn’t be a great idea. Luckily, there’s a social network connection option for players. After connecting to Facebook, I had some presents from my friends in just 5 minutes.

A game can get boring quickly without the need for competing. In CafeLand – World Kitchen, you can rank up among friends in terms of popularity and levels. You can visit your friends’ cafés to exchange goods and get random items as well. I think the developers did great in terms of social aspects.

What about the microtransactions in the game?

This is a freemium game. Basically, there’s a premium currency called cash, which you can purchase with your real money. Some items are so expensive in cash, but they bring superior advantage over coined items. This is a potential pay-to-win thing. Anyway, I don’t think anyone would spend that ridiculously much money for a virtual item. Take it at your own pace – you can have fun playing without spending a buck.

Cafeland - World Kitchen mod unlimited money

You will not need to pay any further attention to these transactions by using the CafeLand – World Kitchen Mod we provide. The mod feature allows you to buy in-game items for free and more.

The game looks and sounds stunning

CafeLand – World Kitchen features a 2.5D perspective, and you get to control every worker and the manager of your café. It’s funny to see everyone with huge heads! Whether you like it or not is subjective, but I think that’s perfectly fine for its genre. It’s a typical design that saw great successes since the beginning of business simulators.

The coloring of the game is quite impressive. Bright colors are utilizes well, making the game appealing to the eyes. I had great fun just looking at it. Furthermore, its upbeat soundtracks really suit the game’s atmosphere. Sound effects that play during guests’ visits and cooking process make the game extra enjoyable.

Cafeland - World Kitchen graphics

Some tips and tricks that I found

You should always look forward to expanding your area. If you have extra stoves and counters, you can sell more food at a time. This increases your income quite well. Be sure to sell unnecessary items too.

Buy more tables and chairs. Your customers need a place to sit and enjoy. Insufficient chairs can make them walk out the door. You can maintain your good café rating by continually adding new recipes and decorations. You can see how customers assess your place by tapping your café’s name on the top left of your screen. A variety of sauces can be crafted. For example, 4 carrots, 4 candy sticks, and 4 blueberries give you the 1h Speed Sauce. Sauces speed up your process of building.

Time to give my final verdict…

To conclude, I’d give this game a score of 8.0 over 10. You are free to customize anything inside your café. What is more, there’re various dishes to cook. The graphics also look incredible in my view. However, earning coins can be a slow process, which makes expansion kind of a waiting game.

If you’ve played any restaurant simulator before, I believe this game will suit you. But if you have no experience, Cafeland – World Kitchen still has a lot to offer. It’s satisfying to see the process of upgrading a small snack bar to a fabulous restaurant. Give it a try!

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